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February 14, 1794 Request for delivery of musket and rifle powder, lead and musket ball; on the transportation of clothing Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Hodgdon send one hundred barrels of best proof musket and rifle powder, lead and musket ball to Major General Wayne. Is apprehensive about the means of delivering the clothing.
July 6, 1793 Letter from the Secretary of War Henry Knox John Pratt The men intended for a rifle company are to be mustered accordingly. Mentions the Secretary of the Treasury.
August 4, 1798 Delivery of Rifle Coats James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver all rifle coats in store.
November 20, 1798 Return of Clothing to November 20th S. Libby [not available] A return of clothing to the 20th of November 1798.
August 17, 1797 Delivery of Coats James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms for Marines on the Frigates.
August 16, 1794 Clothing for Capt. Sparks John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Capt. [Richard] Sparks, who is recruiting at Carlisle, needs clothing. Hodgdon should forward to his address twenty suits of rifle clothing.
June 29, 1792 Clothing and Camp Equipage to be forwarded to Captain Gibson Unknown Author Alexander Gibson Letter from Philadelphia, unsigned, informs Captain Alexander Gibson at Stanton Virginia that 100 suits of rifle clothing and a proportion of camp equipage have been forwarded to Mr Godlove Heiskell of Fredericksburg Virginia, who will effect transport to Gibson.
[not available] Invoice of Additional Clothing for the Militia Unknown Author [not available] Invoice of additional clothing sent for the militia army from 1 November to 12 December 1796.
August 18, 1792 Vouchers and a Report on Upcoming Shipments Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Requests vouchers for expenditures. Sends invoice of medicines. Chests of shoes to be loaded for the rifle corps. Clothing also soon to be shipped. Doctor Brown will take medicine chests.
November 27, 1792 Clothing, shoes, blankets to be forwarded John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War requests that Hodgdon ship 60 suits of rifle clothing to Richmond Virginia for Captain William Preston's company. Also 30 pairs of shoes and blankets for recruits of Captain Howel Lewis' company under Lieutenant John Bowyer. Notes that Preston's rendezvous is at Montgomery Court House and Bowyer's at Charlotte County Virginia. Address clothing to Captain John Heth, recruiting at...
March 31, 1794 Musket & Rifle Powder John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Sixty barrels of musket powder and forty barrels of rifle powder forwarded to Pittsburgh are to be considered part of the estimate of the ordnance of the present year.
October 17, 1794 Reports On Insurrection; Requests Clothing and Rifles Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig reports that the government has taken control over the Whiskey Rebellion. Insurrection leaders are retreating to Kentucky. They need clothing and rifles.
January 13, 1791 Size of rifle barrels General Edward Hand Henry Knox Hand fixes the length of rifle barrels at 3 feet 3 & 1/2 inches.
July 27, 1794 100 Rifle Guns General Edward Hand Samuel Hodgdon Robert Beard has received 100 rifle guns put up in ten boxes which he is to deliver to Hodgdon within four days.
January 4, 1792 Authorization to Contract with Manufacturer for Rifles Henry Knox General Edward Hand Rifle manufacturers proposal received; discusses contract and penalties for rifle manufacture.
July 28, 1792 Discussing the outfitting and deployment of troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the deployment and outfitting of some of his forces, the need for rifle uniforms, and the punishment of a difficult young man named Lieut. Smith.
April 5, 1795 Pay My Wife for Dr. Brown's Rifle, Etc. Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins asked if the money for Dr. Brown's rifle could be paid to his wife since she is in need of funds. He also needs a copy of the inventory of his tools since his has been lost. The drying of the stocks is almost complete so they will soon be ready.
May 2, 1792 A Gun for Chambers R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox Knox is directed to deliver to Joseph Chambers a gun, a flint, one pound of rifle powder, and a proportional quantity of ball. If Knox does not have excellent rifle powder, he is directed to procure it.
May 1, 1795 Rifle Powder for the Indians Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon It will be best to have the 2500 pounds of damaged powder now in the store made over again. As much as possible, the very best rifle powder should be available for presents or trade with the Indians.
January 16, 1793 Requests Return of Suit of Clothing for William Moffet, under Captain Thomas Lewis John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Return for complete set of clothing for William Moffet, under Captain Thomas Lewis
June 4, 1792 Successful Recruiting, In Need of Arms and Clothing Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne is describing various recruiting successes throughout the northeast although there is still a lack of arms and clothing available for the new recruits in some areas. All the forces should be ordered to join Wayne so that training may begin.
January 23, 1793 Account of John McChesney Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Payment of $16.66 to John McChesney private in Colonel Thompson's Rifle Regiment.
March 13, 1798 Request for Issue of Powder and Saltpeter to Be Manufactured into Portfires James McHenry John Harris Directs that rifle powder and saltpeter for manufacture of portfire.
August 9, 1793 Regarding Quarter Master General's Complaints Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discusses arrival of money to Craig. Has not seen letter Craig sent to Secretary of War and wonders what Quarter Master General O'Hara complains of. All of the indent is forwarded, together with clothing of artillery, cavalry, and sub legion. Legion is on the road.
January 19, 1798 Two Tents and a Rifle for the Indian Chiefs James McHenry John Harris "Pleased to deliver [to] Colonel Mentges for the Indian chiefs in this city two common tents [and] one rifle complete."