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March 21, 1800 Maj. Walker's Furlough Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton authorizes Maj. John Walker's furlough for whatever period Col. Rice deems expedient.
April 26, 1790 Sergeant Mattison's Will and Payment William Rice Joseph Howell Lieutenant William Rice relates matter of Sergeant Mattison's will to the Paymaster General, Joseph Howell. He will forward the will to Howell. Rice is executor of estate. Refers to Dunlap receiving first installment of pay.
May 23, 1800 Enlisting Four Companies of Infantry Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Major Bewell has been directed to Rice's brigade for the purpose of enlisting four companies of infantry. Rice is ordered to make every effort to accomplish this object including engaging recruits prior to Bewell's arrival.
November 25, 1799 Cited letter or document, Nathan Rice to Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Cited in Hamilton to Rice, 12/05/1799.
April 21, 1800 Cited letter or document, Nathan Rice to Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Cited in Hamilton to Rice, 05/05/1800.
April 8, 1800 Delays in Sending Vouchers Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton warns Rice that delays in pay and muster rolls result in soldiers not being paid in a timely manner which causes discontent among them. He orders Rice to inform him of the cause of the delays in sending the necessary vouchers.
April 24, 1800 Guard for French Prisoners, Etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Col. Peck has applied to Col. Rice for a guard to take charge of some French prisoners at Providence but Rice doubts his authority to comply with the request.
May 18, 1800 Cited Letter Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Cited in Rice to Hamilton, 05/27/1800.
May 17, 1800 Cited Letter Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Cited in Rice to Hamilton, 05/27/1800.
July 25, 1799 Rice Listed as Replying to McHenry's Circular of 7/13/1799 Nathan Rice James McHenry Rice is listed as replying to the Circular of 7/13/1799 in which McHenry asked for the details of each officer's military service which would be used in settling their relative rank.
September 17, 1799 Citation Only Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Cited in Rice to Hamilton, 10/08/1799.
November 24, 1799 Trials and Punishment of Several Prisoners Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice informs Hamilton that several prisoners have been tried and punished. The Court found that the evidence on Robinson was insufficient but Carlton was found guilty and sentenced to fifty lashes which he received this morning.
June 13, 1800 Arms & Accoutrements Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Rice is ordered to furnish Capt. Amos Stoddard arms and accoutrements for twenty men with two horsemen's tents and sixteen private tents. Like articles with also be supplied to Major Buel in whatever quantities he may require.
November 6, 1799 Relative Rank of My Officers Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice indicates to Hamilton the changes in rank he recommends for his sundry officers.
December 17, 1799 Justification for Capt. Draper's Rank Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice explains to Hamilton his reasons for ranking Capt. Draper third instead of seventh on his list of officers. He is deemed more worthy than those below him on the list.
June 29, 1795 Account of James Rice William Simmons Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for James Rice, late private in the 6th South Carolina Regiment
April 25, 1800 Soldiers Subject to Fits, Etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice observes that a number of soldiers in his regiment are subject to fits and are rendered unfit for service. Since the surgeon deems them incurable and they would gladly procure replacements, Rice recommends that they be discharged.
March 14, 1800 Modern Printed Transcription of Letter/Document, Alexander Hamilton to Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Notification that commission for Lieut. Spring was sent to the Sec. of War, other vacancies will be filled via promotion. Expressed happiness that order and subordination was restored among men under Rice.
March 28, 1800 Discharge of Oliver Emerson Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Oliver Emerson, Cadet in the fifteenth regiment, has applied to Hamilton for a discharge from the service so Hamilton asks Col. Rice to deliver the enclosed reply to Emerson.
May 9, 1799 Disposition of Rice's Regiment, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton discusses the disposition of Rice's regiment and supplying his men. If Rice is not satisfied with Somerset as a regimental redezvous, he is allowed to find an alternative as long as it meets the requirements for water communication and proximity to Rhode Island and Uxbridge.
January 6, 1800 Relative Rank of Junior Officers, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton explains to Col. Rice that his junior officers should understand that their relative rank is arranged according to the order of their appointments. Hamilton also reprimanded Rice for divulging the new appointments to the officers prior to the decision being official. Also asked that if the contractor chooses to provide rye flour in lieu of wheat flour to the troops, he must provide his...
May 13, 1800 Demand for clothing among the troops Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses copy of a letter from Col. Rice relative to the issue of clothing for his troops. States that if the troops are not to be disbanded by the end of the year, they will be in a "very naked and distressed situation, unless clothing be issued."
March 4, 1800 Vacancies Due to Resignation Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Colonel Rice inquires as to whether the vacancies among the officers due to resignation are to be filled by new appointments or by succession.
April 19, 1800 Length of the Pace Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice goes into considerable detail on the measure of the pace during a march. The average length of a pace for four classes of men, based on their height, is 30 & 3/4 inches. Discussed how certain pace is graceful, proper pace for duty/service, and utility of gait.
May 4, 1799 Nominations for Adjutant and Quartermaster Needed, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Among other matters, Hamilton urges Rice to nominate a Quartermaster and Adjutant for his Regiment as soon as possible.