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September 11, 1793 Instructions and Stores Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Encloses returns of clothing for frontier. No more stores to be sent to Georgia.
February 15, 1793 A Report on Returns of Ordnance, Clothing and Stores Isaac Craig Henry Knox Reports on returns of ordnance, clothing and stores.
January 1, 1799 Clothing for Detroit Has Been Damaged, Etc. William Brown Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the returns and vouchers of the clothing department and Indian goods for the last quarter of 1798. No returns or vouchers have been received from Fort Wayne. The clothing on its way to Detroit has been damaged because it was packed in bad casks and the impact of this for the furture is of no small moment.
March 28, 1800 General Orders: Regulations Governing the Transmission of Returns William North [not available] North transmits General Orders related to Major General Hamilton's regulations governing officers in the transmission of their different returns.
July 27, 1799 Outlines Procedure to Order, Adjust Clothing Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Amos Stoddard All applications for clothing in the army must first be presented to General Hamilton, so that he may know in every way how the army is supplied and any returns. Suggests that Stoddard petition Hamilton for a full supply of clothing. The paymaster will be charged with adjustments to clothing accounts. Requests that receipts be presented. Expects a full supply of clothing shortly.
July 18, 1798 Clothing ready for transportation John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Encloses returns and states that clothing is ready for transportation to ten cities.
July 7, 1791 Received Ordnance, Quartermaster, and Clothing Return Henry Knox Isaac Craig Ordnance, Quartermasters, and clothing returns received. Once Major Clarke's battalion is complete with recruits, Knox expects muster rolls.
November 12, 1799 On the assignment of a Clothier General to the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Copy of document from Alexander Hamilton to General Wilkinson. Hamilton says that until the office of Clothier General shall be appointed, his duties will be performed by the Deputy Paymaster General. In this capacity, all articles and returns of clothing will come from him. All returns of clothing will be addressed to him. Captain Samuel Vance, 3d Infantry Regiment, acknowledges receipt 16...
December 21, 1798 Clothing Returns and the Situation of the Quarter Masters Department Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon has received Craig's request for clothing, but the stores at Philadelphia are too poorly stocked for him to ship many articles of clothing needed in winter. Hodgdon answers some questions that Craig posed in his letter of December 14, and provides news about operations of the War Department.
April 1, 1800 Forwarding returns and vouchers Jonathan Schieffelin Samuel Hodgdon Forwards the returns and vouchers from the previous three months.
November 30, 1799 Quarterly returns of clothing and Indian goods Jonathan Schieffelin Samuel Hodgdon Encloses duplicate quarterly returns of the clothing and Indian goods. Governor St. Clair's non-attendance at a conference at the Miamis has caused considerable Indian discontent.
July 12, 1799 Quarterly Returns of the Clothing and Indian Commissary Departments Jonathan Schieffelin Samuel Hodgdon Encloses duplicates of the Quarterly Returns of the Clothing and Indian Commissary Departments. Cannot, as of yet, send copies of the vouchers. Indians are gathering, there has been an altercation between some Potawatamies and Miami. There is no news of the lost trunk.
July 22, 1799 Supplementing the Abstract of Returns Alexander Hamilton James McHenry The enclosed abstract shows that the returns are not complete due to imperfections in the forms (which will soon be remedied). The additional sources of pertinent information available in the War Department should therefore be forwarded to the Superintendant of Military Stores so that he can transmit the required amounts of clothing and other supplies.
November 1, 1797 Enclosed Receipts from Indian Goods Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed receipts for annuities and returns of clothing and Indian goods. Bemoans lack of system for maintaining accurate accounts of dispensation and payment.
December 1, 1800 General Orders Thomas H. Cushing [not available] Order of reporting and authority in the absence of the General.
July 25, 1799 Seeks Information about Clothing Returns Samuel Hodgdon Ninian Pinckney Refers to vouchers for clothing sent to the Purveyor. Pinkney received no instruction. Explains process outlined by the Secretary of State, the regimental paymasters will be responsible for all clothing delivered to the regiments. Pinkney must settle accounts with the Inspector General, who will communicate with the War Department. The Quartermaster General is responsible for transportation of...
May 19, 1796 Proper Department for Making Returns of Indian Goods Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Meigs has received blank forms for accounts of clothing and of Indian goods. He will reply as soon as he can, but is busy with the delivery of summery clothing to the troops.
May 27, 1791 Ten Lottery Tickets, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell General Harmar wants Howell to buy him ten New York Lottery tickets and send him the numbers thereof. Captains Asheton, Bradford, and Mc Curdy should send the returns of clothing of the men discharged in 1788 and 1789 but the men who allege that they are due arrearages of clothing are not to be credited.
January 25, 1793 Quarter Master Stores and Clothing; Shortage of Musket Powder Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses returns of Quarter Master stores and clothing. Discusses shortage of musket powder and the need for large supply prior to campaign.
February 9, 1787 Enclosed returns for stores John Pierce Colonel Walker The Commissioner of Army Accounts encloses to Colonel Walker the returns related to the charges for various stores delivered to Mr. Nourse in 1782.
April 20, 1799 Sends Clothing for Recruiting Service Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton According to request, returns clothing in store and promises a similar return weekly as a guide to the recruiting service.
December 4, 1799 Want of Clothing for Kalteisen's Company Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of the clothing due to Captain Kalteisen's company of the 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers. What was sent appears to have been intended for Captain Huger's company of the 2nd Regiment so the clothing for Kalteisen's company still must be sent as his men are in great want of clothing. If there is any particular mode adopted for making returns of clothing, Freeman...
May 29, 1799 General Orders: Disposition of Returns Alexander Hamilton [not available] These General Orders pertain to the disposition of returns. Those relating to officers and men are to be sent to the Adjutant General at New York. Those related to ordnance and supplies are to be sent to the Agent for the War Department at New York.
March 12, 1799 Record Keeping Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Requests that in the future Craig should submit three general stores returns. Outlines what the returns should include and method of recording information .
November 2, 1799 Clothing Should be Forwarded Immediately Daniel Jackson Samuel Hodgdon Jackson sent his returns for clothing wanted for for his battalion of Artillerists and Engineers to Ebenezer Stevens in New York. He urges Hodgdon to send the clothing immediately since some of his soldiers are suffering for lack of it. He lists the Company commanders and their locations. He notes that Person Titcomb, a cadet, purchased his own clothing so he should be reimbursed. Captain John...