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January 24, 1791 Discussion of Returns for Payment of Invalid Pensions Arthur Fenner Henry Knox Letter, discusses return of invalid pensions.
January 24, 1791 Discussion of Various Types of Pensions Relative to Revolutionary War Service Arthur Fenner Henry Knox Letter, alludes to Revolutionary War; discusses Invalid pensions; discusses widow and orphan pensions.
February 16, 1796 Regarding Marine Committee & Building of Frigates Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding Marine committee; mentions Congress; alludes to raising Frigates.
December 30, 1800 Docket for Letter [not available] [not available] Docket for a letter from the Secretary of War enclosing a report on the claims of certain Canadian refugees, made in pursuance of the act for the relief of said refugees. Referred to the committee appointed to prepare a bill relating to the act.
January 19, 1796 Report of the House Committee on Fortifications Timothy Pickering Mr. Dayton Letter, discusses House fortifications committee; mentions House of Representatives; mentions Congress.
February 4, 1797 Unable to Attend the Committee of Conference J. H. Condy Samuel Hodgdon Condy informs the Common Council that he cannot attend the Committee of Conference on the Address to the President of the United States. He has to be absent from the city on business which would have prevented him from joining the Committee if he had known that it would not complete their duties prior to his departure. That being the case, another member should be appointed to take his place.
February 3, 1794 Knox asks Dearborn for the return of maps Henry Knox Henry Dearborn Letter, directs the return of a book of maps.
July 23, 1792 Knox expresses regret to Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses non acceptance of appointment to Adjutant and Inspector General; mentions casualties; alludes to St. Clair's campaign and events in France.
July 24, 1785 Hints for consideration of the Committee Samuel Hodgdon Unknown Recipient Announces appointments for Committee made by the Secretary at War Henry Knox, including Samuel Hodgdon and General Lincoln.
April 17, 1800 Return of Officers to Augment the Army John Adams United States Senate President Adams transmits a return from the War Office of those officers who have been appointed under the act entitled "An Act to augment the Army of the United States and for other purposes," designating such officers who have accepted their appointments and those who have declined accepting, resigned their commissions, died, etc.
February 11, 1784 Concerning the printing of certificates Francis Child John Pierce Discusses the printing of certificates by a widow running her deceased husband's printing business and who was appointed printer to the Legislature of New York.
February 28, 1786 Letter from Congress to the Governor of Rhode Island Charles Thomson William Greene Discusses Invalid pensions; discusses state government of Rhode Island.
April 23, 1798 Request for Commissioner be Appointed to Treaty with Oneida Indians John Jay Timothy Pickering Legislature approved preliminary treaty proposed by Oneida's for sale of Indian land to the United States. Jay requested commission be appointed to finalize treaty with Indian nation.
January 9, 1789 Action On the Act of August 12, 1788 Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox It appears that the committee of the Pennsylvania General Assembly has not acted upon the Act of Congress of August 12, 1788 but should do so at the next session in February 1789.
October 17, 1798 Informing Hamilton of His Responsibility to Execute the Plan for Improving New York's Defenses John Adams Alexander Hamilton Adams informs Hamilton of the plan of execution for the arrangements being made for defenses at New York City, and that he has been placed in charge of that execution based on the confidence of the New York legislature and Governor Jay. He quotes the relevant portions of the legislature's act.
August 3, 1799 New York Appropriations Not to Be Used for Fortifications John Jay Alexander Hamilton Letter, advises Hamilton that appropriations by the New York Legislature are not to be used for the construction of fortifications. The legislature has ordered that all further expenditures for defenses be ceased; apparently it has decided to divert those funds to the payment of debt held by the U.S. Treasury.
October 6, 1798 Baltimore Naval Committee Requests Funds & Estimate of Costs for Fort McHenry Robert Gilmor James McHenry The chairman of the Naval Committee of Baltimore reiterates the sentiments of the general committee's letter, asking that $4000 be tendered to them for defense construction services already undertaken, and that the balance of the overall budget of $20,000 be made directly available to the committee. Also asks to receive a copy of Major Tousard's estimate for the cost of building the defenses at...
October 24, 1798 Repairs and Improvements to Ports John Jay Alexander Hamilton President authorized the use of money for repair and improvements to forts in New York and appointed Hamilton to superintend the execution of it. Jay requested all information required to commence repairs be gathered and given to President before next session of New York Legislature.
January 15, 1798 Investigating expenditures for naval armaments House of Representatives [not available] Congressional resolution that a committee be appointed to inquire into the expenditures for naval armament, along with the causes for delay in revealing that information.
January 26, 1799 Only a Partial Survey Available Alexander Hamilton John Jay Hamilton is able to submit only a partial survey to Jay due to inadequate engineering support. More investigation and thought is needed before a specific plan can be proposed to the Legislature.
February 19, 1794 Purveyor of Public Supplies Congress of the United States Unknown Recipient Resolution that a committee be appointed to bring in a bill providing for the compensation which will be required in the establishment of an office, under the Department of War, for the receiving, safe-keeping, and distributing of military stores and supplies.
June 4, 1794 Pitkin's Appointment as a Captain Henry Knox Timothy Pitkin Knox notifies Pitkin of his appointment as a Captain in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers. To assist him in deciding whether to accept the appointment, he is informed of the amount of pay and emoluments he will receive as well as the names of the other officers being so appointed. It should be understood that previously appointed officers have precedence in their respective grades to the...
January 17, 1797 Report From Committee of Claims on Petition of Cherokee Chief Widow Dwight Foster House of Representatives 4th Congress, Second Session. No. 73. Request for provisions and compensation by widow of Scolacuttaw, or Hanging Maw. Widow claimed John Beard and other armed men attacked her home and killed her husband. Committee of Claims expressed difficulty in advising the House of Representatives action due to mutual hostilities between Cherokees and settlers of Tennessee. Policy for future...
May 26, 1800 Relief for Baltimore Naval Committee James McHenry John Adams Letter from the Secretary of War to the President of the United States on the case of the Baltimore Naval Committee for relief.
December 16, 1786 Specie due the officers of the Virginia Line John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter to the Board of Treasury concerning specie due the officers of the Virginia Line.