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August 21, 1800 Articles Received from Oxford, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of the articles received from Oxford. Williams finds differences with the numbers of the return left him by Mr. Henshaw, agent of the Quartermaster General. He will make up his receipts for the articles in his return when he completes his quarterly accounts.
August 12, 1795 Return and Receipt for Articles Delivered Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon The letter encloses a return for July 1795 and also a general receipt for articles delivered.
February 10, 1801 Account of Expenditures Delayed and Partial Return of Articles Samuel Annin Samuel Hodgdon Annin does not have the accounts of expenditures, because he had to return them so the many mistakes could be fixed. Once they are complete he will send them directly to Hodgdon. Encloses a partial return of articles on hand as of January 1.
November 10, 1800 Return of Articles Purchased Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams encloses return of articles and expenditures for the armory at Springfield. He has not yet received the two thousand dollars Hodgdon sent on the 4th.
September 14, 1792 Report on Return of Deficient Articles Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig makes reference to Colonel Hodgdon's report on the return of deficient articles of stores. He suggests that in the hurry of business, some articles may have escaped his attention. Craig encloses return of stores delivered on recent wagon loads.
March 16, 1798 Return of Articles for the Frigate "Constellation" Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Return of articles wanted for the frigate "Constitution" lying in the Patapsco [River], showing the quantity of each now in the Store at Philadelphia and those that are deficient.
September 7, 1795 Return for August and Constructor Receipt for the Same Time Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed with the letter is Quincy's return for August 1795 as well as James Hackett's receipt for articles delivered from July 31st to August 31st 1795.
January 1, 1796 Return of articles at Springfield Massachusetts David Ames James McHenry Return of articles received, expended, and on hand.
November 12, 1800 Return of Articles for the Reserved Corps to be Delivered to Pittsburgh Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon This letter encloses a return that identifies articles necessary for the reserve corps. (The enclosure is not included in the document.)
January 1, 1797 Return of All the Articles of Stock and Tools at Springfield David Ames James McHenry Return of all the articles of stock and tools expended and on hand at the Public Armoury in Springfield, Massachusetts to the 5th of January 1797.
October 8, 1800 Articles Wanted That Are Not in Store Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Dexter admonishes Hodgdon because military stores and ordnance are not in store that are needed in Detroit and Niagara. Therefore, they should either be purchased or fabricated. He wants a return of those articles mentioned in the requisitions that are not in the store and the best and speediest means of supplying the deficiency.
January 6, 1796 Return of articles received and expended; work done at Springfield Massachusetts armory David Ames James McHenry Return of articles received and expended at Springfield Massachusetts armory. Includes return of work done in armorer's shop.
November 8, 1798 Accurate Return Required Samuel Hodgdon Lieut. Muhlenberg Hodgdon admonishes Muhlenberg that he must forward a new and accurate return stating the number and kinds of ordnance and every species of stores including those articles that fall in the Quartermaster's department.
September 25, 1794 Return of articles forwarded to State militia Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Letter to the Supervisor of New York, requesting that he furnish a complete return of all the articles that he will by that time have forwarded for the State militia. Requests "substantial accuracy."
September 15, 1800 Articles for the Defense of Sundry Forts Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are three returns respecting articles needed at Detroit, Niagara, and Michilimackinac. The articles listed therein should be delivered to the Quartermaster General for transportation. General Wilkinson sent a cartridge box as a model but Newman does not know how to send it. The Secretary is still exceedingly indisposed.
November 1, 1798 General Return of Ordnance & Stores Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Hodgdon is compiling a return of all ordnance and stores for the use of the Commander in Chief and the Secretary of War .He orders those who, like Stevens, are in charge of such articles to provide him with a correct return through November 1st.
August 14, 1800 Lyman is Dangerously Sick, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams will contact Major Buel to request a return of all articles wanted for recruits. A return of the articles from Oxford will soon be furnished if Williams' health allows it. Samuel Lyman is dangerously sick. The palpitations of his heart cause the doctors to suspect his case may be incurable.
May 8, 1796 Return and Sale or Preservation of Materials at New York Navy Yard Captain Silas Talbot James McHenry Providing the return of the articles received into the naval yard; providing recommendations to prevent the sale or rot of unused materials. Talbot is in favor of retaining as much of the material as possible, believing that the price they might fetch if sold would not equal their worth or the initial expense.
April 9, 1793 Secretary of War request for return of military stores wanted on Western Frontiers John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests return of military stores wanted on Western Frontiers for year 1793. Asks for articles on hand, those to be purchased, and costs.
March 1, 1796 Return of the Articles at Springfield Armory for February 1796 David Ames James McHenry Return of the articles received expended and on hand at Springfield Armory for the month of Febuary, 1796.
July 2, 1798 Articles Wanted for Macpherson's Blues. [not available] John Harris Directs issue of weapons, instruments, and cannon implements to the unit MacPherson's Blues (7/2/1798); a return for the same is included.
November 6, 1798 Articles on Hand in the Ordnance & Military Stores Departments Samuel Hodgdon George Washington Hodgdon assures General Washington that his stationery is being forwarded along with the return of the articles on hand in the ordnance and military stores department.
April 27, 1796 Request for return of articles purchased at Portsmouth Ship Yard [not available] Edmund H. Quincy Quincey, clerk of ship yard at Portsmouth New Hampshire, is to provide a return of articles purchased and send to War Office. Should provide list amounts of timber, a list of perishable items, where the articles are kept.
December 22, 1798 Return of articles delivered for use of the navy [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Return of articles delivered for use of navy. Includes tents, port fires, swords, cartridges.
July 10, 1795 Return and the Receipt of Colonel Hackett Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon Quincy is transmitting his return for June 1795. He cannot at this time send Colonel Hackett's receipt for the articles that were delivered to him, but when he returns from his business his receipt and return can be forwarded.