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April 28, 1797 Resolutions of the House of Representatives James McHenry William Simmons Enclosed is a copy of certain resolutions of the House of Representatives, passed on 3 March 1797, requiring estimates and statements by the military and naval establishments. Measures should be taken to enable the Secretary of the Treasury to comply with these resolutions.
July 11, 1794 Opinion on the Kentucky resolutions Edmund Randolph [not available] Secretary Randolph informs the rest of Washington's Cabinet that the President desires for them to take into consideration the resolutions lately passed by the inhabitants of Kentucky, and offer their opinions. The Kentucky resolutions outline the right of its citizens to navigation of the Mississippi River.
July 11, 1794 Meeting with President cancelled Edmund Randolph [not available] Secretary Randolph informs the rest of Washington's Cabinet that the President can no longer meet with them at noon next Monday, and instead wishes that they send their opinions in writing. Washington desires for them to take into consideration the resolutions lately passed by the inhabitants of Kentucky, and offer their opinions. The Kentucky resolutions outline the right of its citizens to...
May 3, 1797 Information needed from the accountant's office William Simmons Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests to know what information the Treasury Department requires from the office of War Department Accountant to answer resolutions of the House of Representatives requiring statements and estimates in relation to the military and naval establishments
January 17, 1784 Denial of Pay John Pierce Henry Livingston Discusses reasons for denial of commutation pay and half pay.
May 28, 1790 Regarding the resolutions of Congress: payments to officer and soldier claimants Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton voices objections of a serious and weighty nature to the resolutions of the two houses of Congress concerning certain arrears of pay due to the officers and soldiers of the lines of Virginia and North Carolina.
May 20, 1799 Recommended officers for the Provisional Army Uriah Tracy James McHenry Tracy provides a list of recommend officers to fill vacancies in the Provisional Army. Tracy also expresses frustration with the authors of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, along with a concern that John Fries of Fries's Rebellion will be pardoned.
January 20, 1784 Officers' Claims for Pay John Pierce Mister Williamson Requests that Williamson attempt to determine the sense of Congress on certain resolutions regarding officer's claims to commutation and half pay.
July 30, 1784 Printing and binding Charles Thomson Jonathan Bankson Signing and forwarding of resolutions; discusses printing and binding of journals.
May 28, 1785 Army Accounts Joseph Carleton John Pierce Joseph Carleton sends to John Pierce his interpretation of Congressional resolutions that entitle Captain Archer to commutation.
March 16, 1784 Resolutions of Congress and Pierce's business John Pierce Thomas Mifflin Discusses two resolutions of Congress and their bearing on Pierce's business.
May 10, 1785 Resolutions of Congress for raising new regiment; & Council request for names of officers willing to continue service under present circumstance John Armstrong Josiah Harmar Secretary Armstrong sends to Lieutenant Colonel Harmar a letter enclosed with congressional resolutions pertaining to raising a new regiment. Additionally, Armstrong provides the following direction to Harmar: provide to the Council names of officers willing to continue service under present circumstances and, absent orders, keep troops in service past enlistment. Armstrong indicates the Council...
September 15, 1786 Letter to the Board of the Treasury John Pierce Treasury Department The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General writes to the Board of the Treasury. Mentions resolutions of Congress and allowances made to the states.
March 1786 Settling accounts with the states John Pierce Board of Treasury Discusses his proposed method for settling army accounts with the states in accordance with two resolutions of Congress.
February 2, 1799 Responding to the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Alexander Hamilton Theodore Sedgwick Hamilton stresses the importance of securing the opinion of the people relative to the controversy over the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. He suggests creating a committee to resolve issues regarding the constitutionality of the Alien and Sedition Acts which have been challenged by said Resolutions.
May 23, 1787 Regarding stoppages of deserters John Pierce Joseph Howell Stoppages from deserters if found on the nature of the case: a general order was issued and countenanced by Resolutions of Congress. All absentees' money should be retained in hands of public. Mentions case of Lieutenant Jonathan Sullivan. Asks that Howell inform the Board the amount of money thus stopped.
June 7, 1784 Commutation Pay John Pierce Jotham Wright Discusses commutation pay.
July 13, 1794 Opinion on Kentucky and Georgia matters Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton responds to Washington's request for his opinion regarding recent resolutions passed by Kentucky asserting their right to free navigation of the Mississippi River. Hamilton believes that little can be done about it, unless the Attorney General feels otherwise, in which case prosecutions may be instituted. Also delivers his opinion on matters in Georgia pertaining to the Creek...
May 19, 1786 Presentation of Papers on Indian Treaties William Livingston Assembly Livingston lays before the (New Jersey) House congressional papers dealing with Indian treaties and accounts between the states, as well as resolutions from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania appointing delegates to the Annapolis Convention.
July 30, 1798 Forwarding of Resolutions by Cincinnati Militia to Contribute to National Defense Arthur St. Clair John Adams Arthur St. Clair forward the resolves of a troop of militia horsemen at Cincinnati [included] to place themselves at the disposal of the national defense. St. Clair speaks highly of the virtues of the people of the region, saying they are grateful for the protection they have received and look forward to joining the country as a fully-privileged state.
December 22, 1786 Pay of Three Georgian Companies John Pierce Jonathan Morrill Concerning the pay of three Georgian companies commanded by John Habersham.
March 18, 1790 Report on the Memorial of the Officers of the South Carolina Regiments Alexander Hamilton [not available] Report on the Memorial of the Officers of the South Carolina Regiments. A memorial of the late officers of the South Carolina line on Continental Establishment was presented to the House and read, praying that provision may be made for securing to them payment of the six months' pay granted them by certain resolutions of the late Congress, and which they have never received. Hamilton is of...
[not available] Report of the Secretary of War on the Referred Petition James McHenry [not available] In this report, McHenry asseses the petition for pay owed Poirey, Secretary to Lafayette. Poirey has requested pay for his time as secretary and aide de camp to Lafayette. McHenry discusses Acts of Congress related to the pay of Officer's aides and recommends settling the claim in favor of the petitioner.
December 12, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Pierce discusses the time for receiving claims by members of the Virginia Line. Pierce also directs Dunscomb to forward his records to the Paymaster's Office without delay. Pierce expresses his intent to complete all registers by 1 August.
June 15, 1785 Proclamation Forbidding Sale of Lands West of Ohio River Richard Henry Lee [not available] A Congressional Proclamation issued to warn settlers on unappropriated lands west of the Ohio River to depart immediately or stay at their own peril.