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May 24, 1785 Regarding the resolution of Congress respecting a new arrangement of the Corps Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Josiah Harmar acknowledges receipt of a resolution of Congress forwarded by President John Dickinson. This Congressional resolution pertains to the new structure of the 1st American Regiment. Harmar recommends that officers be retained on the basis of seniority and he expresses the officer's umbrage at having their pay reduced.
December 18, 1795 Resolution of the South Carolina Legislature Regarding the Fontier South Carolina Legislature [not available] South Carolina's legislature passes a resolution supporting the placement of troops under Major General Andrew Pickens in order to insure protection on the frontier.
February 19, 1801 Notification of Congressional Legislation Concerning Foundries John Adams Samuel Dexter Forwards a resolution from the House of Representatives concerning foundries, and asks that Dexter act immediately on its contents.
December 16, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to Assistant Secretary Treasury Coxe on House resolution regarding frigates Henry Knox Tench Coxe Henry Knox encloses House of Representatives resolution regarding frigates. He asks Coxe about the state of materials and equipment which have passed under the Department of Treasury.
May 27, 1783 Resolution of Congress on Major Franks Joseph Carleton Unknown Recipient Resolution of Congress dated October 22, 1782 that David Franks hold the rank and receive the pay as Major in the Line of the Army of the United States until the new arrangement shall take place in January 1783, and that he then be considered as retiring from service under the same emoluments as those who retired under the resolution of December 31, 1781
March 19, 1787 Regarding Resolution of Congress Requiring Officers to Pay Balances ofPpublic Monies in their Hands Arthur St. Clair [not available] Refers to resolution of Congress requiring all officers who have public monies in their hands to pay up balances or the Comptroller will proceed against them for recovery. St. Clair admits that he can be considered as delinquent and goes on the explain his predicament.
September 30, 1799 Rewards for the Apprehension of Deserters Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "Inquiry has been made of me by the commandants of the several regiments with respect to the construction of ther last resolution in the appendix to the Articles of War. They wish to know whethr this resolution gives a reward to parties of soldiers who may apprehend deserters. I would thank you for your opinion on the subject. Of the expediency of giving a reward to parties of soldiers that may...
March 20, 1798 Congressional Inquiry Into the Leftover Materials at the Philadelphia Naval Yard James McHenry Joshua Humphreys Congress has passed a resolution asking for information regarding what materials may be left over at the Philadelphia Naval Yard after the frigates United States, Constitution, and Constellation are completed and set sail. To provide this information, McHenry is asking for an inventory to be carried out as soon as the frigate United States has been fitted for sea.
March 15, 1785 Congressional resolution regarding Indian Commissioners Congress of the United States [not available] Congressional resolution regarding pay and responsibilities for Indian Commissioners.
July 30, 1784 Resolution for disposing damaged powder at West Point New York Charles Thomson Robert Morris From Philadelphia, Charles Thomson informs Robert Morris and Joseph Carleton that he encloses resolution passed by committee of States for disposing of damaged powder at West Point New York.
March 24, 1784 Returns Mandated by Congress Samuel Hodgdon Timothy Pickering Discusses returns (probably of stores) mandated by Congress.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress Charles Thomson Executive State of Virginia Resolution to protect citizens of Virginia against Indian attacks. Orders to dispatch two companies of militia to assist the federal military north of the Ohio.
March 19, 1784 Resolution, Indian Commissioners Charles Thomson [not available] Resolution of Congress regarding the pay of commissioners appointed for negotiations with the Indians.
February 25, 1801 Enclosing an Abstract of Certain Expenditures William Simmons Samuel Dexter Enclosing an abstract of certain expenditures in conformity with the resolution of Congress of February 17th.
August 9, 1784 Actions to be taken Charles Thomson Joseph Carleton Discusses actions to be taken in regards to a copy of a resolution of the committee of the states.
November 1, 1791 Resolution Pertaining to Arthur St. Clair. Unknown Author [not available] A resolution referring to Arthur St. Clair, the Governor of the Western Territories.
August 18, 1788 Resolution of Congress dated 12 August 1788, and extension of Superintendent Indian Affairs Northern District William Knox Arthur St. Clair William Knox sends resolution of Congress dated 12 August 1788. Also encloses copy of Secretary of War letter with resolve continuing Superintendent Indian Affairs Northern District in office for two months.
July 27, 1787 Regarding settlement with Howell and Resolution of Congress Moses White John Pierce When in New York, settled public account with Howell, so far as to make even balance without being allowed a number of vouchers. Also gave up commutation in order to be allowed half pay. In papers of Resolution of Congress, says he is debarred until he produces receipt from Pierce's office, which he thereby requests.
May 3, 1787 Claim submitted too late Joseph Howell William McDougall Claim should have been presented to officer before 1 August 1786 agreeable to Resolution of Congress directing that all claims be made by that day or be forever after excluded.
November 15, 1785 Depositing unissued certificates John Pierce Benjamin Franklin The Commissioner of Army Accounts forwards a Congressional resolution to Benjamin Franklin, President of Pennsylvania. Pierce notifies Franklin that Pennsylvania will need to appoint an agent responsible for receiving unissued certificates belonging to the inhabitants of the state.
May 13, 1797 Additional clerks needed William Simmons James McHenry Simmons requests McHenry's authorization for hiring two additional clerks that he needs to complete accounts required by a resolution of the House of representatives for information on the military and naval establishments
December 5, 1785 Regarding account and whether necessary to travel to New York to settle William Williams Joseph Howell Has seen Resolution of Congress published in papers whereby Williams believes he can get his account settled. Asks if he must go to New York, of if he sends the account it might be settled. Has a partnership with Mr. Hood and it would be inconvenient to go to New York.
October 28, 1794 Request for pay due to former prisoners of war Jonathan Ely John Pierce Letter book of the Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts, Joseph Howell. Request for one year's pay due to former prisoners of war by resolution of Congress. Ely was held prisoner from 10 December 1777 to 3 October 1781.
January 20, 1792 Additional Annuiity for the Cherokees Tobias Lear Henry Knox Lear, Washington's secretary, informs Knox that the Senate has approved a resolution providing an additional five hundred dollars to the one-thousand-dollar annuity previously granted to the Cherokees.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress to Secretary at War Charles Thomson Henry Knox Resolution to protect inhabitants north of the Ohio river. Orders Commanding Officer to detach two companies of troops to the rapids of Ohio River to protect against and prevent Indian attacks.