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May 8, 1799 Reports Interactions with Indian Agents David Henley James McHenry Reports letter from Cherokee chief, Doublehead. Mr. Mitchell, resident agent for the Chactaw, reports that all is well. At his death, chief Appomingo counseled his people to remain friends with the whites. Encourages the government to maintain good relationships with his children.
September 29, 1797 Establishment of runners for the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations James McHenry Isaac Guion James McHenry informs Isaac Guion that Benjamin Hawkins' principal resident agent for the southwestern Indians has established runners for the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations.
September 20, 1789 Appointments Unlikely for Non-State Resident Henry Knox Moses Hays Advises applicant regarding local appointment. Due to Hays lack of residency in Rhode Island, Knox believed he could not hold local public office in that state.
July 12, 1799 Recommendation for lieutenant of the Marines Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon States that this letter will be handed to him by John Coates (?), former resident of Antigua, and resident of New York for the last seven years. He served in a Navy Yard in London and now desired to be employed as a lieutenant in the U.S. Marines. Also requests that Hodgdon introduce this individual to the Navy Secretary.
October 25, 1794 Dialogue between U.S. Agent and Cherokee Chief James Davidson John McKee A talk delivered at Tellico block house by James Davidson, a distinguished chief of the Valley and Overhill Towns of the Cherokees, to John McKee, agent to the Cherokees and resident at that post. Davidson states that he consistently urges the Cherokee not to attack or steal from whites. Also states that the Creeks are determined to strike the United States, and that he will assist in taking down...
May 16, 1797 License for Alexander Campbell to Trade with Cherokee Nation David Henley [not available] Campbell, resident in Cherokee nation legally licensed to trade with Cherokee Indians under condition that Campbell observes laws and regulations of the United States government.
January 25, 1800 Agent has Reported in Favor of Claim David Henley [not available] Reports that the agent has reported in favor of McCroy's claim.
April 22, 1792 Robertson Temporary Agent Henry Knox William Blount Mentioned President approving General Robertson as temporary agent for Chickasaws. Discussed conciliatory actions between Chocktaws and Chickasaws.
March 31, 1797 Notification of Estimated Costs for Posts, Appointment of Agent for Q.Master's Dept. in Philadelphia John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wilkins directed by Sec. of War to appoint an agent for the Quartermaster's Department in Philadelphia, Wilkins notified Hodgdon he would receive a letter of Attorney authorizing Hodgdon to act as agent for Wilkins.
June 1793 Appointing a Confidential Agent of the Quartermaster's Department Henry Knox Isaac Craig Craig must appoint a confidential agent of the quartermaster department if one does not already exist and balance [Lieutenant Colonel] Sprout in Marietta.
July 1, 1797 Pay Roll Muster for June, 1797; Inquiry about William Nesbitt Edward Miller William Simmons Capt Miller has enlisted a man named William Nesbitt who is about five foot six inches in height, well built, short hair, dark eyes, fair complexion, 36 years of age, born in England, and has been a resident of America for ten years. Does Simmons have such a man on his books?
November 2, 1796 Pay for acting as agent for the War Department William Simmons Nicholas Fish Notification that he will be paid for acting as an agent for the War Department in paying and receiving monies.
October 11, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Doctor Daniel Jackson Simmons informs Jackson that the accounts of Doctor Conrad were received. Conrad supplied medicines to the United States.
July 5, 1797 Enclosed Copy of Waste Book of the Agent for the Dept. of War Stephen Hillis William Simmons Copy of waste book of the Agent of Department of War for monies paid by him May to June 1797.
March 19, 1797 Indian Agent Report from Hopewell in Georgia Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins' report on his activities as Indian agent at Hopewell in Georgia and general observations on his travel through Georgia.
March 24, 1797 Compensation of Israel Chapin, Agent for the Six Nations of Indians William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $688.50 is due Israel Chapin, being his compensation as Agent for the Six Nations of Indians from July through December 1796.
March 6, 1798 General statement of naval expenditures Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Transmits a general statement of naval expenditures through the end of 1797, along with several abstracts exhibiting the names of agents to whom expenditures made.
December 24, 1794 Monroe forwards the letter of a Virginia Indian agent James Monroe Henry Knox Letter, encloses letter from Joseph Martin, Indian agent.
November 11, 1796 Enclosed Receipts of the Agent for the Dept. of War Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis encloses a duplicate receipt from the Agent of the War Department.
July 22, 1794 Letter to Naval Agent Jeremiah Yellot on duties and responsibilities of agent and constructor Henry Knox Jeremiah Yellot Knox notes that the constructor will search out the artificers and laborers, and the naval agent will regulate and pay wages. Includes a provisional appointment of Mr. Rodder. Will forward plans and moulds for frigates. No deviations on the design will be permitted.
July 11, 1798 Payment to Jonathan Scheifflen, Agent and Interpreter [not available] [not available] Payment to Jonathan Scheifflen for services as an Agent and Interpreter.
May 24, 1796 Payment of McKee David Henley William Simmons Notification of payment made to John McKee, temporary agent to Cherokees.
April 17, 1790 Carrington asks Knox to act as his disbursing agent Edward Carrington Henry Knox Letter, asks for Knox to act as agent for public funds.
February 28, 1800 Settlement for Deputy Agent to the Cherokee James McHenry William Simmons Letter from Secretary James McHenry to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Silas Dunmore, late deputy agent to the Cherokee Nation, is to be settled with for the necessary expences which he incurred in the discharge of his trusts as Deputy Agent from June 1794 to February 1799.
April 2, 1794 Request for Forwarding of Letter to Agent for Fortifications in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Henry Knox Joseph Whipple Asks that the enclosed letter be transmitted to the Agent for Fortifications and the mounting of guns in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and for that person's name to be reported to Knox [the Agent was, in fact, the same Joseph Whipple].