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June 3, 1797 Request for Appropriation to Make Repairs to Forts James McHenry Richard Stockton Request for list of ports and forts that require maintenance. Notification that few repairs or alterations have been made to fortifications, and military needs money to make such repairs along with regular troops to garrison forts from New York St. Mary's.
March 23, 1795 DUPLICATE: Request for More Infomation on Repairs to be Completed Timothy Pickering David Henley More detailed information requested on the specific types of repairs to be completed to public stores, barracks, etc.
November 26, 1798 Small Repairs of Musketry Contiguous to Cities Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon believes that in times of peace small repairs to musketry at posts contiguous to cities should be made by private workmen. The wear on the muskets and cost of transportation to military repairmen would be greater than if the repairs were done privately.
September 27, 1794 Buildings, repairs and articles Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton Letter from the Accountant of the War Department, informing Hamilton of the sum required to be expended for building, repairs and articles, adding up to $10,000. Also notes that the Treasurer has in his hands the sum of $390 for use by the War Department.
July 31, 1793 COPY: List of Repairs William MacPherson Henry Knox Detailed list of repairs made to a merchant ship in port of Philadelphia.
June 25, 1799 Repairs of Small Arms at West Point, Etc. Joseph Cranch Samuel Hodgdon Cranch provides a detailed discussion of supplies and repairs at West Point. He apologizes for not writing sooner but he has been afflicted by a long and dangerous illness.
January 11, 1794 Funds for Repairs in the Ordnance Department Joseph Howell John Bryant One thousand dollars is being provided to the revenue district of Massachusetts at Boston to for the expenses of the repairs in the ordnance department.
June 4, 1797 Progress of Repairs to the Muskets, Etc. Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins reports on the progress of the repairs of the muskets at New London. He notes that the rolled iron needed to make the bands for completing the repairs arrived too late so they were forced to plate them with the iron they already had on hand.
July 30, 1793 Request for Report on Ship Repairs Henry Knox [not available] Orders to ascertain information on repairs made to British ship now in port of Philadelphia, to determine whether it is being fitted as a merchant vessel or a vessel of war. The ship is identified as a Letter of Marque ship.
June 17, 1797 Articles Wanting Repairs James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver to the Purveyor of the Naval Service, Tench Francis, the following articles needing repairs: blunderbusses, blades or spears for boarding pikes, and cutlasses.
May 5, 1794 Pay for Repairs of Sundry Arms Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish The Treasurer will remit funds to pay Joseph Cranch for repairs of sundry arms at West Point for which he is to sign duplicate receipts.
October 24, 1798 Repairs and Improvements to Ports John Jay Alexander Hamilton President authorized the use of money for repair and improvements to forts in New York and appointed Hamilton to superintend the execution of it. Jay requested all information required to commence repairs be gathered and given to President before next session of New York Legislature.
May 25, 1799 New Barracks James McHenry Jonathan Jackson Jackson will obtain from General [Benjamin] Lincoln the necessary information regarding repairing barracks and building new ones so that he can proceed immediately in engaging workmen to make the necessary repairs or enter into a contracts for repairs and for building a new barracks.
April 23, 1794 Funds for Repairs and Articles at West Point Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish Two thousand dollars will be remitted to Fish to be paid to George Fleming for the use of the President of the U.S. for repairs and articles at West Point.
December 12, 1799 Repairs of the Barracks at Salem Daniel Jackson Alexander Hamilton Maj. Jackson asks Hamilton how the bill will be settled for the repairs of the barracks at Salem since he has been informed that his orders for payments will be not be accepted.
April 23, 1794 Money for Repairs and Articles at West Point Joseph Howell George Fleming The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of two thousand dollars for repairs and articles to be made and purchased by the President of the U.S. at West Point.
September 27, 1794 Buildings, Repairs, and Articles Purchased by the President Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton The $5,000 requested is to be expended for buildings, repairs, and articles directed to be purchased by the President.
April 24, 1794 Funds for Articles and Repairs by the President Joseph Howell John Bryant One thousand dollars will be remitted to Nathaniel Gorham for repairs to be done and articles to be purchased at Springfield by the President of the United States.
June 6, 1797 Memorandum of Expenses on Repairs to Fortifications James McHenry [not available] Sent to Committee of the House of Representatives. Mentions cost and type of repairs to be completed in New York, Philadelphia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.
April 19, 1800 Treasurer to Remit Sum William Simmons Richard Parker Treasurer of the United States to remit sum to Parker in the sum of $300.00 for sundry repairs of public buildings at Carlisle.
December 3, 1800 Repairs to Old Wherry or barge [not available] Samuel Dexter Requests approval for repairs to Old Wherry or barge.
December 28, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Woodward Simmons informs Woodward to expect payment from the Treasurer of the United States for repairs done at Fort Trumbull .
August 31, 1798 Repairs in the Building at Carlisle, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses a number of matters with the Secretary of War including needed repairs in the building at Carlisle which should be addressed soon so that the necessary materials may be obtained.
March 2, 1792 Payment for Bills Henry Knox Isaac Craig As soon as work is completed on repairs to Fort Pitt and proper receipts are transmitted, money for payment will be issued.
April 25, 1798 Order to Examine Ship, Two Friends, and Send Assessment of Condition James McHenry Captain Thomas Thompson Thompson and Humhreys are to examine a ship called Two Friends and report on its age, the number of guns it can carry, the state of the hull, mast, yards, rigging, and sails, and give their opinion on its fitness as a vessel for war. They should also state any alterations, repairs, or articles needed for the vessel to be ready for sea, and the time and expense needed for the alterations, repairs,...