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April 14, 1792 Repairs and Reimbursement Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to employ armorers to repair damaged arms. Noted order in which to file documents to receive money for items/services purchased.
March 16, 1797 Support for Extra Pay of Mr. Dransy, Adj. Gen. of Artificers Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Payment of Pvt. Flood, cobbler, who made thirty pairs of shoes for soldiers at West Point. Rules governing artificers discussed. Artificers under direction of Mr. Dransy benefited U.S. through their repair of the barracks and machinery; Rochefontaine supports the extra pay for Dransy.
November 28, 1798 Orders for Col. Mentges James McHenry William Simmons Colonel Mentges has been ordered to repair to New Castle to muster and inspect the recruits belonging to Lts. Many and Knight. He will take with him the money to pay the recruits through the end of this month.
August 31, 1796 My Request for Field Pieces, Etc. Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon The Governor responded to the request for field pieces by reporting that militia had them and he did not wish to disarm them. Kalteisen notes that he has a few stands of arms but they are in need of repair. He has no armorers and transporting them to Charleston to have them repaired would be expensive. He asks Hodgdon, therefore, to forward some stands of arms.
October 4, 1798 Certification of payments; Valentine Hoffman for repairing field carriages William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment of $332.76 to Valentine Hoffman for repairing field carriages.
March 15, 1793 Estimate of Quarter Master Stores wanted for the Year 1793 James O'Hara [not available] Inventory of Quartermaster's tools, livestock, food, ammunition, and various office and repair supplies.
August 8, 1799 The Company are in a ragged state... Theodore Meminger Alexander Hamilton "...I beg leave to remark that the Company are in a ragged state, many of them being destitute of overalls, of linen, and those of clothes past repair. Blankets and woolen overalls I have not included in the return as it will be some time before they are wanted and would be an incumberance."
November 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Jonathan Jackson Simmons informs Jackson that General Benjamin Lincoln's accounts were received.
June 14, 1794 Secretary at War appoints the Commanding Officer at Fort Franklin Henry Knox Commanding Officer, Fort Franklin From the War Department, the Secretary at War directs an unidentified officer, perhaps John Crawford, to "instantly" repair to Fort Franklin and assume command of the post.
September 19, 1798 Agents Employed to Make Contracts James McHenry William Simmons The principal agents employed to make contracts to procure cannon carriages and materials for workmen for the erection or repair of fortifications are Col. Ebenezer Stevens of New York, Archibald Crary of Newport Rhode Island, Samuel Weeks of Portland Massachusetts, Griffith McKee of Wilmington North Carolina, and William Craft of Charleston South Carolina.
April 5, 1784 Estimate for the cost of repairing and cleaning 1,000 muskets. Samuel Hodgdon Superintendent of Finance Letter covering an estimate for the cost of repairing and cleaning 1,000 muskets. Mentions the need to repair other muskets soon before they are ruined.
August 8, 1794 Commencement of the Frigates with the Greatest Activity Henry Knox Samuel & Joseph Sterrett "I have received your favor of Captain Truxton who will be the Superintendent and will repair to Baltimore in order to conduct matters with you in order to arrange everything for the commencement of the frigates with the greatest activity."
January 19, 1798 Gunstocks Not Sent Before the River Froze, Etc. Joseph Cranch Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is the account for the repair of arms including the cleaning of 460 carbines. Cranch apologizes for not sending the gun stocks before the river froze. He wants to know the price of the stocks delivered. In 1793 he was charged twenty cents which is three cents more than stocks of equal goodness made of plank purchased in Philadelphia. If the charge is too high, his profit will be...
January 18, 1794 Request Granted Henry Knox David Henley Henley's request to return to the seat of government to complete an unspecified task granted by Knox.
September 27, 1796 Joseph Cranch's pay William Simmons Nicholas Fish Notification to Fish that he will receive funds that he is to pay to Joseph Cranch for cleaning and repairing arms at West Point.
April 8, 1799 Certification of payments; John Miles for repairing carbines and pistols William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $47.75 to John Miles for repairing 36 carbines and 2 pairs of pistols.
March 27, 1798 Order to Settle Affairs and Rejoin Company James McHenry Samuel Vance Order by Secretary McHenry to settle affairs in Pittsburgh, and then to repair immediately to Georgia to rejoin the company.
June 19, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Lemuel Gates Simmons asks Gates to produce the authority under which he contracted for repairs to the barracks at Castle William Island.
July 13, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Elias Langham William Simmons Elias Langham William Simmons informs Elias Langham that monies expended on the repair of arms must be documented and forwarded to the Accountant's Office.
August 19, 1799 Excessive Expenses Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Advice on excessive spending and guarding against unnecessary use of public monies.
May 4, 1798 Guns To Be Shipped to South Carolina Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming As soon as transportation can be procured, guns are to be transported via New York to South Carolina. If the carriages are in good repair, they should also be sent.
October 8, 1797 Notification of Orders James McHenry John Visher Glenn Notification that Glenn will receive orders to take charge of recruits bound for Western frontier.
August 8, 1799 Extra Pay for Extra Work, Etc. John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Rivardi again requests extra pay for soldiers doing extra work. Reports that he has hired a boat "to remove the garrison of Oswego." States that "Several of our men are unwell." Discusses the repair of Fort Niagara.
October 4, 1798 Notification of Major Hoops Appointment to Garrison at New York James McHenry Frye McHenry notified Frye that Major Hoops was directed to assume command of troops in New York and superintend the maintenance and repairs to the fortifications. All reports would go through Maj. Hoops.
June 22, 1792 Indian Relations in Northwest Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses Indian delegations and aggression. Captain Brant, Mohawk Chief, has complied to repair to Philadelphia. Hopes he will go to Omie river of Lake Erie [Miamis of the Lake or Maumee River] to Au Glaize Ohio. All Indians have moved to Au Glaize; Wyandots and Delawares have moved from Sandusky. Messengers and peace envoys Freeman and Gerrard killed as spies. Mentions equipping Captain...