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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
August 7, 1794 Orders for Organizing Militia Henry Knox Henry Lee Enclosed proclamation regarding the governing of the western parts of Pennsylvania, includes rules on militia.
December 2, 1791 Discussion of various matters Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox provides St. Clair with a detailed account of personnel matters and pay, provisioning, troop movements, recruiting, developments with the southern Indians, weather. St. Clair is Governor of Northwest Territory. Mentions disturbances with the Creeks and the contending roles of Alexander McGillivray and William Augustus Bowles.
August 3, 1792 Discussing Progress of Recruits, Allocation of Stores, and Indian Relations Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox talks of the progress of the movement of recruits and the allocations of stores and the procedures for strict accountability of all public property. Uniformity of pay procedures is advocated. Responds to Wayne's inquiry regarding scouts. No effort should be made to keep the hostile Indians at the council nor should the friendly Chickasaws be retained since they will not be needed in the...
February 4, 1799 Distribution of Existing Military Authority James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry lists in detail Hamilton's responsibilities as Inspector General. In particular, he explains the deployment of troops and the means of communications between the various garrisons throughout the states and territories of the United States.
August 27, 1794 Preparations of the Militia Responding to the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Gale In preparation to meet the Whiskey Rebellion, the Governor will be calling up a state militia and has agreed that arms and accoutrements will be supplied by the State.There are calls for agents, commissioners, and quartermasters to settle allowances and make contracts and other necessary preparations. Requests delivery of horses, tents, camp equipment. Must confer with Governor as to whether the...
January 5, 1792 Letter from the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to Secretary of War Henry Knox on arrival at Oneida with a number of Oneida Chiefs, dissent between Western Confederacy and Six Nations, St. Clair's defeat, meeting of Chiefs at Philadelphia, and condition of Captain Brant Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Kirkland informs Knox of arrival at Oneida with a number of Oneida Chiefs, conducted back from Albany New York. Captain John and Peter Asequitte set out with Colonel Pickering's invitation speech for Buffaloe Creek. Defeat of St. Clair's army has alarmed the Senekas and Six Nations. Message sent to Senekas and Captain Brant from Western Confederacy on intentions to visit Six Nations and desire...
February 14, 1787 Shay's Rebellion Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox congratulates Gen. Lincoln on his success defeating the insurgents during Shays' Rebellion and speculates about the upcoming Philadelphia convention intended to correct the defects in the current government.
July 17, 1792 Letter from the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to Secretary of War Henry Knox on effect of cold weather and snow; influence of Western Confederacy; Captain Brant; whereabouts of General St. Clair's field book and papers; white participation against St.Clair's Army; British operations vicinity Lake Erie Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Letter, describes journey of Indian delegation and effect of cold weather and snow on the older chiefs. Reports that Indians much alarmed by present situation in aftermath of defeat of General St. Clair and his Army. They are divided in opinions on which course to take. If Western Confederacy pursue war, will push Brant and Buffalo to take a decided part. Brant was sent scalps from the Battle...
September 11, 1798 Measures for Georgia's Defense & Interactions with Blacks James McHenry James Jackson Apologizes for not responding earlier, due to the evacuation of the public offices from fever-stricken Philadelphia. Congratulates the recipient on Georgia's adoption of a new constitution, and hopes for a new period in which the federal government will not have headaches caused by "the western lands" [presumably of Georgia]. Also approves of Georgia and South Carolina's barring entrance to...
December 8, 1789 Knox Requires a New Recruitment Campaign Henry Knox Henry Burbeck Knox orders the recruitment of troops in Massachusetts and urges that only men of the best character should be enlisted. He warns the two captains that their continuance in service depends upon the success of this effort.
October 17, 1790 Impending War Between Britain and France Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton speculates on the evidence of impending war between Britain and France.
May 8, 1792 Report on St. Clair's Expedition House of Representatives Unknown Recipient Report from the House of Representatives on Arthur St. Clair's expedition. Discusses training and discipline of recruits; desertions of militia; retreat of St. Clair's force; Indians and Indian warfare; recruiting service.
November 25, 1793 Too Late to Begin Offensive Operations; State of Payment & Recruitment Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Because the peace negotiations consumed so much time, it is too late in the year to begin offensive operations. The choice of location for winter quarters is left to Wayne. Not more that 400 recruits can be expected before May 1794. $100,000 have been advanced by the Treasury for the pay of the troops and the Quartermaster General has requested $57,140 for his department.
August 10, 1792 Deserters, Training Troops, and Supplies Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the problem of desertions and how deserters will be punished including a brand of "coward" on their foreheads. He also talks about his methods of training his troops and his various supply needs.
December 1, 1792 Letters of Major General St.Clair to Secretary of War John Stagg Henry Knox These are true extracts of the original letters of Major General St. Clair written to Henry Knox regarding the late Quartermaster General on file in the War Department of the United States as of December 1st, 1792. Conveys concerns and problems with Samuel Hodgdon.
November 23, 1790 Expedition to Omee River Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Letter, describes expedition to Omee River; describes lay of land along river; discusses frontier abbreviations for Indian names.
May 17, 1790 [Mr. Gamelin's Journal: Memorandum of sundry speeches held by Anthony Gamelin to the chiefs of the Ouabache (Wabash) and Miami nations] Antoine Gamelin [not available] Recounts Gamelin's travels to various Indian villages with a speech offering peace to the Indian Nations. Promises of peace, no more stealing. Discussed contracting a peace between the Kickapoo and Chiefs of the Falls and peace with white people to be held at Post Vincennes. Details on the relationship between the Miami and Kickapoo tribes.
July 20, 1792 Legion Organization and Progress to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox provides a detailed accounting of the assignment and whereabouts of officers and men throughout the Legion and and an account of their progress toward Pittsburgh. Various logistical concerns are also addressed with emphasis on ammunition, powder, and horses.