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July 29, 1799 Willingness to Serve as a Volunteer in the Army Robert Goodloe Harper James McHenry Harper discusses his current situation as a lawyer in Baltimore but assures McHenry that he stands ready to return to military service if the need should arise. He would require at least a colonel's commission although he would expect to be a brigadier. He fears an attack by the French.
April 1793 New & Improved Fortfications are Absolutely Necessary Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam discusses the improvement of current fortifications and the erection of new ones for the protection of frontier inhabitants and accomodation of the troops of the garrison at Gallipolis.
January 4, 1788 Letter from the Directors of the Ohio Company Rufus Putnam Henry Knox On behalf of the directors of the Ohio Company, Rufus Putnam applies to the Secretary at War for military protection of frontier settlements.
September 9, 1793 Protection for Bearer of Money Henry Knox Isaac Craig Requests protection for Jacob H[a]deman who was entrusted with transporting money down the Ohio River for army.
July 29, 1790 Measures for the Protection of the Frontier Henry Knox Lieutenant of the County of Mason, Kentucky Knox discusses defensive measures for the protection of the frontier.
January 26, 1795 [Report of the Secretary of War on the above mentioned Resolution] Timothy Pickering [not available] Finds attempts to form a statement on direction for military operations embarrassing as there is no single direction for troops. Noted recent victories against "savage enemies", but feels defensive force will not be sufficient to secure U.S. superiority. Believed a chain of posts must be maintained to supply line consistent. Also notes protection for Southwestern territory and coastal border...
March 13, 1795 [COPY] Protection of Frontier Arnoldus Vanderhorst Timothy Pickering Proposal of military guard for the protection of the frontier from Indian attacks at the expense of the Federal government. Requested reimbursement for money advanced to commissioners for Indian treaty.
August 29, 1798 An Appointment for Captain Hamilton Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton seeks Stoddert's cooperation in the appointment of Captain Robert Hamilton to a position on board a frigate of the United States. Captain Talbot seems uncertain about his own status but once that is resolved in his favor, any impediment to the appointment of Captain Hamilton should be removed.
December 15, 1797 Enclosed Committed to Your Protection Andrew Marschalk William Simmons Marschalk sends the enclosed to Simmons for his protection.
January 17, 1797 Protection of the Frontier John Sevier Blount, Cooke, & Jackson Sevier proposes that the protection of the frontier can be accomplished by the militia, including three companies of infantry and a troop of horse.
December 1, 1792 Contingencies of the War Department for 1793. Henry Knox [not available] While stipulating the difficulty of accounting for military contingencies due to the uncertainties of active warfare, Knox attempts to do so for the year 1793.
March 24, 1794 Protection of ports and harbors South Carolina Henry Knox Arnoldus Vanderhorst Protection of harbors at South Carolina discussed, requested a return on all usable cannons.
November 16, 1791 Protection of Frontiers Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Federal government to pay for militia to protect frontier counties.
March 10, 1791 Certification of a True Copy Thomas Jefferson [not available] Document certified the enclosed document was a true copy of Act to raising additional troops for the protection of frontier.
March 5, 1797 Forwarding the protection of John Cunningham William MacCreery James McHenry MacCreery sends a letter with an enclosed protection of John Cunningham, who is currently detained on a frigate. McHenry is asked to forward the protection to his agent in the West Indies.
August 18, 1795 My Situation Is Become More Presssing John Vermonnet William Simmons Vermonnet laments that he has yet to receive orders from the Secretary of War nor has he received an answer from Simmons on account of his salary. Since his situation has become even more pressing, he requests a prompt reply relative to this important matter.
January 26, 1795 [No. 60 Protection of the Frontiers - Communicated to the House of Representatives] Timothy Pickering Frederick A Muhlenberg Submission of report to House, as ordered by the President, on the number of troops necessary for the defense and maintenance of military posts which will protect frontier of U.S.
October 22, 1794 The Situation at Springfield David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Writing in code, Ames provides a detailed explanation of the current situation at the Public Armory at Springfield as well as a list of wanted articles that includes the cost of each article.
February 18, 1798 Managing the People Removed from Indian Land Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler expresses approval of the executive's appointment of commissioners to hold a treaty with the Cherokee Indians. They will be able to make a report on on the lands which the United States may claim. Butler argues that these lands are not worth contending for since all the valuable lands in Tennessee have been covered by warrants. He laments of the share of trouble he has had in managing the...
April 24, 1793 Protection of Commissioners Henry Knox Henry Lee Discussed governance of North Western Indians and treaty to be held in Sandusky. Requests protection of commissioners from hostile Indian attacks.
March 10, 1792 Request for Authorization to Dispatch Militia and Spies Colonel David Shepherd Henry Knox Favorable opinion of memorial for those who have died in the protection of Ohio County. Request for authorization to dispatch men to protect frontier.
December 29, 1794 Draft of letter to Governor Blount Henry Knox George Washington Secretary Knox submits a draft of a letter to Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory. According to Knox, the situation of the Mero District - facing Indian attacks - demands instant provisions for its protection.
August 27, 1798 My Situation Has Become Disagreeable, Etc. B. H. Phillips Samuel Hodgdon Because he has received no letters, intelligence, or information, Phillips complains that his situation has become very disagreeable. Still he will endeavor to do his duty.
October 14, 1792 Militia to Protect Frontier Henry Knox Henry Lee No requirements from Virginia's military for protection of frontier during the ensuing year. All protection to come from federal government.
December 23, 1791 Protection Henry Knox Isaac Craig Capt. Cushing's troops ordered to remain at Fort Pitt to protect citizens who voiced fears to Governor of Pennsylvania. Reiterates need for immediate construction of picketed block house. Denied travel request.