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August 25, 1800 Warrant Remitted to Houdin, Etc. Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner has learned from Mr. Condy that Hodgdon's son has passed through Alexandria and is expected to be in Washington City soon. The Treasurer remitted the money to the Cashier Bank and endorsed the warrant to be remitted to Houdin which accounts for Hodgdon not receiving it.
November 5, 1796 Enlistment Receipts and Request for Sum to be Remitted through Col. Fish Staats Morris William Simmons Morris encloses papers for the enlistment of a recruit, which combined with two previous recruits brings him a bounty of $48. He would like to have the money remitted via Colonel Fish.
March 5, 1795 Pay & Rations of Captain Nicholson Joseph Howell Captain Samuel Nicholson A sum has been remitted for the pay of Captain Nicholson through December 1794. Money for rations will be remitted as soon as the Secretary of War determines the amount allowed for same.
June 24, 1794 Funds for Lt. William B. Smith's Pay and Recruiting Joseph Howell [not available] $78 has been remitted to George Gale for three month's advance pay for Lt. Smith and $250 has been remitted for the use of the recruiting service.
January 13, 1795 Pay for October & November 1794 Joseph Howell Alexander Thompson The pay for October and November 1794 that should have been remitted according to the appropriation for the military establishment is now remitted to Nicholas Fish, Supervisor. It should be disbursed according to the enclosed pay roll.
June 1, 1792 Remitting Receipts Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Lists who and how much receipts should be remitted to.
July 24, 1795 Remitted funds for disbursement William Simmons Mrs. Sophia Roberts Informs Mrs. Roberts that Nicholas Fish has been remitted funds to be disbursed to her as payment for her husband's service.
February 13, 1795 Money will be Remitted Except for the Militia Service Joseph Howell Constant Freeman Howell assures Freeman that the money requested will be remitted except for the estimate made for the Militia Service which requires additional explanation.
October 21, 1800 $4500 Remitted for the Springfield Factory Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War has issued a warrant in Hodgdon's favor for $4500 to be remitted to him by the Treasurer for the use of the Springfield Factory. Enclosed is a copy of the return of arms and accountrements in possession of Captain Valentine Brother of the late 9th Regiment at Frederick Town, Maryland.
January 22, 1794 Pay for Capt. Cornelius Lyman's Troops Joseph Howell Cornelius Lyman Seven month's pay is remitted, through Nathaniel Gorham, for Capt. Cornelius Lyman's non-commissioned officers and privates at Springfield, Massachusetts but Lyman's own pay cannot be remitted until his account is settled.
December 6, 1794 Pay of Capt. Cornelius Sedam and Recruits Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish The sum of $53 wil be remitted to Fish for one month's pay for Capt. Cornelius Sedam's recruits and an additional $99 is remitted for the pay of Capt. Sedam and his recruits for October.
July 28, 1792 Money remitted to Captain William Faulkner Isaac Craig Joseph Howell In this partially illegible document, Craig acknowledges receipt of Howell's letter respecting money remitted to Captain Faulkner. Craig says that one of the notes could not have been lost, as the paper containing it was not opened from the time he received it.
July 24, 1795 Remitted funds for disbursement William Simmons Edward Carrington Informs Edward Carrington that he has been remitted funds for disbursement as pay to Lt. John Posey at Fredericksburg.
July 16, 1795 Remitted funds for disbursement William Simmons Aaron Dunham Informs Aaron Dunham that he has been remitted funds to be disbursed as payment to Lt. Dayton and recruits at Elizabethtown.
July 14, 1795 Remitted funds for disbursement William Simmons Nathaniel Gorham Informs Nathaniel Gorham that funds have been remitted to him for disbursement as payment to Lt. Hale and the recruits at Portland.
September 10, 1796 Transport to Oswego and Albany James McHenry Henry Glen Secretary of War James McHenry informs Henry Glen that Glen is responsible for providing the transportation of ninety troops to their post in western New York. Two thousand dollars will be remitted to Glen for this purpose.
March 20, 1795 Money Remitted for Use at West Point Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish A sum will be remitted to Nicholas Fish, Supervisor at New York, to be transmitted to George Fleming for use at West Point.
July 17, 1795 Remitted funds for disbursement William Simmons Nicholas Fish Informs Nicholas Fish that he has been remitted funds for disbursement as payment to John Lynch, Surgeon's Mate at Governor's Island.
July 1, 1796 Bounties, money remitted, and recruiting account William Simmons Staats Morris Acknowledges receipt from Morris of an account, two receipts for bounty paid to two recruits, and a receipt from Mr. Roberts, the latter sum to be remitted to Nicholas Fish for payment to Mr. James Morris. Notifies Morris that his recruiting account is suspended pending receipt of his enlistments and musters
January 23, 1796 Money Due from the Office William Simmons Joshua Wentworth Informs Wentworth that the War Accountant's Office has found that he is due 300 dollars, to be remitted by the next post.
September 16, 1795 Concerning remitted funds William Simmons Governor Robert Brooks Informs Governor Brook that the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jackquilin Ambler, will be remitted funds from the federal government for services rendered by the state militia.
July 17, 1798 Regarding Errors on Vouchers for Pay of Troops John Habersham William Simmons Habersham explains in part the reasons for the errors on the pay vouchers. Habersham had remitted payment to McCall in October 1797 and charged the same to Major Freeman. Freeman is in Savannah and McCall is expected shortly; they will also submit explanations.
September 23, 1796 Regarding Ironwork for Frigate & Payment For That Service Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, encloses terms regarding iron for Frigate; asks for information regarding payments for iron work.
April 5, 1794 Pay for Bezaleel Howe and His Recruits Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe $250.70 has been remitted to Nicholas Fish for Howe's pay and the pay of his recruits for January and February 1794.
March 1, 1793 Procedures for managing recruit payrolls Joseph Howell Alexander Thompson Letter, describes payments to privates and non-commissioned officers; discusses receipts of payments to recruits.