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December 9, 1800 Hodgdon's Remarks William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Remarks on the amount of payments made by Samuel Hodgdon, Superintendent of Military Stores, from 1 June to 30 September 1800.
June 9, 1798 Requests Examination of 4th Quarter Accounts to Guard against Deficiencies John Steele William Simmons Letter, encloses remarks made at the Treasury regarding deficiencies in the vouchers of the Accountant of the War Department.
May 25, 1799 Remarks on the closing of David Henley's accounts [not available] [not available] Remarks made on Henley's accounts by the office of the Auditor. Examination of the accounts has been suspended due to lack of supporting vouchers.
March 31, 1795 Secretary at War sends Circular to the Captains of the Frigates regarding book and remarks on seamanship from Captain Thomas Truxton Timothy Pickering [not available] Pickering sends a book written by Captain Thomas Truxton relating to navigation, with an appendix on masting. Also forwards a letter with remarks from Truxton regarding an English book that Pickering recently gave to Truxton on the masting of ships. Pickering asks that the Captains consult with the Naval Constructors on the subjects.
May 13, 1799 Remarks on the closing of David Henley's accounts. John Steele William Simmons Henley's account has been closed on the books of Treasury, agreeable to the certificate of the Register. Remarks enclosed point out a deficiency in vouchers.
February 8, 1797 Account of pay with remarks William Simmons George Ingersoll Cover letter for Captain Ingersoll's account of pay and subsistence. Simmons remarks on Ingersoll's "unright" and "illiberal" sentiments regarding Simmons' policy on a demand by Ingersoll for a payment.
September 10, 1798 "Remarks on the abstract for the year 1793, contigent expenses. No Author [not available] Notation that vouchers for "this abstract" were submitted to the War Department. Related to contingent expenses.
May 20, 1795 Letter from the War Office requesting remarks on letter from naval constructor David Stodder [not available] Joshua Humphreys Letter from War Office conveys Timothy Pickering guidance and solicits remarks from Joshua Humphreys on a letter from David Stodder, naval constructor at Baltimore. Letters from frigate builders will be handed to Mr Humphreys. Secretary of War Pickering guidance is that naval constructors freely communicate their ideas.
February 10, 1795 Returned Letters Bartholomew Dandridge Timothy Pickering By President's order, Dandridge returns the letter of Gov. Blount to Sec. of War. Dandridge also included remarks of Mr. Rutherford of Virginia regarding the arsenal to be established on the Potomac river.
March 8, 1796 Remarks on Accounts and Charge Yelverton Peyton William Simmons Peyton has left his vouchers with Ensign Thompson. He believes there may be some errors with Simmons' accounting. The bounty for recruits he and Thompson enlisted should be paid out of what Peyton owes.
June 23, 1794 Remarks on Masting of Frigates Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, discusses masting of Frigates; encloses remarks on masting Frigates.
August 7, 1799 Remarks on Provisions Account Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Remarks on provisions account. Stated debit agrees with abstracts provided. Refers to accounts with Fort Randolph, Le Beaux, Oswego, Niagara, Sillsburg, Fort Franklin, Presque Isle, Fort Fayette. Distinguishes both quartermaster and commissary capacity. Requests information about sundry losses and damages.
February 12, 1798 Letter Citation Senator Joseph Inslee Anderson John Adams Cited in McHenry to Anderson, 02/13/1798. Remarks on opinions of recipients regarding the proposed treaty with the Cherokee Indians.
August 25, 1797 Instructions for monetary advances for pursuing deserters William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman In agreement with a previous letter sent to Nehemiah Freeman on July 9th, Simmons enclosed instructions for issuing advances in payment to those pursuing deserters. Account of Finley and Cornwall for pursuing deserters was deemed extravagant and submitted to Col. Rochefontaine for remarks.
April 11, 1794 Return of Ensign Garret Voorhus' Muster Joseph Howell Garret Voorhis Ensign Voorhis's muster is returned to him so that he can insert the date of Gersham's Moore's enlistment and he is requested to ensure that his musters are complete before they are submitted.
January 16, 1786 Discusses Issues Related to Officer Pay John Pierce John White Discusses several officers' accounts, accounting records, and the disposition of pay certificates.
August 21, 1799 Citation Only James McHenry Caleb Swan This document cited in "Remarks" of Simmons on Secretary of War Letter of 8/21/1799 to Caleb Swan
July 9, 1793 Remarks of Federal Commissioners and Indian Chiefs at Sandusky Conference Captain Joseph Brant [not available] Council convened on 9 July 1793 at Navy Hall Niagara. Captain Brant, interpreter furnished opening remarks of good will and conducted ceremony with strings and belts. Chiefs state that the Western Indians are of one mind, and if they can agree with whites, peace may ensue. Prior treaties were not binding because they did not account for all the tribes as one. Chief then provide the nations in...
May 18, 1800 Information on Requisition of Clothing Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Extract of letter to Wilkinson regarding delay in acquiring clothing for his troops. Hamilton remarks on delay as unpleasant.
January 13, 1799 List of North Carolinians Applying for Army Commissions William Davies [not available] Lists men by name, desired rank, and county or town of residence; includes brief remarks about the applicants.
November 23, 1796 A Few Lines of the Address to Spain William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray notes that he has copied a few lines of the address to Spain and sent it on to Cowan with some remarks.
October 26, 1799 Settling My Accounts John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wilkins has written to James Miller to make a settlement of his cash accounts with Hodgdon through December 1798 and includes his remarks. Nothing further is necessary except for Hodgdon to render his accounts from that period up to the expiration of his service.
March 7, 1796 Remarks on Received Returns Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Returns received by Hodgdon discussed, if Hodgdon wished any alterations Hunt requested he be informed.
April 3, 1798 List From Your Office Richard Chandler William Simmons Enclosed is a copy of the list sent to Chandler from Simmons' office with the remarks and alterations made from the one put in his hands by Paymaster General, Caleb Swan. Chandler's regiment, Ford's artillery, and Van Rensselaer's troops have been only through 31 July 1797.
March 24, 1792 Payment for Appointments Henry Knox Isaac Craig Money for Richard Sparks pending his acceptance of the appointment. Remarks on the tardiness of the post.