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July 20, 1798 Requests Attention to Forthcoming Report of British Forces James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses letter. Promises to write a full report of the British forces. Requests earliest attention.
January 10, 1799 Regular Peace and War Establishment & the Provisional Army James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry wants Hamilton to examine existing laws related to the Regular Army to determine what should be retained in two new bills relating to the Regular Army and the Provisional Army.
June 28, 1797 Tenuous Situation of the Post at Detroit John Jacob Rivardi Timothy Pickering Major Rivardi provides an assessment of the situation at Detroit with the British, Spanish, and Indians all vying for influence as the American forces attempt to hold their ground while isolated from their leaders on the east coast.
September 3, 1790 Jealousy Among Troops Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Addressed possibility of jealously between militia and regular troops and its effect on the success of the expedition to the West. Advised every precaution to remove possible jealousies b/w militia and regular troops.
November 15, 1799 Repairing Fort Niagara & Friendly Relations with the British John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Describes his plans for repairing [Fort Niagara] and discusses the friendly relations between British and American forces stationed on the Niagara River. States: "Two regiments have arrived at Quebec and the British force which will remain in Canada this winter amounts to upwards of eight thousand regulars exclusive of two provincial battalions." [Refers to the arrival of the Sixth Regiment of...
July 13, 1792 Regular Returns and Transport of Powder Henry Knox Isaac Craig Advised regular communication on returns and ordered all powder to be encased in barrel to protect canvas from injury.
April 20, 1799 Discusses Transition from Volunteer to Regular Troops James McHenry William MacPherson Writes about the transition from volunteers to regular troops. Commends volunteers. Refers to troops from Vermont, who await his orders. Discusses contractor expenses.
July 15, 1791 Status of Offensive Troops Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Troops will rendezvous at Fort Washington for offensive action North-West of the Ohio River. Requests input from Randolf to increase efficiency of calling up troops from Virginia.
March 14, 1797 Pay of the Regular Troops in Georgia Daniel Stevens William Simmons John Habersham, Collector of the Customs in Georgia, has been paid the sum of $3,952 to be provided for the pay, subsistance, and forage of the regular troops in Georgia for September and October 1796.
June 15, 1798 Order of Operations for Provisional Army; French Forces in Florida James Ross James McHenry Speaks of order of operations in the provisional army. Mentions French forces in Florida.
January 9, 1800 Discussion of Officers and Regular Troops James McHenry [not available] Discusses relationship and supplies between regular troops, officers, and commissioned officers.
April 8, 1797 Presidential Discretionary Use of Forces against French, Spanish James McHenry John Adams Discussion of quarantine and defensive force requiring compliance with France. Refers to use of artillerists, engineers, dragoons, and frigates at the discretion of the President. Speculates on Spain abandoning ports along the Mississippi. Lists costs of defensive forces.
October 1, 1793 Copy of Letter from the Secretary of War to Thomas Holt Henry Knox Thomas Holt Knox advised on protection of Elizabeth Town from hostile forces.
July 9, 1799 Requests Payment for Christopher Stump for Regular Troops under Col. Butler David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Christopher Stump to pay the regular troops in Tennessee under Colonel Butler.
May 17, 1793 Pay of the Regular Troops to the Westward Joseph Howell Caleb Swan General Posey has been remitted $20,774 for the pay of the regular troops to the westward for February and which includes the arrears of subsistence due officers for 1791 and 1792 and the pay of certain scouts. Mr. Britt should be contacted repecting the accounts of 1791.
January 27, 1800 Payment of regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler David Henley James McHenry Henley requests payment of $412.12 to John Wilkins Jr for regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler.
June 5, 1800 Payment to Joseph McKean for payment of regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler, Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Henley makes payment of $5531.21 to be appropriated for payment of regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler in Tennessee.
September 9, 1800 Bill of exchange, pay George Bell for the paying of the regular army under Lieutenant Colonel Butler, Tennessee David Henley Samuel Dexter Henley paid $8367.37 to George Bell to be appropriated to the paying of regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler in Tennessee.
June 9, 1797 Interpreter to the Choctaw Nation James McHenry Unknown Recipient McHenry orders the recipient to provide his services as interpeter to the Choctaw nation to the Commanding Officer of the detachment sent to take possession of the post at Walnut Hills lately occupied by the forces of his Catholic Majesty.
July 21, 1795 Request for Regular Payroll George Ingersoll James McHenry Ingersoll requested he be added to the Payroll of troops and be paid on a regular basis by Capt. Fleming, paymaster for troops at West Point, rather than through submission to Mr. Gorham.
September 28, 1791 Knox discusses frontier lands and boundaries with King Henry Knox Rufus King Letter, discusses ensigncy in regular regiment; discusses state boundaries.
October 14, 1792 Defense of Frontier Henry Knox Henry Lee President does not see need of Virginia Legislature to call up additional forces for the defense of the frontier. The militia should be sufficient.
December 8, 1800 Pay of Mr. Genet Samuel Dexter William Simmons Mr. Genet is entitled to the pay and emoluments of a surgeon's mate while acting in that capacity, even though he is not working under a regular appointment.
April 14, 1800 Payment Henry & Boggs value received in specie of Nathaniel Shaw for paying regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler David Henley James McHenry Henley makes payment of $700 to Henry & Boggs for paying regular troops under Lieutenant Colonel Butler in Tennessee.
April 14, 1800 Payment Lieutenant John Wallinton for Paying Subsistence Accounts of Regular Officers David Henley James McHenry Henley makes payment of $300 to Lieutenant John Wallington to be appropriated for paying subsistence accounts of regular officers under Lieutenant Colonel Butler in Tennessee.