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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 24, 1786 Regimental pay agents' accounts John Pierce Board of Treasury Summarizes the details of the settlement of the accounts of two regimental pay agents
July 23, 1799 Request for Policies on Regimental Surgeons & Chaplains John Adams James McHenry Mentions deluge of applications for regimental chaplains and surgeons; asks for McHenry's statement of policy on this. Also asks for a list of the surgeon applicants for Col. Rice's regiment; and for policy on appointing of regimental surgeons vs. hospital surgeons.
March 23, 1799 Regimental Staff Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the organization of the regimental staff.
April 15, 1799 Sending the Recruiting Money & Transporting Clothing James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry discusses the most economical way of sending the recruiting money to regimental paymasters and transporting clothing intended for the recruiting service.
April 29, 1799 Mode for Appointing Officers to the Regimental Staffs of the Western Army Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamilton instructs Hamtramck as to the process for selecting and appointing the regimental staff of the Regiments of the Western Army.
June 30, 1786 Regimental records and officers John Pierce William Houston Discusses regimental records and encloses history of the arrangements, deaths, and resignations of various officers; also mentions Georgia.
March 23, 1799 Regimental Staff Appointments Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Hamilton discusses the organization and appointments of officers to the regimental staff.
February 8, 1793 Petitions of Hunt, Fox, and Bacon Henry Knox [not available] Knox reports on the petitions of Sergeant Isa Day and Private William Perkins who were in the Third Massachusetts Regiment. Arrears due them for pay were placed in hands of the Regimental Agent, who became bankrupt. Mentions the petitions of Thomas Hurrt, John Fox, and Henry Bacon as being the same.
April 12, 1791 Confirmation of Major Judd as an Agent Joseph Howell Major William Judd Major Judd's inquires as to whether he is considered an agent according to the pertinent Act of Congress. Howell confirms that since this Act is not confined to regimental agents but extends to other persons appointed to distribute certificates, Judd should be considered an agent and is due compensation for his services not exceeding the one percent allowed by Congress. Howell presumes that the...
April 9, 1799 Issuing Clothing Through Regimental Paymasters Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton describes the process by which clothing is to be issued through regimental paymasters.
May 9, 1799 Appointment of Regimental Officers & Location of Rendezvouses Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the officers who have been nominated for regimental positions as well as locations that have been selected as regimental rendezvouses.
May 6, 1790 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Letter from the Auditor's Office at the Treasury to the Commissioner of Army Accounts; mentions regimental surgeons.
September 27, 1794 Regimental Returns, Etc. Joseph Bloomfield Henry Knox The regimental returns show that there are 504 non-commissioned officers, privates, and officers at Trenton including 178 in the artillery.
April 11, 1799 Paying the Officers and Supplying the Recruits James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry describes his efforts to ensure that regimental officers are paid promptly and to make sure that recruits are properly clothed.
September 15, 1800 Delivery of Regimental Standards and Battalion Colors to Washington Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of regimental standards and battalion colors to Washington to address of Brigadier General James Wilkinson.
April 10, 1799 Arranging Contracts Where None Already Exist Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the process by which contracts will be arranged where none already exist.
April 10, 1799 Forming Contracts in Cases Where Some Already Exist Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton describes the process by which contracts can be arranged in cases where previous contracts are still in effect.
March 25, 1786 Regiment's account overdue John Pierce Joseph King Discusses the overdue settlement of a regimental account.
March 13, 1794 Petitions of Asa Day and William Perkins Henry Knox Senate of the United States Knox addresses the United States Senate regarding the petitions of Asa Day and William Perkins in which they claim arrears due them for pay and clothing.
January 28, 1784 Account settlement John Pierce Captain Richard B. Roberts Discusses the settlement of Captain Roberts's account.
October 27, 1794 Settlement of Regimental Accounts Ebenezer Jackson John Pierce Jackson explains that his failure to transmit his regimental settlement has been due to his poor health. He notes that Governor Martin [of North Carolina] has been helpful in all matters relative to the settlement.
March 1, 1796 Dispute over Superior Officer Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman thanks Simmons for information regarding his duties as paymaster. He says that the Commandant at his post has ordered him to follow the directions of the Commandant, not Simmons. He outlines the orders, sometimes contradictory, and situations in which he finds himself, including being denied the necessary items to complete his duties as paymaster.
November 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Captain Presley Thornton Simmons informs Thornton that his regimental paymaster will be the agent through which all pay is received.
April 27, 1797 General Orders for Regimental Paymasters Thomas H. Cushing William Simmons An extract from the original General Orders issued at Detroit on 10 July 1797 in which regimental paymasters are ordered to render their accounts to Paymaster General Caleb Swan who will then transmit them to William Simmons.
March 29, 1786 Accounts and vouchers Edwin Antill John Pierce Sends accounts and vouchers needed for a regimental settlement to Pierce; requests that Pierce send his subsistence pay