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March 9, 1800 Organizing the Corps of Artillerists & Engineers Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Enclosed is an Act which enacts a reorganization in which the present Corps of Artillerists and Engineers will hereafter be composed of a Regiment of Engineers, a Regiment of Horse Artillerists, and a Regiment of Foot Artillerists.
January 22, 1787 Assessing the Pay of Harmar's Regiment John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Tells Beatty that the best way to asses the pay Colonel Harmar's regiment is to settle the balance of the entire Corps thereby ascertaining the balance for each individual
November 29, 1787 Joseph Howell sends a circular letter to the loan officers of each state Joseph Howell Loan Officers In order to complete a return identifying all veterans entitled to land, Howell requests that the states furnish him with returns from the Invalids Regiment, Hazen's Regiment, Armand's Legion, Lee's Legion, the corps of sappers and miners, and other independent corps considered part of the quota of each state.
1800 Draft Act for better organizing the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers Alexander Hamilton [not available] Draft act for the better organizing of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers.
August 11, 1787 Copy of current accounts and report of pay due Joseph Howell Henry Knox Encloses copy of current accounts and report of pay due a detachment of the 2nd U.S. Regiment under Colonel Henry Jackson. Also the pay due a Federal Corps of artillery under Captain Henry Burbeck.
November 26, 1798 Observations on Arms, Accoutrments, & Clothing Thomas H. Cushing Alexander Hamilton Cushing provides his assessment of the current state of arms, clothing, and accoutrments. Though his knowledge of the cavalry is limited, he believes their clothing is generally as defective as that of the other corps.
February 3, 1790 Receipt of clothing for Corps of Artillery Henry Knox [not available] Reciept of clothing for Corps of Artillery.
September 29, 1791 Fill Out the Companies with Levies Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox expresses his hope that St. Clair is successful in filling the personnel needs of the first and second regiments and that the garrisons will be properly provisioned.
August 30, 1798 Appointments to Military Posts, Pardons for Forgery, and Organization of New Corps John Jay Alexander Hamilton Jay proposed meeting with Hamilton to discuss defense of the port of New York with new corps to be approved by the Council. Jay stated the act of pardoning a man for forgery was a question he wrestled with currently.
December 7, 1787 James Mott discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell James Mott Joseph Howell James Mott replies to Joseph Howell's request for a return on the officers and privates of the Invalid Regiment, Hazen's Regiment, Armand's Legion, Lee's Legion, and the Corps of Sappers and Miners.
April 25, 1788 Pay and Certificates John Avery Jr John Pierce From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Discusses pay the pay certificates for a regiment, certificates for the soldiers of the invalid corps. Discusses the case of a regimental pay agent who defrauded the regiment's soldiers by absconding with their pay.
September 4, 1787 Account information John Pierce Francis Mulls Discusses Francis Mulls' account as a member of the Invalid Corps from the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.
August 8, 1792 Report from Fort Hamilton James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson reports on his monthly returns of the garrisons of Forts Jefferson and Steuben, the 1st Regiment, and the Corps of Kentucky Riflemen, including its strength and reorganization, his supply situation, and plans for furure movement
May 26, 1799 Organization and Arrangement of the Volunteer Corps Alexander Hamilton William MacPherson Hamilton seeks general uniformity relative to the various parts of the Army, including the volunteer corps, with the understanding that certain peculiarities will distinquish individual corps.
February 6, 1798 Certification of payments; pay of Private Henry Lowrey William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $16 is due Private Henry Lowrey being his pay in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers from September 1 to October 26, 1797 and for his pay as a private in Captain Martin's Company, US 1st Regiment from October 27, the day he reenlisted, through December 1797.
April 30, 1784 Soldier never discharged David Brearly Unknown Recipient Brearley protests that he was never officially discharged from the Army and was in fact an officer at the time of the reduction of the Army.
February 25, 1785 Officers of the invalid Corps Jonathan White Joseph Howell Asks about the pay of officers of the invalid Corps.
December 15, 1787 Deming and Boyer discuss army accounts with Joseph Howell John Deming Joseph Howell John Deming and Peter Boyer forward a return of men considered to be the quota of Massachusetts to Joseph Howell. Howell had previously requested this return.
June 24, 1793 Shipments of Clothing to Commanders of Corps Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discusses contract for clothing. Gives recommendations on how to ship the clothing to its destinations, respective Corps, along with invoices. Wants to avoid packages shipping without knowledge of contents.
August 1, 1801 The Role of the Pay Master James Wilkinson Samuel Vance Lieutenant Pike is appointed pay master of the 2nd Regiment, and goes forward with the rolls of the Corps this quarter. Lieutenant Wilson is apparently in arrears, and has been ordered to complete the depending paperwork, and return to the seat of government. Argues that the Paymaster of the Corps should be given enough money to cover unexpected contingencies. They could recruit more men if they...
March 1800 An Act for better organizing the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers to be hereafter denominated the Corps of Engineers and Artillerists. Alexander Hamilton [not available] Separated the corps of artillerists and engineers by those on foot and those on horse. Details on how the corps should be subdivided and who should be in which group. Gave President power to raise two regiments of horse artillerists if danger is imminent.
April 5, 1800 Plan for the Formation of a Regiment William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith submits his recommendations for altering the plan for the formation of a regiment for exercise or battle that should rely on well organized battalions. The brilliant dashes and light touches of advanced light infantry will not answer the Army's purposes. Offers suggestions for organization of military.
February 6, 1799 Distribution of the Officers of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton states that it would be useful for him to acquire a statement of the officers of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers and also the distribution of them among the different portions of the corps.
December 1, 1800 Request for Blankets for Use of the Marine Corps Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs the delivery of 1102 blankets for the use of the Marine Corps.
September 4, 1787 Account information John Pierce Francis Mulls Account information and balance for Francis Mulls, of the Pennsylvania Regiment