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August 7, 1798 Questions on Payment of Reinlisted Men David Henley William Simmons Requests clarification on advanced pay issued to encourage reenlistment.
August 4, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Dexter Simmons authorizes Dexter to make payment to Capt. Littlefield.
June 15, 1797 Extract of letter from Secretary of War to Isaac Guion with reenlistment instructions [not available] Isaac Guion Secretary of War encloses list of enlisting instructions and authorizes Captain Isaac Guion to draw sums necessary to maintain fresh enlistments.
December 4, 1793 Pleading for Orders, Backpay & New Recruits; Defenses at Greeneville Complete, and Expectations of Indians to Fight or Deal Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Laments lack of word from Knox, which he attributes to an epidemic in Philadelphia; also laments continued unreliability of contractors. Reports defenses at Greeneville complete, and believes Indians will fight or submit to negotiations by Jan. 1. Notes continuing problem of expiring enlistments and efforts to reenlist veterans; pleads for the 7 months' back pay due to the troops. Hopes that...
August 4, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons William Littlefield Simmons discusses recruiting accounts with Capt. Littlefield. Simmons also informs Littlefield to expect payment from John Dexter.
January 30, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Lt. Hale William Simmons David Hale William Simmons informs Lt. Hale that his receipts are received. Simmons also discusses the discharge of John Webster.
June 21, 1798 Certification of payments; Private John McFadden William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $12.46 is due Private John McFadden of Captain Jacob Slough's late Company of Levies, being the balance of his pay from April 25 to November 14, 1791, the day he reenlisted.
April 21, 1795 Payment of William Lindsey, soldier Legion of United States William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $10.72 is due to William Lindsey, a soldier of Captain Jacob Slough's Company, for the balance of his pay to October 25, 1791.
August 4, 1798 Certification of payments; compensation of Captain William Littlefield William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $72 is due William Littlefield, Captain in the 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers, being for bounties paid and premium allowed him for reenlisting four soldiers.
May 30, 1792 Account of Johan Kirl Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Johan Kirl, late a private in the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
July 12, 1797 Receipts for bounty and Marschalk's pay William Simmons Andrew Marschalk Acknowledges receipts for bounty paid to recruits. Explains accounting procedures for bounty pay and the reenlistment of "old soldiers" (men who previously served in the Army). Advises Marschalk that he will receive pay authorized him as a deranged Captain from Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor at New York.
March 9, 1797 Pay of Private Ackerman Captain John Smith's Company William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $15.91 is due Private William Ackerman of Captain John Smith's Company, being the balance of his pay from May 12 to October 20, 1791, the day he reenlisted.
November 30, 1796 Pay of Private Sampson Marble of Captain Thomas Martin's Company, 1st Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $41.80 is due Private Sampson Marble of Captain Thomas Martin's Company 1st Sub Legion, being his pay from January 18, the day he reenlisted, to November 30, 1796.
November 1, 1797 Payment, Discharge, and Reenlistment Updates Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye sends the muster, pay, and receipt rolls for his detachment. He requests money for enlistment bounties, as he has enlisted more men than he has money to pay bounties. He also requests money due a recently discharged soldier.
March 2, 1789 Engaging a Cooper from Boston William Price Henry Knox Price submits returns of ordnance and quartermasters stores for February. There is a cooper in Boston, formerly a sergeant in Colonel Crane's regiment, who wants to reenlist. West Point is in need of a cooper who is in the permanent employ of the government. Price asks if he should be engaged for one, two, or three years; he will send for the cooper as soon as Knox replies. A cooper is needed by...
September 15, 1797 Captain Bruff's report on financial matters and recruiting at Fort Niagara James Bruff William Simmons Sends his muster and pay rolls. Captain Bruff presumes that this will be his last submission of muster and payrolls for this command. He mentions his account, and paying the Fort's garrison in July, and possibly in August. Discusses state of recruiting at the Fort as dull business and disheartening because of the lack of reenlistments. Of twenty-five eligible reenlistments, only a few will...
April 29, 1785 Requests Payment for Troops under Colonel Harmar Henry Knox Richard Henry Lee Asks that additional disbursements of troop pay be authorized, particularly for Col. Harmar at Fort McIntosh. Reports that the corps have been there 9 months with only 1 month's pay and if they receive their advancement, many may choose to reenlist.
October 3, 1797 Payment of Troops at Fort Niagara William Simmons James Bruff Simmons received muster and pay rolls for June and July, accompanied by receipt roll for January, February, March, April, and May for troops stationed at Fort Niagara. Receipts to be examined and if deemed free of error, amount will be passed to Bruff's credit. Remarks regarding bounty paid to enlisted men under Captain Hannah and Thomas Parker. Details regarding Bruff's account balance. ...
May 13, 1796 Act to Ascertain and Fix the Military Establishment of the United States Congress of the United States [not available] Created standing army of artillerists and engineers. Outlines number and type of officers in each unit. Pay, clothing, food, supplies,
October 5, 1799 Comments on the Military Affairs of this Country John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Hamtramck provides a detailed assessment of what should be done to imrprove the military service of the United States.
July 18, 1785 Discusses Terms for Col. Harmar's Corps; Seeks Recruits Henry Knox Richard Henry Lee Discusses terms for Col. Harmar's corps, with desires to move them further down the Ohio, with a post near the Scioto. Explains the inability of the state of Pennsylvania to retain troops there, and the wishes of the President and Congress that the men reenlist. Request that Harmar maintain his men until the vote. Requests all recruits--a mix of artillery and infantry--to march to Fort McIntosh....
August 8, 1793 Debunking Indian Accusations of Aggressive Movement; Drilling, Equipping, & (Re)Enlisting Troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne defends his preparations and provisioning as limited and un-aggressive. Dismisses Indian allegations of stockpiling food (as for a march) at the forts, stating only just enough for the garrisons has even been obtainable. Accounts for number of men in fort garrisons to prove that no great force has been stirring to make aggressive moves. Complains that the suggestion that he has disobeyed...