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April 2, 1799 Recommending a Recruiting Rendezvous & A Recruiting Officer James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry recommends Litchfield, Connecticut as a promising recruiting rendezvous and a lieutenant [name illegible] as an effective recruiting officer.
September 7, 1791 Assurances of Exemplary Recruiting Services John Stagg Bezaleel Howe Letter, discusses conduct as a recruiting officer.
June 10, 1796 Officer's account for recruiting service William Simmons Yelverton Peyton Discusses Peyton's account with the War Department, primarily his credits and balances for recruiting service. Discusses War Department policy for paying officer's recruiting "premiums" in the case of deserters and mentions bounties due to Army recruits
January 7, 1800 Lists Bounties for Troops James McHenry John Rutledge Notification that each private received twelve dollars for bounty. The recruiting officer received two dollars for each man he recruited.
September 19, 1799 Recruiting Mulattoes as Servants, Etc. William C. Bentley Alexander Hamilton Bentley suggests that even though the recruiting instructions prohibit the recruiting of mullatoes, they should be allowed to be enlisted as officers' servants. They are better suited to menial service than are white natives. He wants to know whether officers commanding a recruiting station are entitled to double rations.
June 12, 1800 Discussion of Recruiting Officers, & Several Officer Recommendations Charles Cotesworth Pinckney [not available] Discusses some officers continuing to serve as recruiting officers even as they wait for recommended commissions in the artillery or the "old regiments." Also recommends another officer for cavalry or artillery duty.
November 8, 1800 Recruiting in Virginia Daniel Haragan Unknown Recipient Haragan reports on recruiting activities in northern Virginia.
April 5, 1794 Recount of Pay Due Captain Sedam Joseph Howell Henry Knox Captain Sedam laments the lack of timely pay as a great detriment to the recruiting service. On the reverse side is a memo by Howell disputing Sedam's claims. He notes that it is notorious in the Army that no officer has more attention paid him.
January 17, 1786 Settlement of an Officer's Account Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Discusses some particulars of the settlement of an officer's pay account.
August 14, 1799 The men begin to be urgent for their pay. Josias Carvel Hall Alexander Hamilton "...The men begin to be urgent for their Pay. To some there is three months due. I had much rather the proper Officer was appointed to this Duty. It is not agreeable to me to tell an Officer, who perhaps can not well afford it, he must lose the Bounty advanced...Our recruiting money is nearly expended. The Paymaster of the money appropriated to that purose has but $1070 in hand. Some of the...
April 12, 1788 Regarding Warrants for Recruiting Service & Political Conventions in Virginia Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Apologizes for lateness of warrants; mentions that an officer lately returned from the western recruiting service will take charge of them. Apparently the amount will exceed $29,000 -- seemingly to fund the whole recruiting service. Discusses the recruiting service and Virginia politics. Informs Wadsworth about his own family, and inquires after that of Wadsworth.
July 26, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons discusses protocol for the settlement of recruiting accounts with the Secretary at War.
December 26, 1793 Supplies for the Recruits at Albany Alexander Hamilton Philip Schuyler Since there is to be a recruiting station at Albany, Hamilton asks his father-in-law Schuyler to engage a contractor to furnish supplies for the recruits. The number of provisions supplied will be based on the return of the principal officer who will specify the number of men for whom rations will be required.
March 27, 1799 Circular to the Commandants of Regiments Alexander Hamilton Commandants of Regiments Hamilton distributes thirteen sets of Rules and Regulations for the Recruiting Service which should be immediately distributed so that the officers may begin the business of recruiting as soon as the order is given.
April 5, 1799 Rules and Regulations Respecting the Recruting Service James McHenry [not available] These are the thirty seven rules and regulations for the recruiting service including the prohibition of recruiting individuals who are intoxicated or who are Negroes, Mulattoes, or Indians. Included is a sample of an enlistment document.
May 8, 1798 Order for the Sending of A Recruiting Officer from the Frigate United States to New York James McHenry Captain John Barry Directs Barry to order a lieutenant of the frigate United States to New York City, to recruit seamen there. Orders Barry to provide the lieutenant with instructions, and for that officer to keep close accounts of his expenditures, that they may be reimbursed.
March 20, 1793 Disposition of Money Placed in Your Hands Joseph Howell Alexander Thompson Howell discusses the disposition of the monies advanced for the recruiting service.
November 26, 1792 Treasury Circular to the Supervisors of the Revenue. Alexander Hamilton Supervisors of the Revenue Hamilton describes the arrangements for supplying provisions and other necessities to the recruiting locations in Maryland during the year 1793.
June 10, 1799 Commissioning officers and the recruiting process Uriah Tracy James McHenry Tracy informs McHenry that he has consulted with Colonel Taylor and gotten his approval for the recommended officers from a previous letter. Tracy also updates McHenry on the recruiting process in Connecticut.
April 7, 1794 Enclosed Receipts, Request for Recruiting Money and Pay Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Encloses muster rolls for the recruits under his command. Recruiting money is nearly gone; asks for more.
May 10, 1796 Recruiting Premiums Relative to Deserters, Etc. Yelverton Peyton William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Peyton 06/10/1796 [Discusses Peyton's account with the War Department, primarily his credits and balances for recruiting service. Discusses War Department policy for paying officer's recruiting "premiums" in the case of deserters and mentions bounties due to Army recruits.]
December 21, 1798 Capture of Alexander Jamison James McHenry Unknown Recipient Description of Alexander Jamison for apprehension. Jamison guilty of fraudulent recruiting activity.
December 26, 1798 Delivery & Distrubution of Fuel & Straw James McHenry [not available] Regulations to be observed in the delivery and distrubution of fuel and straw to the garrisons on the sea coast, and recruiting parties.
June 30, 1788 Monies for recruiting service; appropriate specie, and disputes over rank Josiah Harmar Peter Muhlenberg Harmar discusses monies for recruiting service; the matter of paper money and specie, and disputes over rank between Ensigns Denny and Spear. Indicates that Spear is the senior officer. The same principles should operate in case of Captains Ferguson and Ziegler.
July 23, 1787 Settlement with Mr. Burnside; money owed to public William Powers Joseph Howell Discusses settlement with Mr. James Burnside for what was retained by Power as an officer in army. His receipt will be sufficient. Power does not owe a farthing to the public in the recruiting service nor in any other way to his knowledge.