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July 31, 1797 Submission of Recruiting Account & Vouchers John Steele William Simmons Submits recruiting account and vouchers, asks to close account.
April 27, 1796 Recruiting Account William Simmons Edward Miller Notes the receipt of letters from Miller and requests that he forward a recruiting account so his account can be settled
July 28, 1795 Regarding the closing of recruiting account William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Informs Lt. Freeman that he owes money that must be paid before his recruiting account can be closed.
February 13, 1794 Amount Charged for the Use of the Recruiting Service Joseph Howell John Crawford Captain Crawford is currently charged with the sum of $1200 for the use of the recruiting service and must submit his recruiting account with enlistments and receipts for bounty paid to settle his levy account.
June 17, 1786 Regarding Account of Deceased John Pierce Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Discusses account with a deceased person which needs to be settled.
October 17, 1797 Recruiting Account & Vouchers Staats Morris William Simmons Morris transmits his recruiting account and vouchers along with an account current, by which it will appear that the money he was charged for the recruiting service has been expended by Lt. Dyson, with a balance due Morris of $26.
April 9, 1800 Recruiting Accounts for Settlement Suspended William Simmons William Deveaux Recruiting accounts suspended due to insufficient muster roll. Deveaux must transmit account information if he desires reimbursement.
January 23, 1794 Recruiting Account Form (Sample) Joseph Howell Recruiting Officers Enclosed is a blank form of a recruiting account which is to govern Recruiting Officers' accounts to b rendered with the men's enlistments and receipts as necessary vouchers to the Accountant's Office for settlement.
November 7, 1796 Captain Morris' recruiting account Peter Hagner Staats Morris Discusses Captain Morris' recruiting account. Informs Morris that the money for his recruiting account was forwarded to Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor at New York.
September 10, 1796 Recruiting account and receipt roll William Simmons Alexander Gibson Acknowledges receipt of Gibson's recruiting account and receipt roll.
November 18, 1797 Update on Recruiting Under Col Rochefontaine Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye encloses recruiting account and vouchers for Governors Island. He has insufficient money to pay full bounty to some of the men. He will send other recruiting accounts when he has the necessary vouchers and documentation.
February 26, 1801 Simmons Forwards the Recruiting Account and Vouchers of Captain Turner William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons is forwarding to Swan for examination the recruiting account and vouchers given to him by Captain Turner, along with Turner's letter of February 12th.
June 10, 1796 Officer's account for recruiting service William Simmons Yelverton Peyton Discusses Peyton's account with the War Department, primarily his credits and balances for recruiting service. Discusses War Department policy for paying officer's recruiting "premiums" in the case of deserters and mentions bounties due to Army recruits
October 19, 1797 Recruiting Account and Vouchers Received William Simmons Staats Morris Recruiting account and vouchers received by Office and will be placed under examination.
December 8, 1791 Account of Staats Morris Joseph Howell Staats Morris According to Howell's books, Morris owes a balance $87.46 to the United States. Morris is asked to state his recruiting charges to the US with such sums that have been paid for bounty with the premium of two dollars for each man recruited. If the amount of the recruiting account exceeds the balance of the enclosed account, Morris is authorized to draw a bill on that sum for the amount due him.
June 10, 1792 Greaton's Account Richard H. Greaton Joseph Howell Due to being unwell and forgetful, Greaton is just now sending the receipt for the $500 Mr. Brown brought him. In examining his account, he finds that he has one month's pay more than he is being charged. He finds that in settling Turner's account that he was allowed $9 per week rent for a house while he was in the recruiting service. Greaton feels that he should be entitled to the same amount...
September 12, 1799 RE Army Recruiting James Read Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
June 16, 1797 Lieutenant Shoemaker's recruiting account William Simmons Peter Shoemaker Acknowledges receipt of receipts for bounty paid to Lieutenant Shoemaker's recruits that Simmons will apply to Shoemaker's recruiting account.
April 15, 1796 Apology for Inattention to Forms Donald G. Mitchell James McHenry Mitchell apologizes for his inattention to the proper format in compiling his recruiting account. He re-submits his account following McHenry's directions.
March 1, 1794 Circular Letter of 23rd January 1794 and form of a recruiting account Joseph Howell Cornelius Lyman Howell encloses a copy of his Circular letter of 23 January and a form of a recruiting account.
December 13, 1786 Insufficient information on Bush's brother Joseph Howell George Bush Informs the recipient that the information he had sent regarding the recipient's brother's account is not sufficient to warrant a settlement. It is particularly important that his brother recall the sum he received while he was part of the Recruiting service. Based on information so far received, his brother is entitled to a sum of $126[&]60/90 but absent the necessary vouchers no more is...
May 28, 1787 Accounts, including Captain Savage recruiting account Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Encloses accounts desired and the recruiting account of Captain Savage.
September 26, 1797 Two hundred dollars for recruiting service Samuel Lewis William R. Boote Encloses a post note for 200 dollars on account of the recruiting service.
June 21, 1797 Account and vouchers William Simmons Edward Miller Acknowledges receipt of recruiting account and vouchers. Cited in Miller to Simmons, 07/01/1797.
April 22, 1796 Recruiting Account and Vouchers William Simmons Donald G. Mitchell Simmons notes the receipt of Captain Donald Mitchell's recruiting account and vouchers and notifies him that he will receive payment from Nicholas Fish.