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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
1799 [Recruiting Instructions] War Department [not available] Template of recruiting instructions, with no specifics filled in. Outlines general rules of conduct of recruiting officers.
April 2, 1799 Recommending a Recruiting Rendezvous & A Recruiting Officer James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry recommends Litchfield, Connecticut as a promising recruiting rendezvous and a lieutenant [name illegible] as an effective recruiting officer.
March 31, 1791 Recruiting Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox ordered Mr. Ernest to recruiting service.
September 7, 1791 Assurances of Exemplary Recruiting Services John Stagg Bezaleel Howe Letter, discusses conduct as a recruiting officer.
May 22, 1799 RE Arny Recruiting Alexander Hamilton Daniel Bradley Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
July 31, 1797 Submission of Recruiting Account & Vouchers John Steele William Simmons Submits recruiting account and vouchers, asks to close account.
May 24, 1799 RE Army Recruiting Richard Hunewell Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
November 18, 1797 Update on Recruiting Under Col Rochefontaine Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye encloses recruiting account and vouchers for Governors Island. He has insufficient money to pay full bounty to some of the men. He will send other recruiting accounts when he has the necessary vouchers and documentation.
September 12, 1799 RE Army Recruiting James Read Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
April 16, 1799 RE Army Recruiting Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
April 12, 1788 Regarding Warrants for Recruiting Service & Political Conventions in Virginia Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Apologizes for lateness of warrants; mentions that an officer lately returned from the western recruiting service will take charge of them. Apparently the amount will exceed $29,000 -- seemingly to fund the whole recruiting service. Discusses the recruiting service and Virginia politics. Informs Wadsworth about his own family, and inquires after that of Wadsworth.
May 31, 1799 RE Army Recruiting Edward Carrington Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
March 11, 1800 Suspension of Recruiting Service Alexander Hamilton James McHenry The recruiting officers for the additional regiments are ordered to their rendezvouses with the men they have enlisted while the recruiting service for the establishment will continue under the proper officers. Encloses a letter from Captain Walker K. Cole of the 11th Regiment, offering a resignation of his commission.
January 23, 1794 Recruiting Account Form (Sample) Joseph Howell Recruiting Officers Enclosed is a blank form of a recruiting account which is to govern Recruiting Officers' accounts to b rendered with the men's enlistments and receipts as necessary vouchers to the Accountant's Office for settlement.
November 21, 1800 Delivery of Stands of Arms for Recruiting Service Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of stands of arms for recruiting service.
April 8, 1796 Pay and Recruiting Accounts William Simmons Edward Miller Notifies Miller that John Chester will deliver the pay for Miller and his men; discusses Miller's recruiting accounts
April 3, 1799 Army Recruiting and Paymasters Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Discusses Army recruiting and the nomination of paymasters
September 19, 1799 Recruiting Mulattoes as Servants, Etc. William C. Bentley Alexander Hamilton Bentley suggests that even though the recruiting instructions prohibit the recruiting of mullatoes, they should be allowed to be enlisted as officers' servants. They are better suited to menial service than are white natives. He wants to know whether officers commanding a recruiting station are entitled to double rations.
January 31, 1799 Army Recruiting Alexander Hamilton George W. Kirkland Routine instruction and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
January 31, 1799 Army Recruiting Alexander Hamilton James Cochran Routine instructions and correspondence concerning army recruiting.
September 26, 1797 Two hundred dollars for recruiting service Samuel Lewis William R. Boote Encloses a post note for 200 dollars on account of the recruiting service.
October 3, 1799 Want of Recruiting Money Daniel Bradley Alexander Hamilton "...we are in great want of a supply of recruiting money unless some is immediately forwarded we shall be obliged to desist from recruiting--as the officers have no money of their own to advance, they nor their recruits have received a farthing of pay since we left Tennessee 1st April and they are laboring under great disadvantge for the want of it."
July 31, 1794 Funds for Capt. Dayton's Recruiting Joseph Howell Horatio R. Dayton The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of $200 through the hands of Aaron Dunham, Supervisor of New York, for the recruiting service. Circular Letters to Recruiting Officers are enclosed.
June 9, 1792 Money for Recruiting Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell The Treasurer has placed in the hands of Richard Morris, Supervisor of New York, $400. Howe was told by him that the Treasurer would provide money for recruiting but he had not been given the names of the recruiting officers nor is there any money on hand. General Knox has told Morris that he had filed a warrant in Morris's favor for the money he needed. Morris has come to New York with one...
July 30, 1794 Funds for Capt. William Lee's Recruiting Joseph Howell William A. Lee The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of five hundred dollars to Capt. Lee for the use of the Recruiting Service. Circular letters for Recruiting Officers are enclosed.