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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 25, 1795 Confirms receipt of records William Simmons Isaac Craig Confirms receipt of records sent by Major Craig.
November 10, 1791 Accuracy of Records William Knox Isaac Craig Omission of goods from some invoices and receipts but books of Knox's office contain accurate records. Knox attributes mistakes to the amount of work he is currently engaged in. Tracks invoices and other bookkeeping.
February 1, 1793 Seeks to Reconcile Records in Different Quarters James O'Hara Henry Knox Refers to expenses of John Belli and communications with General Wilkinson. Seeks to make sure records are in the proper quarter.
September 5, 1795 Confirms receipt of pay records William Simmons Francis D'Hebecourt Confirms receipt of a letter from Capt. D'Hebecourt containing the pay records for the militia of Gallipolis.
November 10, 1785 Assisting claimants with lost records John Pierce Thomas Walley The Commissioner of Army Accounts notifies Messrs Denning and Walley that, in lieu of their lost records, he has extracted information from his books that will assist in determining what settlement may be owed to them. Pierce laments that, without the misplaced records, it is impossible for him to check credits given to the state on settlement with Walley's and Denning's line.
June 30, 1786 Regimental records and officers John Pierce William Houston Discusses regimental records and encloses history of the arrangements, deaths, and resignations of various officers; also mentions Georgia.
July 31, 1795 Request for delivery of financial records William Simmons Meeker Cochran Requests that Meeker Cochran deliver any financial records in his possession to the Accountant's Office.
June 7, 1799 Records of Pittsburgh Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Urgently needs abstracts for the first, third, and fourth quarters, vouchers for entire year of 1798, and an account of all stores on hand. Hoped William King arrived and fulfilled expectations of his talents.
September 12, 1798 Rations and Records James Tripplett William Simmons Triplett discuss the procurement of rations for the Navy and records of disbursement. Mentioned that the manner in which Triplet will receive rations will be different from Simmons.
October 31, 1799 General Court Martial Records James McHenry John Adams Encloses records from the General Court Martial. Illegible details.
September 3, 1795 Requests pay records William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Samuel Hodgdon forward all pay records for Elias Langham to the Accountant's Office.
May 7, 1800 Copies of Provision Return Records William Simmons Mahlon Ford In response to request by Ford, Simmons enclosed copies of provision return records of Capt. R.S. Blackburn. Simmons only included records of the last settlement of William Westwood's account, believing that the sample was indicative of the entire account.
September 14, 1795 Enclosed Muster Rolls, Extract of Instructions William Eaton William Simmons Noted the addition of a recruit not present on muster roll previously submitted, included instructions from Simmons predecessor on how to handle returns.
November 10, 1800 Devastating Fire at the War Office! Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon This letter discusses the loss of records that occurred as a result of the fire that consumed the War Department. The accountant saved the principal part of his which were below stairs. Dexter asks Hodgdon to provide copies from his records to assist present business.
May 28, 1795 Pay Records of Ensign David Thompson William Simmons George Gale William Simmons confirms receipt of pay records pertaining to Ensign David Thompson. Thompson's records were sent to Simmons by George Gale.
February 14, 1801 Requesting the Authority Under Which Hodgdon Purchased Land William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Request for authority on which Hodgdon bought land. Records consumed in fire.
December 30, 1800 Destruction of records by fire Samuel Dexter R. Bayard Dexter informs Bayard that the records he seeks were destroyed by fire.
September 29, 1785 Pierce asks for replacement copies of lost records John Pierce Thomas Walley John Pierce informs James Deming and Thomas Walley that, in the move from Philadelphia to New York, their account records have been lost. Pierce requests to have copies of the misplaced accounts sent to him.
1799 A Return Extracted from the Records of this Office Unknown Author [not available] A return extracted from the records of this Office exhibiting the names and ranks of the field Officers
[not available] Knox writes to General Israel Chapin Henry Knox General Israel Chapin Letter, informs re money advanced; directs re account records.
December 9, 1789 Knox advises Hazen of account status Henry Knox Moses Hazen Letter, advises Hazen re records of pay advance.
November 10, 1800 Records Lost Due to Fire; Request List of Invalids Samuel Dexter John Pierce Reports destruction of all paper files by fire. Requests an official list of invalids from the last half of the year.
September 6, 1798 Enclosed Records for Settlement William Simmons [not available] Enclosed accounts that have not been examined or settled.
May 4, 1795 Simmons discusses pay, finance, and accounting with J. Wentworth William Simmons Joseph Wentworth William Simmons confirms receipt of records sent by Joseph Wentworth. These records pertain to the accounts of Captain Tilton.
May 19, 1795 Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Edward Carrington William Simmons Edward Carrington William Simmons confirms receipt of pay records pertaining to Ensign Edward Voss. Carrington forwarded Voss's records to Simmons.