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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 27, 1791 Update on Sons Military Whereabouts Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Letter, informs mother of son's march with army; discusses loss of Knox's son.
October 13, 1791 Request to Forward Letters John Stagg Isaac Craig Duplicates of letters to Lieutenants of Alleghany, Washington, Fayette, Ohio counties and to several personal letters to be forwarded.
September 24, 1797 Account Balance and Request to Forward Letters Richard H. Greaton William Simmons Greaton clarifies the balance of his accounts. He has told his mother and sisters to send their letters via Simmons.
June 2, 1799 Letters for the Commanding Officer at Head Quarters David Henley [not available] Informs the commanding officer of the accompanying packet of letters for the Commanding Officer at Head Quarters and other persons.
September 3, 1798 Letters to Mr. Morris Sam Osborn William Simmons Simmons' polite offer to forward letters to Mr. Morris induces Osborn to forward "this", Simmons' polite attention to which will be gratefully remembered.
August 9, 1790 Letters for Judge Innes of Kentucky Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Enclosed packet of letters addressed for Judge Innes of Kentucky. Knox requested that Randolf forward them in the safest manner possible.
July 6, 1798 Women's Letters Pass Through the War Department Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon observes that the women are perplexed to find that some of the letters from their friends pass through the War Department. That being the case, the letters should be sent under one cover to only one office.
December 20, 1793 Delivery of Packets and Letters; Whiskey Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Will send forward packets and letters with Lieutenant Underhill to Fort Washington. Mentions Governor St. Clair. Discusses contractor agent and the availability of whiskey to troops. Has provided for Captain Cook to winter at Pittsburg.
January 5, 1792 Letters to be Forwarded Henry Knox Isaac Craig Duplicates of original letters intended for lieutenants of several counties in Pennsylvania and Virgina. If Craig believes the originals will reach the lieuts before an express of the duplicates, he can send the duplicates by regular mail.
April 12, 1796 Request for Assistance in Settling Account With War Office Samuel Shore Josiah Fox Letter, asks for assistance regarding a War Office account.
July 20, 1796 Regarding Mail Delivery & New York Yellow Fever Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses mail delivery; asks for information regarding yellow fever in New York.
May 16, 1790 Jackson seeks letters of introduction from Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, mentions the assumption of state debt; discussses military establishment; asks for letters of introduction.
August 9, 1793 Letters, Stores Forwarded, Request for a Cask of Sherry Wine Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Received sundry letters. Barrel of sugar for Colonel Sergeant will go forward. Mentions providing gears for the trumbels. Is sending forward stores and clothing. Asks for a cask of sherry wine that he would wish a friend to drink a little of.
November 1, 1793 Letters will be Answered; Forward Information on Army; March of Lieutenant Whistler Henry Knox Isaac Craig Letters will be answered next post. Forward any important information from the Army. Lieutenant Whistler marched from Hagers Town Maryland for Fort Pitt with 50 recruits.
August 30, 1793 Letters; Boat Loads; Construction at Wheeling Isaac Craig Henry Knox Has sent forward letters to Headquarters by express for Fort Washington. On board he has sent wagons, their apparatus, and pack saddles. Harness's made for tumbrells. Return of stores received. Boats ready but cannot carry full loads as Ohio River is low. Building at Wheeling going on with all possible expedition.
January 3, 1797 Letters for Worthy Friends Edward Miller William Simmons Capt. Miller hopes that his frequent enclosure of letters is not disagreeable to Simmons. Enclosed are letters for worthy friends which he hopes will be forwarded to their places of destination.
November 24, 1796 Letters and dispatches William Simmons [not available] Requests that Chapin forward letters and dispatches to Captain James Bruff at Niagara
May 13, 1794 Pay for the Troops of Georgia Joseph Howell John Matthews The Treasurer will remit funds for the pay of the troops of Georgia which Matthews will forward to Constant Freeman at Fort Fidius who will receive the funds and forward duplicate receipts to the Secretary of War.
May 26, 1792 Horses for the General William Morton Samuel Hodgdon William Morton informs the Commissary of Military Stores that he has been fortunate enough to find all of the horses in time to forward them to meet the general to proceed with the others.
December 17, 1789 Forwarding Letters to Kentucky Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Due to no formal mode of mail delivery Knox enclosed public letters for people in Kentucky with request to forward and deliver.
September 7, 1797 Request for Letters to be Forwarded William Simmons William Polk Simmons noted he wrote Polk on August 26th requesting letters to Samuel Treadwell and Potts to be forwarded to the recipients. Simmons requested Polk forward two additional letters to Nicholas Long and John []. Letters pertain to monies owed the United States.
June 12, 1790 Enclosed Letters Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Letters from Judge Innes and others to be forwarded.
July 1800 Thanks for Observations and Pecans Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton replies to Wilkinson's of June 29th and says that, while he will miss Wilkinson's company, he agrees that it makes sense for him to go straight to Pittsburgh. Hamilton thanks Wilkinson for his observations on the Havannah. Mrs. Hamilton sends thanks for a box of pecans.
July 25, 1796 Discussion of Yellow Fever Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses yellow fever.
April 7, 1791 Issue of Arms Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox say the issue of muskets justified, communicated that to the Governor of Pennsylvania. Hodgdon to forward locks requested by Craig.