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November 28, 1797 Meetings with the Agents to Receive the Stipend Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins encloses notes and transcriptions of his meetings with the agents appointed to receive the stipend. He thinks that St. Mary's might be a suitable place for commercial ventures or public officials to set up.
September 26, 1798 You Must Receive Payment From Your Employer Samuel Hodgdon Unknown Recipient Hodgdon advises that he has nothing to do with certificates so em[ployees must receive payments through their employer who will make requisitions of the Treasury who will furnish the means to meet engagements,
March 16, 1795 I Am Sorry I Did Not Receive My Rations Captain Samuel Nicholson Joseph Howell Although he has received his allowance for quarters, Nicholson expresses his disappointment that he did not receive his rations also. He will send his account to Howell with the expectation that Howell will give this matter his immediate attention.
March 2, 1794 Request for assistance in resolution of pay matters William Morton Joseph Howell William Morton has had a long standing difficulty with Major Caleb Swan over receiving payments. Swan declined to receive monies from Morton. Requests that Howell call on Swan and instruct him to receive the balance and receive and examine Morton's vouchers. Howell is Accountant of the War Department
July 30, 1793 Orders to Receive PublicHorses and Equipment John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War requests that Hodgdon receive from Corporal Gallagher two pulci horse with equipment. Colonel Henley, going to Governor Blount's territory may want of them.
March 7, 1793 Orders to Receive Damaged Gun-Barrels John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Request to receive damaged supplies, enclosed letter from A.A. Muller on the subject.
May 29, 1790 Proof of Identification to Receive Pension Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox mentioned case of Susanna Britt, ruled on approved forms of identification to receive pension.
August 17, 1798 Deserving of a Majority in the Provisional Army Dowe Fondey Alexander Hamilton Although Fondey believes he should receive a majority in the Provisional Army he is currently on the list to receive a captaincy instead.
May 15, 1796 Request for Representation at War Office Regarding Greaton's Account Sally Greaton William Simmons Mrs. Greaton has not received money for three months and asks Simmons to act on her behalf to see if she cannot again receive some money of her husband's pay.
October 8, 1797 Notification of Orders James McHenry John Visher Glenn Notification that Glenn will receive orders to take charge of recruits bound for Western frontier.
February 5, 1801 Simmons Asking for Direction Regarding the Amount of Compensation Samuel Weeks may Receive William Simmons Samuel Dexter Simmons requests direction regarding compensation Samuel Weeks may receive for services.
October 30, 1790 Hodgdon discusses billeting and accomodations with Knox Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Letter, discusses Knox's accomodations in Philadelphia.
September 13, 1796 Orders Not to Receive Articles that Might be Taken by Insurgents Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Except for some bags, tents, and camp kettles returned by Colonel Postlethwait of the Provision Department and tents, kettles, and axes by a wagoner who broke his wagon, there were no deposits made with Parker on the return of the Militia Army. General Irvine ordered Parker not to receive a single article because it was believed the Insurgents might take them after the Army returned.
October 15, 1784 Order for Three Thousand Dollars Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is an order for Hodgdon to receive three thousand dollars of George Olney, receiver for Rhode Island, granted to Pickering by the Superintendent of Finance for the use of his department. If Olney does not pay the whole, Hodgdon should engage a suitable character to receive and transmit it to Pickering from time to time.
November 30, 1796 Enclosed Accounts and Request for Information for his Mother Richard H. Greaton William Simmons Greaton encloses accounts for November for himself and his servant. He conveys a request from his mother for information on how to receive lands due her late husband.
January 4, 1796 Copies of Letter from the Judge of the District Court of Virginia to the Secretary of War Cyrus Griffin Timothy Pickering Griffin encloses three cases of soldiers seeking pensions for injuries sustained during service. The first is that of Ulisses Rogers, whose thigh was broken. Griffin sends the best papers he could find in support of the claim, following the points set forth in the Act of Congress. Rogers had not previously applied because he lives in an isolated area and had not heard about the pension law. He is...
September 23, 1789 Regarding request to receive talks on west side of Oconee River Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray Commissioners agree to receive talks on the west side of Oconee River.
March 7, 1800 Appointment of Ethan A. Brown Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton requests that his assistant secretary, Ethan A. Brown, receive an appointment as a second lieutenant so that he might receive emoluments in addition to his monthly salary.
November 29, 1796 Indian Request for Equal Support and Supplies Blue Jacket [not available] Refers to Indian treaties with several different tribes concerning boundaries. Request permission to maintain current forms of farming. Understands that Christian Indians receive special assistance from the US. Requests Indian land, supplies, food for family. Requests that all Indian nations receive equal assistance. Refuses to punish the young men he loves.
November 1, 1799 Arrears of Pay for Officers of the Old Regiment Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan "When I was at Trenton I considered it as perfectly understood between you and me that those officers of the old regiments to whom arrears of pay are due should receive the sums to which they are entitled immediately from your hands. I have been since informed that you decline this and refer the officers to their regimental paymasters. They are, of course, left without the means of joining their...
September 4, 1797 Notification of Payment William Simmons Robert Rowan Simmons informed Rowan he will receive $802.79 from the Samuel Lewis, Clerk of the War Office for pay rolls from January 1st to June 30th from Rowan's detachment. Rowan will also receive $284.00 for July and August payment for the same detachment. Simmons requests transmission of receipts to Lewis for the aforementioned months. Increase in pay for Lieutenants did not commence until July.
August 8, 1792 Appointment of agent to receive money and make purchases Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Letter from the Commissary of Military Stores to the Quartermaster General. States that Knox showed him letter from Hamilton regarding appointment of agent to receive money and make purchases. Hodgdon says he will fill the position. As no provision is made for compensation, Hodgdon says he will agree to take such compensation as may hereafter be thought reasonable.
February 20, 1801 Power of Attorney Thomas Ewing [not available] Power of attorney. Thomas Ewing appoints David Henley his attorney, to receive funds from John Green.
April 7, 1797 Pay of Augusta De Grasse William Simmons Daniel Stephens Notifies Stephens that he will receive money due him on account of an accounting error. And notification that he will receive funds that he is to pay to Augusta De Grasse, Sub Engineer at Charleston, South Carolina, for his compensation three months. Cited Stephens to Simmons, 04/28/1797 and Stephens to Simmons, 04/29/1797.
July 1, 1798 Questions of military strategy for the Attorney General James McHenry Charles Lee Submits questions to the attorney general for consideration. In the event that an officer commanding American troops on the Mississippi receive word that French troops were ascending under a Spanish flag, should the officer permit them to pass through forts? Should he receive evidence that a hostile military force is approaching, may he move beyond national boundaries and attack, or wait until...