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March 16, 1792 Charles Croxall complaint about discrepancies in recruiting and credits given to Captain Eichelberger Charles Croxall Joseph Howell William Charles Croxell noted that after seeing the accounts of Captain Barnett Eichelberger, he was surprised to find a credit in Eichelberger's account that should have been given to himself, Croxell. Croxell expressed surprise at the conduct of Captain Eichelberger, noting that the greater part of the company in Colonel Hartley's Regiment was his. In a separate letter, dated 16 March 1792,...
March 16, 1792 Certificate of William Nichols stating that the greater part of Captain Eichelberger's Company was recruited by Wm. Charles Croxell William Nichols Richard Harrison Certificate of William Nichols stating that the greater part of Captain Eichelberger's Company in Colonel Hartley's Regiment was recruited by Mr. Charles Croxell
September 2, 1785 Regarding settlement of accounts of Captain Andrew Walker Joseph Howell Andrew Walker Discusses why he cannot comply with request in granting a certificate. Asks that Walker travel to New York to settle the matter.
May 30, 1787 Regarding receipts; Colonel Cropper and requirement to petition Congress A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell Makes reference to Captain Mellis' receipts. Regarding Colonel Webber, his receipts must remain in office until he makes application. Colonel Cropper will have to petition Congress for the claim he has presented as Mr. Pierce does not think he can settle it upon the present vouchers.
November 14, 1794 Substantiating Charges Against Colonel Butler Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell "The post has brought me the three receipts enclosed with the money to Colonel Butler. I send you one of them to substantiate the charge against him in your affair."
October 23, 1794 Disposition of Militia from New Jersey & Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports on the disposition of two detachments of militia the need for which is in dispute. [Whiskey Rebellion]
October 21, 1794 Clothing for Detachments in the Rear George Washington Alexander Hamilton Washington questions the necessity and expense of providing clothing, rations, and pay for the detachments in the rear who will not contribute to quelling the insurgency. [Whiskey Rebellion]
January 18, 1787 Account of Colonel Harmar John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Informs Beatty that the most efficient method of settling Colonel Harmar's account is by a settlement with the Corps in which all of Harmar's vouchers are available and in which he is given credit for all his payments.
February 17, 1794 Colonel Cook's Accounts Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Howell is of the opinion that Colonel Cook's accounts from the years 1783 and 1784 have not been settled due to missing receipts but were left with Mr. Nicholson for final settlement.
January 3, 1787 Settlement of Major Erkuries Beatty account Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty has sent copies of receipts for payments to Colonel Harmer's Regiment so that his account can be settled promptly.
April 1792 Estimate of money wanting in the Quartermaster's Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimate of monies wanted in the Quarter Masters Department.
January 16, 1790 Letter about requirement for multiple receipts Joseph Savage Joseph Howell Discusses request for a receipt. Explains he gave receipt to Colonel Smith. Has asked Smith to forward receipt.
November 5, 1796 Enlistment Receipts and Request for Sum to be Remitted through Col. Fish Staats Morris William Simmons Morris encloses papers for the enlistment of a recruit, which combined with two previous recruits brings him a bounty of $48. He would like to have the money remitted via Colonel Fish.
February 22, 1787 Receipts for money owed Alexander Parker Joseph Howell Parker assures Howell that he has the receipts for the money that he is supposed to owe the United States and will send them to Howell with the expectation that he will then be given the certificate to which he is entitled.
April 28, 1787 Regarding Cunningham's claims for pay Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Encloses original receipts. Has taken note of in Mr. Cunningham's letter. Hopes that Howell will adjust Colonel Cunningham's claims for pay.
January 5, 1790 Charges and W. Caffry Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Knox asks for return of signed receipts, disallowed charges of McCaffry's services, and agrees to pay Colonel Callaway for his services in Virginia.
January 12, 1787 Request for response on Colonel Harmer's account Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty had written an earlier letter to Howell asking for a prompt response on Colonel Harmer's account and has yet to receive a reply.
February 20, 1788 John P. De Haas discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell John P. de Haas Joseph Howell John De Haas informs Joseph Howell that Colonel Willet will testify that taking receipts was impossible.
December 16, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Sehon William Simmons John L. Sehon William Simmons informs John L. Sehon that his receipts have been received.
September 29, 1784 Additional certificates John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter enclosed with additional certificates.
January 12, 1796 Receipts of Mr. Freeman and Mr. Fleming Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Colonel Rochefontaine encloses the receipts of Mr. Freeman and Mr. Fleming for which he wishes to be credited.
January 4, 1795 Muster Roll and Receipts from Captain Ledam [not available] [not available] From Governors Island New York, Captain Ledam sends to an unknown recipient his Muster Roll for December and requests a draft on Colonel Fish. Ledam will deliver his receipts when he visits Philadelphia in February to close out his accounts for 1794.
December 20, 1796 Receipts Nicholas Fish William Simmons Cover for transmittal of receipts from Capt. Donald Mitchell, Lt. Nehemiah Freeman, Capt. Frederick Frye, Foreman Cheeseman, Colonel Rochefontaine, and Lt. Jonathan Robeson
February 19, 1800 Received Invoices for Clothing of 3rd & 4th Regiments David Henley James Miller Refers to letters received from Edgar Patterson with invoices and receipts for clothing, artillery, and cavalry and other items for Colonel Butler. Retains trunk from John S. Porter.
June 6, 1786 Receipts Requested John Pierce Peter Dolliver Informs Capt. Dolliver that it will be necessary for him to produce the receipts of his regiment, so that the office can close his account.