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October 13, 1800 Reasonable Price for a Horse-Mill, Etc. Joseph Cranch Samuel Hodgdon Since Cranch is about to depart, he wants to know if the public will give him a reasonable price for a horse-mill he built for grinding and polishing bayonets and gun furniture as well as window glass in the shop, two pairs of smith's bellows, two anvils, twelve vices, and a number of small tools.
March 21, 1798 Large Box Containing Soldiers' Clothing, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, discusses storing Army uniforms.
August 8, 1792 Appointment of agent to receive money and make purchases Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Letter from the Commissary of Military Stores to the Quartermaster General. States that Knox showed him letter from Hamilton regarding appointment of agent to receive money and make purchases. Hodgdon says he will fill the position. As no provision is made for compensation, Hodgdon says he will agree to take such compensation as may hereafter be thought reasonable.
March 4, 1800 Payment of Officers for Pursuit of Deserters William Simmons Nathaniel Leonard Account of expenses incurred for pursuit of deserters submitted by Leonard required certificate of commanding officer stating expenses were reasonable and not premium. If expenses are deemed reasonable, then balance will be paid.
March 18, 1800 Seeks Information on Payment for Officers attending a Court Martial Thomas Turner William Simmons Comments on pay for officers attending court martials, hoping that reasonable expenses should be paid. Requests information on how this is handled in the War Department.
December 13, 1798 "Reasonable Expenses" James McHenry William Simmons Major Cushing is extremely desirous that he be reimbursed for the expenses he incurred when ordered by General Wilkinson to proceed from Tennessee to the seat of government. The principle of settlement should be that "reasonable expenses" should be provided based on similar claims in the past.
September 23, 1799 Not a moment may be lost in fowarding the money... Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan Hamilton stresses the need to immediately forward the money for bounty and pay to the additional regiments. He criticizes Swan for not having done so and emphasizes the importance of appointing deputy paymasters whose presence will aid in the disbursement of moneys to the troops.
September 5, 1800 Account of Colonel Mentges Samuel Dexter William Simmons Col. Mentges informed Dexter that he appointed Lt. Carmichael and paid sixteen dollars per month for his services. This allowance is proper and reasonable so it should be admitted to Mentges' credit in the settlement of his account.
January 29, 1796 Answer on Petitioners Timothy Pickering William Simmons Requests opinion on whether or not petitioners have right to complain.
July 23, 1796 Discussion of Timber for Ship Masts & Spars; Discussion of Navy Yards Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes timbers available for masts & spars; discusses Navy yards.
May 1, 1790 Indian Attacks Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair mentioned Miami Nation hostilities and alliance with British traders. Advised punishment of hostile Indians for their depredations on frontier settlers and the raids on the Ohio river.
March 26, 1799 Clothing, Arms, and Accoutrements James McHenry Timothy Phelps Plans are being made to forward to New Haven the clothing, arms, and accoutrements intended for the regiment to be raised in the State of Connecticut. Phelps should receive these articles and have them stored and delivered to those persons who will be mentioned to him. Reasonable compensation will be provided to Phelps for his trouble in this matter.
January 15, 1791 Protection of Virginia's Frontier Settlers Henry Knox George Washington Although Knox agrees that the western frontier of Virginia should be defended at the expense of the United States, he does not approve of the methods for providing that defense set forth by Virginia and provides his own recommendations to the President.
February 16, 1792 Lack of Money John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Money owed workmen, uneasy situation due to lack of funds to pay for labor. Requests money.
June 14, 1794 Timber Unavailable Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Timber is not available because a number of the principal mills have lost their dams. Seasoned white pine boards are on hand and available at reasonable prices.
December 1, 1798 Inquiry into Money Due Soldiers Alexander Pope William Simmons Enclosed certificate of Ensign Allison, Commander of Fort Pickering for money due the Ensign. Pope also requested information on money due Sgt. Slaughter. Money should be forwarded to Col. Carrington.
January 4, 1784 No Money in the Pay Office John Pierce Philip Audebert John Pierce sends to Philip Audibert a letter indicating that he has no money.
May 1, 1790 Expresses Concern about Miami Hostility; Hopes the US can Protect Frontier Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Refers to hostility received from the Miamis in conjunction with British traders. Worries that there will be no peaceful resolution and that the U.S. must take action to protect the people of the frontier.
October 16, 1794 Premiums as Applied to Deserters Joseph Howell Henry Knox Clarification is needed regarding the assigning of premiums to recruiting officers whose recruits have deserted. It has been the practice to allow a premium for recruits who remained in service long enough to provide reasonable assurance of their fidelity.
September 1, 1794 Travel Expences of Paymasters Joseph Howell Frederick Dalcho Reasonable travel expences incurred in the performance of the duties of paymasters should be allowed as long as they are substantiated by receipts.
September 10, 1794 I Want that Horse! Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon [Difficult handwriting] Slough expresses his wish to purchase a cream-colored gelding and will agree to whatever terms are thought reasonable
January 4, 1800 Alternate Accomodations for Officers James McHenry William Simmons It is reasonable that when no accomodations are available for officers at their posts, quarters should be provided elsewhere at public expense. Therefore, Capt. Amos Stoddard's claim of $1.50 per week room rent for the fifty five weeks that he was stationed at Portland should be approved.
July 20, 1792 Missing Money Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Addressed missing money and noted that Craig acknowledged receipt of the full sum and it could not have been a mistake in the remittance of money to Capt. Faulkner.
April 26, 1784 Springfield depot Samuel Hodgdon Captain John Briant Discusses the need to "overhaul" the powder at the Springfield depot. Lists the rate of additional pay the enlisted men were to receive for doing the extra duty. The men were also to oil the new muskets. Buildings used to store weapons were to be "clapboarded." Some stores must be sold to provide money to preserve the remaing stores. Hodgdon authorizes Briant to use a "reasonable part" of the...
June 6, 1794 Compensation of Henry Glenn John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to examine the account of Henry Glenn so as to establish reasonable compensation for being in charge of public stores.