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1794 Extracted letter Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Extract, discusses elements of Wayne's campaign.
August 16, 1793 Response from Federal Commissioners for Sandusky Conference to General Council at rapids of Miami speech of 13 August 1793 Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Chiefs and Warriors Council of Indian Nations at Rapids of Miami River Response to Council of Miami Rapids speech of 13 August 1793 [received 16 August and submitted on the same day] and relayed via two Wyandot runners from Captain Elliott's at the mouth of the Detroit River. Addressed to the Chiefs and Warriors of the Indian Nations assembled at the foot of the Miami Rapids. The commissioners restate that it is impossible to make the Ohio River the the boundary...
June 30, 1794 Information given to the Secretary of War John Goodfellow Henry Knox Summary of events leading up to to the fortification of the Rapids of the Miami River.
August 1, 1793 Commissioners Clarifying Misunderstanding Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department [not available] Commissioners announced they would anxiously wait for reply from Council at Rapids of the Miami River.
[not available] Extract of Letter from Knox to Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Extract of letter from the Secretary of War to the Commander in Chief of the Legion. Enclosed are accounts of the establishments of a British post at the Rapids in the time since General Scott's departure. Although the reports are imprecise, it is expected that Wayne will determine the nature of the buildings and the number of troops. Wayne is authorized to dislodge the British at the Rapids,...
April 12, 1799 Passing the Galley Through the Rapids, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon The master builder of the galley completed in Pittsburgh has been paid agreeable to the contract. It should be impressed on the Secretary of War the propriety of taking advantage of the current season for the galley to pass through the rapids. There are still a number of items that are needed for the galley.
June 7, 1787 Movements of troops, protection for surveyors, disposition of Western Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Harmar reports that he is executing orders of congress and has evacuated Fort Stueben, and transmitted orders to Captain Ferguson to withdraw from Fort Pitt. Has detached Captain Strong and Captain Mercer, with their companies, for the Rapids. Surveyors have requested military escorts. Reason for assembling troops on Rapids of Ohio is to prevent Indians from attacking settlements. Western...
August 12, 1793 Journal entry: decision by Federal Commissioners to proceed without delay to Miami River Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Captain Henry Ford Commissioners have received no information from the Indian Council at rapids of Miami and have decided to proceed to Miami bay or river in order to communicate and receive an answer. Captain Ford, commander of vessel Dunmore, contacted by letter.
January 16, 1796 Autograph Letter, James Wilkinson to James McHenry James Wilkinson James McHenry Letter, discusses arrival of Anthony Wayne; mentions United States flag.
July 27, 1793 Speech from the Confederate Indians at Miami Rapids General Council of Indians Commissioners Speech of the Confederate Indians at the Miami Rapids to the U.S. Commissioners of Indian Affairs, where they ask if the United States government will honor the boundary set forth in the Treaty of Fort Stanwick, the Ohio River.
August 13, 1793 Message to Indian Nations at the Rapids of Miami requesting an answer to speech given 14 days ago Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] On 13 August 1793, commissioners concluded to send a message to Indian nations assembled at the foot of Rapids of Miami River. In letter dated 14 August, and written at Captain Elliot's place, they point out that it has been 15 days since they delivered their speech to the deputies at Captain Elliot's place at the mouth of the Detroit River. Commissioners note that they were promised a speedy...
August 16, 1793 Message to Assembled Chiefs at Rapids of Miami River Timothy Pickering [not available] Copies of transactions sent to Chiefs of Western Indian Nations, Commissioners expressed disappointment that a peace treaty could not be reached.
August 11, 1794 Examination of a Shawanese prisoner Captain Wells Unknown Recipient Examination of a Shawnee prisoner taken by Captain Wells near the foot of the Rapids. Interrogates the prisoner on the position of the British and their numbers, which are allegedly about 200 men, at work at a fort at least four "great guns." Asks about Indian numbers as well.
August 14, 1793 No Answer from the Indians Has Arrived Benjamin Lincoln Colonel Alexander McKee Commissioners Lincoln, Randolph, and Pickering express their disappointment that they have yet to receive an answer from the deputation of Indian Nations in response to the Commissioners' speech at the rapids of the Miami. They request McKee's assistance in prodding the Indians to produce an answer.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress to Secretary at War Charles Thomson Henry Knox Resolution to protect inhabitants north of the Ohio river. Orders Commanding Officer to detach two companies of troops to the rapids of Ohio River to protect against and prevent Indian attacks.
May 17, 1794 Governor Simcoe of Upper Canada John Stagg Henry Knox The chief clerk of the War Office notifies the Secretary of War that the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, has gone from Niagara to the foot of the Rapids to assist in the building of a fort there.
August 20, 1794 Sketch of the ground at the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake, showing the position of General Wayne's Army previous to and after the Action of 20 August 1794 [not available] [not available] Sketch of the ground at the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake, showing the position of General Wayne's Army previous to and after the Battle of Fallen Timbers, on 20 August 1794.
July 21, 1793 Meeting with the Council of the Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Colonel Alexander McKee The Commissioners inform McKee that they have arrived at the Detroit River and are ready to move to Sandusky in preparation for their meeting with the nations of Indians at the rapids of the Miami. They ask him to expedite the Council of the Indians so that they meet with them without further delay. They hope to arrive at Sandusky at the same time as the Indians.
August 21, 1793 Letter to Major General Anthony Wayne, Fort Washington from Federal Commissioners Sandusky Conference on Indian decision not to treat Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Anthony Wayne Commissioners report that they are returning from the mouth of Detroit River, where they waited for four weeks for Indians to close the council at rapids of Miami in order to convene treaty proceedings at Sandusky. They report that the Indians have determined not to treat at all; final answer on this matter received 16 August. Commissioners continue to hope for peace and express thanks to General...
July 10, 1793 Advice and Opinion on Council Fire with Indians Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Lincoln recapped events of council fire with hostile Indians at the rapids of the Miami River, advised against any military activities during treaty negotiations. Suspects Gen. Wayne of violating truce.
June 30, 1796 Purchase of Corn John Wilkins, Jr. James Henry Received orders to procure a supply of corn at lower ports of Lake Erie, to be transported to the rapids of the Miamis of the Lake. Requests Henry follow these orders with locations and travel route outlined.
August 13, 1793 Message to the Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Chiefs and Warriors Council of Indian Nations at Rapids of Miami River Message sent to Indian Nations represented at the Council at the Rapids of the Miami River. Request an answer. Message relates to disputes over the boundary line.
May 30, 1794 Expedition against hostile Indians Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War concerning hostile Indians in the Northwest Territory, particularly those assembled at Roche de Bout at the foot of the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake. Mentions Governor John Graves Simcoe of Upper Canada, who is commanding a force in support of the tribes.
August 20, 1794 Return of the killed, wounded and missing John Mills Unknown Recipient Return of the killed, wounded, and missing, of the Federal Army, commanded by Major General Anthony Wayne on the banks of the Miami, at the post of the Rapids, in the vicinity of the British post.
October 10, 1793 No Further Claims are to be Admitted Joseph Brandt Six Nations of Indians Mohawk leader Joseph Brandt addresses the Council at Buffalo Creek and observes that the council at Niagara seemed to be headed toward peace until messengers from the Creek Nation arrived with charges that white people were encroaching on the land of the Confederacy. Brandt recommends that the lands already settled by whites be surrendered with the understanding that no further claims are to be...