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October 6, 1791 Reimbursement for rangers Henry Knox Lieutenants of the counties of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, and Allegany in Pennsylvania, and Ohio in Virginia Secretary Knox reminds the lieutenants of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington and Alleghany Counties, Pennsylvania, and Ohio County, Virginia, to submit to Congress requests for monetary reimbursement to pay for use of rangers.
May 10, 1792 Muster Roll of six men employed as scouts, messengers and rangers Francis Mentges [not available] Muster Roll of six men as scouts, messengers and rangers between Fort Washington and several parts on the communication to Fort Jefferson.
May 2, 1792 Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers employed for the protection of the Frontier counties of the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Lists names and counties. Certification that the abstract was examined and compared with returns. All information verified.
September 26, 1798 Forwarding of Correspondence from Hudson Volunteer Company John Adams James McHenry Adams forwards correspondence from the Hudson Independent Rangers, which he had inadvertently not forwarded previously, for McHenry's review and reply.
February 26, 1790 Responding to Indian Incursions Henry Knox George Washington Due to the discharge of scouts and rangers from the western counties of Virginia, there have been increased incursions by the Indians resulting in great injury to the inhabitants of the region. Colonel Duvall has asked to be authorized to call the scouts and rangers back into service at the expense of the United States.
January 22, 1791 Expenses of an Expedition Against the Wabash Indians Henry Knox [not available] Knox estimates the expenses, calculated for four months, that would be required for an expedition against the Wabash Indians, and the expense, for nine months, of a proposed regiment of Rangers.
March 16, 1793 Settlement of charges against Daniel Britt, paymaster Benjamin Mifflin Caleb Swan Balance on settlement of Regimental account. Includes instructions to Daniel Britt, paymaster, for pay of sundry scouts, rangers, and militia called out to defend frontiers of Pennsylvania and Virginia.
August 24, 1786 Application for sundry pay John Pierce Nathaniel Gorham Informs the President of Congress, Nathaniel Gorham, that Major Whitcomb, who commanded an Independent Corps of Rangers, has made an application for the pay of his sundry soldiers.
1790 [An estimate of the expenses of scouts and rangers, for the protection of the frontiers lying along the Ohio, the Cumberland settlements, and the settlements upon and between the forks of Holston and French Broad rivers, for the year 1791] Henry Knox [not available] An estimate of the expenses of scouts and rangers, for the protection of the frontiers lying along the Ohio, the Cumberland settlements, and the settlements upon and between the forks of Holston and French Broad rivers, for the year 1791. Five men or Scouts to be averaged for each county, and the number of counties of division being estimated at 22.
1790 Notification of Cherokee Declaration of War & Estimate of the Situation Isaac Shelby Henry Knox Postscript on letter envelope, informs Knox of recent declaration of war by several Cherokee villages (on whom seems to be unclear). Against the possible threat of a roving force of three to five-hundred warriors, Shelby has dispatched a number of thirty-day volunteer rangers to protect an outlying settlement.
July 17, 1790 Circular to the Lieutenants of the Counties to Cease Use of Scouts Henry Knox [not available] Letter from Henry Knox, Secretary of War, to the lieutenants of various counties in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky directing them to replace scouts with small group of rangers. It also includes detailed instructions on how to document the authorization, use, and pay of said rangers.
March 10, 1791 Authorization for Use of Militia Henry Knox Colonel David Shepherd Presidential authorization for use of militia to protect Ohio relayed to Sheperd. Details of employment discussed.
March 3, 1792 Extract of a Letter from the Secretary of War, to Lieut. Col. Commandant Wilkinson Henry Knox James Wilkinson Based on provision devised by Gen. St. Clair, scouts and rangers to be hired at discretion of Wilkinson or Gen. Scott for protection of Kentucky frontier.
March 3, 1790 Copy of Instructions to the Governor of the Western Territory, or in his absence the Brigadier Gen. Harmar Copied 15th April (dated 3 March 3) 1790 Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Instructions detail protection of frontiers using the militia of Virginia and Pennsylvania. Protection by militia was applied for after the use of scouts and rangers was discontinued.
January 3, 1792 Reimbursement of the State Legislature Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox Mifflin asks Knox how the Pennsylvania state legislature will be reimbursed by the General Government since the state has appropriated funds for the county militias who were called up to protect the frontiers.
March 10, 1791 Authorization for the Lieutenants of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky to Raise Forces Henry Knox John Brown Authorized and instructed lieutenants of Washington, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties, Pennsylvania, and Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, Monongahalia, Kenhawa Counties, Virginia, as well as John Brown, Kentucky, on raising militia to defend against the Indians. Advised economy in called up only the necessary number of men.
March 10, 1791 Circular Letter from the Secretary of War to the County Lieutenants of the Frontier Counties of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky Henry Knox [not available] Authorization to employ militia in response to the situation in Ohio County. Enclosed pay and ration schedule for militia and rangers. Details on payment, supply, and activity of those volunteering for service.
March 5, 1792 [A General Abstract of Pay and Rations due the Rangers Military Scouts ordered out for the protection of the Frontiers of Virginia called out by] Joseph Howell [not available] Spreadsheet of names with associated pay and rations.
August 24, 1790 Request for Opinion on Scouts and Rangers Protection of Counties Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair knox requested St. Clair to comment on the expedition to frontier, discipline of troops, and the ability to protect the outlying counties.
July 12, 1792 Indian Affairs in Kentucky Henry Knox Isaac Shelby Secretary Knox discusses the protection of Kentucky; Indian warfare; and peace with Indians. Also mentions the militia; directs halt on aggression towards Indians; and discusses pay and rations of rangers. Relates the government policy of justness with Indians, its moderate and humane views, and desire for conclusion of a peace upon proper terms
March 24, 1792 Payment for Appointments Henry Knox Isaac Craig Money for Richard Sparks pending his acceptance of the appointment. Remarks on the tardiness of the post.
October 6, 1791 [Circular] Henry Knox D. Shepherd Original copy of circular notifying Shepard he was authorized to call up militia for the protection of Washington County from Indian attacks for a span of two months. The circular requested Shepard submit reports and paperwork pertaining to the employment of the militia.
January 15, 1791 Estimate of Pay, Subsistence, Forage, and Clothing Henry Knox [not available] An estimate for the pay, subsistence, forage, and clothing for nine months for one regiment of Rangers, formed as shown.
January 25, 1794 Enclosed Muster and Pay Roll Henry Lee Henry Knox Muster and Payroll for scouts in the Western territories.
May 20, 1792 Payment to Daniel Britt Joseph Howell Daniel Britt Britt entitled to further sums to pay sundry scouts, militia, and rangers called out for the defense of frontiers of United States and Pennsylvania and Virginia.