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April 24, 1796 Night Heads Raised with Frigate's Stern Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Some man had reported that the night heads were not raised with the stern of the frigate, but Truxton assures Fox that they were bolted to the apron and have been raised.
January 15, 1792 Sketch of Block House Isaac Craig Henry Knox Enclosed sketch of newly completed block house and other buildings with full description of size, location, and plan for additional buildings.
June 29, 1796 Dimensions for Frigate to Be Detailed to Mediterranean Service Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Letter, describes dimensions of frigate for Mediterranean.
June 21, 1799 Let One Troop of Cavalry be Raised and Mounted Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton expresses his dismay at the postponement of the raising of additional cavalry troops and argues that at least one such troop should be raised and mounted. Let all the officers be collected for instruction and exercise at one rendezvous where tactics for both cavalry and infantry can be taught.
December 8, 1798 Command of a regiment to be raised in Maryland James McHenry John Eager Howard Writes the U.S. Senator from Maryland that he is at a loss respecting a proper and fit character to command a regiment to be raised in Maryland. Mentions Colonel Hall as a possibility.
February 18, 1799 Circular on Recruiting Service Alexander Hamilton Simon Elliot Associated with his duties as Inspector General, Hamilton announces that he is now superentendent of the recruiting service. He directs that the State of Massachusetts should be divided into four recruiting districts and twenty sub-districts and from each sub-district one company is to be recruited.
June 6, 1799 Selection of Characters to Officer the Regiments George Washington Alexander Hamilton General Washington stresses the importance of providing clothing for the recruits and appointing field officers for the regiment to be raised in New Hampshire. He has been asked to make recommendations for the appointment of officers from Virginia but finds it difficult due to his long absence from that State.
May 19, 1790 Wade asks Knox for information regarding the appointment of new officers John Wade Henry Knox Letter, asks for information re new troops.
March 17, 1791 New Troops Being Raised for Ohio Campaign Under St. Clair Caleb Swan Henry Burbeck Informs Burbeck of Swan's travels, comments that the population of Philadelphia still seem agitated over Harmar's defeat at the hands of the Ohio Indians the previous autumn. Comments on new troops being raised, and rumors of St. Clair's elevation to command another offensive into Ohio country. Asks that his belongings be sent on after him. Comments on mutual acquaintances, including the...
July 19, 1799 Spirit Manifested by the People, Etc. James McHenry William Cavendish McHenry extols the spirit manifested by the people in most parts of the Union to support their government in response to the ambitious views of France. The regular regiment to be raised in Virginia already has a full compliment of officers so the gentlemen recommended by Cavendish will be candidates for commissions in the eventual army if it becomes necessarty to raise it. Their names will be...
March 7, 1791 Raising 76 Rhode Island troops to add to the new regiment for the Army Henry Knox Arthur Fenner Knox informs Governor Fenner that the President has signed an act adding another regiment to the Army to provide further protection for the frontier. Seventy-six soldiers are to be raised from Rhode Island and then directed to Fort Pitt.
October 1, 1784 Copies of enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar transmits copies of the enlistments of the troops raised in Pennsylvania and reports two companies of his command have marched for Fort Pitt. Lt. Col. Harmar to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 Philadelphia, October 1st, 1784 Sir, Agreeably to Instructions received from your Excellency & the Honorable Council, I have the honor to transmit you Copies of the several Inlistments [sic] for the...
October 15, 1798 Size of Military to be Raised George Washington James McHenry Detailed description of military forces to be raised. Amount of troops from each state relative to population.
March 26, 1799 Clothing, Arms, and Accoutrements James McHenry Timothy Phelps Plans are being made to forward to New Haven the clothing, arms, and accoutrements intended for the regiment to be raised in the State of Connecticut. Phelps should receive these articles and have them stored and delivered to those persons who will be mentioned to him. Reasonable compensation will be provided to Phelps for his trouble in this matter.
May 7, 1788 Regarding the state quota of troops Charles Biddle Henry Knox Letter, advises Knox re command state quota of troops. Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar and other officers therein named are continued in the command of the state's quota of troops to be raised for the defence of the western frontiers
April 12, 1794 Bill of Lading for Winthrop Sargent's Trunk Daniel Sargent Samuel Eames Bill of Lading for Winthrop Sargent's trunk, transported to the care of Samuel Hodgdon on board the sloop Abby, under Captain Samuel Eames.
1788 Power of attorney given by troops raised in New York New York troops Isaac Faerlie Subscribers are commissioned, non commissioned officers, and privates of the troops raised in New York in service of United States. They nominate Isaac Faerlie and Jeremiah Rensalaer as attorneys or agents on their behalf.
December 16, 1789 Regarding Massachusetts Troops to Be Raised, and the Convoluted Transportation of Clothing to Springfield Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Troops will be raised in Massachusetts and rendezvous at Springfield. No ships are traveling to Hartford before 1790, and states that he has had to put the clothing destined for Springfield on a vessel bound for New Haven instead. Asks that Wadsworth pay for the clothings' transportation from New Haven to Hartford, and then arrange for transportation from that place to Springfield, apologizing...
March 23, 1791 Organization of the Battalion in Washington District Henry Knox John Sevier Knox outlines in detail the organization and mission of the militia batallion to be raised in Washington District.
January 27, 1792 Report on the Pay of Capt. Hugh Beard's Company of Militia Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell says he examined the pay roll for the pay of militia raised at Goverenor Blount's direction as a guard to attend the treaty held with the Indians on the banks of Holston and, despite the absence of muster rolls, found no irregularities.
May 30, 1791 Supplying the Troops of Connecticut Joseph Howell Chauncey Whittlesay Howell has enclosed to Whistlesea a bill drawn for $400 on William Seaton, cashier for the Bank of New York, for the purpose of supplying the troops to be raised in Connecticut. A receipt for this sum will be required.
April 8, 1786 Hats for the troops William Ferguson Samuel Hodgdon Ferguson's report on the hats made for the troops being raised for service on the frontier. They are too small and of deficient quality.
September 3, 1798 Cover Letter & Additional Accounting for Funds Necessary to Supply Troops Now Being Raised James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. McHenry submits a detailed accounting of expenditures for the War Department in "this and the six months of the ensuing year" [unclear whether he is referring to a calendar or fiscal year]. Notes that this accounting does not sufficiently address funds for the clothing and subsistence of non-commissioned officers and privates in either the existing army or the 12 new regiments. Notes that...
August 25, 1789 Parker requests appointment from Knox E. Parker Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment.
August 4, 1793 Advance to Col. Sargent, Etc. Caleb Swan Joseph Howell The advance of $620 to Colonel Wintrhop Sargent for his pay, subsistence, and forage as Adjutant General in 1791 appears to Swan to have been authorized by Gen. Wilkinson's letter of January 1792 to him. Gen. Wilkinson has raised some scruples because the payment was not authorized by his signature but, if there is a difficulty, Wintrhop has pledged to refund the money.