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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 30, 1795 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores Isaac Garretson Samuel Hodgdon Letter, discuses timber supplies at Baltimore Naval Yard.
May 8, 1796 Return and Sale or Preservation of Materials at New York Navy Yard Captain Silas Talbot James McHenry Providing the return of the articles received into the naval yard; providing recommendations to prevent the sale or rot of unused materials. Talbot is in favor of retaining as much of the material as possible, believing that the price they might fetch if sold would not equal their worth or the initial expense.
July 23, 1796 Discussion of Timber for Ship Masts & Spars; Discussion of Navy Yards Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes timbers available for masts & spars; discusses Navy yards.
July 18, 1796 Discussion of Location & Lease for Navy Yard Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes location for Navy yard; discusses lease for Navy Yard; mentions Frigates.
May 26, 1791 Principal Cause of the Misfortune, Etc. Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox General St. Clair reports from the frontier on the status of sundry supplies and forces for the impending expedition against the western Indians. He stresses the importance of recruiting levies whose presence will make it possible to dismiss the militia whom he describes as "the worst men" on whom he places the blame for the failure of the Harmar campaign.
March 30, 1793 Assessment of Strength at All Posts & Garrisons, Disposition of Spies, and Details of Officer Shortage Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne provides an assessment of troop and officer strength at each of the posts and garrisons under his command. He laments the shortage of qualified officers which has required the posting of sergeants in positions normally reserved for officers.