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July 10, 1799 Describes Quarto Books for Army Samuel Hodgdon Jeremiah Wadsworth The Secretary of War requests information about the army's orderly books, made out of quarto foolscap paper, bound with leather on the corners and marble paper on the boards.
February 19, 1798 Stationery Wanted for the Army Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Stationery wanted for the Army in 1798
May 8, 1792 Paper & Horses for Hodgdon John Moylan Samuel Hodgdon Moylan bought a quantity of letter paper for Hodgdon in the belief that he was much in want of it. It has been forwarded by wagon in the care of Mr. Tate. The price Moylan paid was the lowest that it could be procured at. It is much finer than the paper Hodgdon has been using and Moylan hopes that he approves of it. He received Hodgdon's letter of the 30th too late to respond by express but will...
September 1, 1798 Stationery to be Procured for Winthrop Sargent Timothy Pickering Unknown Recipient Memorandum of stationery to be procured for Winthrop Sargent, Governor of the Mississippi Territory, for the use of that government. (Lists the sundry types of stationery required and the amount needed of each.)
December 1, 1800 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies & Tools for Posts at Detroit & Niagara Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of supplies to complete the stock of military stores at Detroit, to wit: cannon implements, drum heads, raw minerals, paper, files, vises, wire, & crucibles. A postscript by Hodgdon asks that a duplicate of the above order be assembled and sent to Fort Niagara.
[not available] Invoice for Sundry Military Stores Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Ranselaer Invoice listing stores from Mr. Rensselaer for which Hodgdon has no receipt.
April 30, 1800 Duplicate Returns for Quarter Masters' Stores Department of War in Tennessee Stephen Hillis [not available] Duplicate returns of quartermaster stores issued in the month of March 1800.
April 24, 1798 Request for Issue of Accoutrements, Rations & Writing Materials to West Point James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cartridge boxes, cartridge, bayonet and sword belts, rations & writing materials to West Point garrison.
September 12, 1796 Cleaning French Arms with Sand, Etc. Joseph Cranch William Simmons Enclosed is an account of the repairs of arms duly certified by Captain Fleming, the amount of which should be transmitted to the Supervisor of New York since Cranch needs money,. The 31 cents for cleaning French arms with sand was the cost several years ago so Hodgdon has augmented Cranch's charges due to the high price of labor. By mistake, cleaning arms with sand was left off the list.
December 10, 1799 Enclosed Return Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Discusses yearly allowance of stationary for regiments.
January 8, 1799 Notification of Shipment of Writing Supplies James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of writing and office supplies.
December 1795 Military supply estimates for 1796 Timothy Pickering [not available] Military supply estimates for the upcoming year.
November 11, 1800 Memorandum Listing Purchases at the Military Store [not available] Samuel Dexter Memorandum of Order for articles received from Samuel Hodgdon.
July 23, 1800 Duplicate Returns of Quartermasters Stores for the Dept of War in Tennessee [not available] [not available] Inspection returns for sundry items for use of troops of from posts at Southwest Point and Tellico in Tennessee.
November 23, 1791 Report of Conditions at the Garrison John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Reports missing an important article (tar) and no corn, and they cannot proceed as planned, producing an insecure situation at the garrison. Notes need for a constant guard against the savages, leaving them very fatigued. Requests an assortment of gimblets and kettles and writing paper. Waits boat and corn. Rooms are too dark.
October 14, 1800 Letter Signed, Samuel Hodgdon to Israel Whelen Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, directs purchase and deposit of tools for Harper's Ferry.
May 21, 1798 Request to Deliver Articles to Lt. Carmick for Ship of War Ganges James McHenry John Harris Harris is instructed to deliver goods to Lieutenant Carmick for the marines on board the ship of war Ganges.
September 21, 1796 Cost of Cleaning French Arms with Sand William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to examine the account of Joseph Cranch and ascertain whether or not it is agreeable to the terms of his contract relative to his charge for cleaning French arms with sand.
August 29, 1800 Delivery of Stationary to Fort Mifflin Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, requests that John Harris, Keeper of Military Stores, deliver to Major William McRae the following stationary for Fort Mifflin: seven quills, paper, one ink stand, one sand box, two lead pencils, and one penknife.
March 22, 1799 Return of Stationery for Tennessee David Henley William Harris Return of stationery wanted for the public store in Tennessee.
June 30, 1791 Payment for Books and Ledgers William Poyntell Joseph Howell A bill for ledgers and books purchased by Howell for use in the office.
December 12, 1799 Request for Issue of Writing Materials for 10th Regiment James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of writing materials to the quartermaster of the 10th Infantry Regiment.
July 21, 1795 Request for office supplies William Simmons Timothy Pickering Forwards a request for office supplies to the Secretary at War.
December 2, 1800 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies & Tools to Fort Norfolk, Virginia Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of assorted military supplies to Fort Norfolk, Virginia.
November 6, 1800 Issue of Stationery for Garrison at Fort Mifflin Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs issue of stationery for garrison at Fort Mifflin.