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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 12, 1790 Musket Cartridges William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War that everything agreeable to his instructions are now ready. There is an insufficient amount of musket cartridge paper and other items.
September 1, 1798 Stationery to be Procured for Winthrop Sargent Timothy Pickering Unknown Recipient Memorandum of stationery to be procured for Winthrop Sargent, Governor of the Mississippi Territory, for the use of that government. (Lists the sundry types of stationery required and the amount needed of each.)
June 30, 1791 Payment for Books and Ledgers William Poyntell Joseph Howell A bill for ledgers and books purchased by Howell for use in the office.
September 29, 1784 Additional certificates John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter enclosed with additional certificates.
[not available] Regulations for Delivery and Distribution of Certain Supplies [not available] [not available] Regulations for the delivery and distribution of fuel, straw, forage, and stationery, describing the amount of each item which various ranks of the military are to receive.
September 16, 1784 Settlement matters John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce communicates to Andrew Dunscomb in reference to commutation for deranged officers, the status of prisoner release, and the transmission and reciept of vouchers and certificates.
September 17, 1800 Stationery to Captain McRea at Fort Mifflin Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Major William McRea at Fort Mifflin the following stationery items: large folio post paper, common size fine cut paper, fine letter paper, and best Dutch quills. The supply being furnished for particular and special purposes is expected by the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers.
November 28, 1800 Request for Issue of Clothing, Flag & Paper for Recruiter Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of clothing for a sergeant and a flag for the recruiting service.
August 2, 1792 Regulations for furnishing the supplies of Forage Stationary and Wood for the troops of the United States War Department [not available] Detailed list of all types of supplies to be provided or foraged by troops. Oath of service included.
December 31, 1799 Value of Articles Delivered from the Public Store. David Ames [not available] Estimation of the value of articles delivered from the Public Store to the order of David Ames, Superentendant for the use of the Armory since December 31st 1798.
August 2, 1792 Regulations for Furnishing Supplies for the Troops of the United States [not available] [not available] Document outlines regulations for furnishing supplies of forage, stationary, and wood for the troops of United States. Outlines oath to be taken by those who work in Quarter Master's Department. Provides allowance of stationary and paper. Extra allowances for commanders. Procurement of wood to be regulated by commanding general.
July 23, 1800 Duplicate Returns for June 1800 to Agent for Department of War in Tennessee [not available] [not available] Duplicate returns from the Department of War in Tennessee. Includes weavers reeds for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
December 10, 1800 Duplicate Returns for Quarter Masters' Stores Issued in November1800. [not available] [not available] Includes returns of sundry articles, including stationery and articles wanted for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
May 13, 1784 Opinions on Financial Matters Before Congress Doctor Williamson Unknown Recipient Doctor Williamson sends a letter to an unknown recipient that conveys his opinions on the financial matters before Congress (pertaining to Mr. Whitmore and General Hazen).
June 2, 1789 Grievances from the Five Nations to Congress Chiefs and Warriors of the Five Nations George Washington The Five Nations address grievances pertaining to land sales to Congress.