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September 7, 1796 Enclosed Estimates John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Enclosed estimate for the Quartermasters Department, Indian Department, and Hospital Department for months of July, August, September. Reason for not drawing up estimate sooner was that Wilkins needed to be present at several of the posts requiring supplies before making an accurate estimate.
July 20, 1799 Concern about Supplies Sent to Col. Ogden's Regiment Samuel Hodgdon Peter Hunt Concerned about supplies sent to Col. Ogden's regiment. If they are faulty beyond repair, requests a return. Hopes to make supplies to 12 regiments uniform in every particular. Quartermasters of each regiment should procure tent poles.
April 5, 1800 Received the Returns of Quartermasters Supplies James McHenry David Henley McHenry acknowledges receipt of letter covering returns of Quarter Masters' supplies issued for month of February.
August 2, 1792 Regulations for Furnishing Supplies for the Troops of the United States [not available] [not available] Document outlines regulations for furnishing supplies of forage, stationary, and wood for the troops of United States. Outlines oath to be taken by those who work in Quarter Master's Department. Provides allowance of stationary and paper. Extra allowances for commanders. Procurement of wood to be regulated by commanding general.
July 1, 1799 Suggests Ordering Supplies from Quartermaster Stores Near Posts Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Requisition for supplies from Col. Stevens. Suggests ordering supplies from quartermasters' stores near the posts.
[not available] Plan for the Providing and Issuing of Military Supplies. Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient This is a detailed plan for the provision and issuance of military supplies, with specific regulations that apply to the Quartermaster General, the Superintendent of Military Stores, Purveyors and their deputies, the Paymaster General, Division Quartermasters, and Regimental Paymasters,
February 9, 1797 Bills No. 76 in Favor of John Seall for Expenses of Quartermasters Office John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Wilkins issued bill no. 76 to pay for expenses of Quartermasters Department.
June 22, 1792 Money Received, Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Money received from William Knox, supplies from Turnbull and Marnie received as well.
July 1, 1799 Believes Col. Stevens Should Purchase Supplies from Nearby Quartermaster Stores Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Encloses returns from Col. Stevens. Requests clothing for artillery privates to be delivered immediately. Believes Stevens should purchase small supplies from quartermasters' departments as close to the post as possible to save on transportation costs and to prevent damage en route. Refers to tools.
August 3, 1792 Regulations for receiving and distributing public materials Henry Knox Unknown Recipient The organization of the Legions having been decided upon, Secretary Knox outlines regulations to govern the distribution of materials from the military stores.
August 8, 1793 Discusses Estimates, Supplies, and Transportation James O'Hara Henry Knox Encloses extract of letter from the Secretary of the Treasury with a reply from Major Craig. Discussion of estimates and concern of Commander in Chief to provide promised supplies. Refers to recovery of horses and transportation to Pittsburgh by water.
February 16, 1796 Notification of Returns John Davis Samuel Hodgdon Returns of Quartermaster stores to be delivered.
September 3, 1790 Preparations for Expedition Henry Knox [not available] Orders to prepare Commissary and Quartermasters line for supplying expedition. Colonel Samuel Smith has made financial arrangement. Therefore, there are no restraints in preparations for want of pecuniary assistance.
March 12, 1800 Report of Accounts for December 1799, Abstracts for Army & Quartermasters David Henley William Simmons Encloses copies of books for December with abstracts for the army and quartermasters. Discusses further activity for the abstracts on public business to expedite vouchers. Infers that militia payments from 1793 to 1797 interfered with his other business but hopes to make the process more simple and effective. Encloses abstracts for accounts with Mr. Lewis and the Cherokees to pay Joseph Pemberton...
December 21, 1793 Money; Requested Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Has applied for money requested and has no doubt of receiving it. Is sorry the Army has made so little progress-the season was too far advanced. Has shipped nail rods. Files will go shortly. Stationary will remain until Craig arrives at Philadelphia. The newspapers have renewed. Will forward.
September 1, 1795 Concerning advance pay William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Informs Samuel Hodgdon that advance pay for the clerks of the quartermasters' department is not authorized.
June 30, 1800 Request for Account Information Peter Hagner Conrad Brem Mr. Bailey and Mr. Clarke presented at the Office accounts of rations and quarter masters supplies for troops under command of Capt. Bird. Hagner requested an abstract of officers and bills of parcel for each purchase made in Quartermasters office. Hagner wrote to Capt. Bird on the subject as well.
December 12, 1799 Alterations at Posts to be Submitted with Returns, Etc. John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon has directed that when alterations are made at any of the posts, the documents associated with them should accompany the returns. Wilkins points out that when transfers are made from one post to another the associated vouchers cannot be produced immediately for the returns. Wilkins directs Quartermasters as to how to set up their books. General returns from the western posts are enclosed.
March 13, 1799 Reports Military Bills, Officer Regulations, and Northampton County Insurrection James McHenry Alexander Hamilton The mode in which laws are published prohibits him from immediately sending them out, but promises to send them when he can. Determines that commanding officers will act as field officers, and hopes to send officer regulations and nominations soon. Outlines quartermasters, paymasters, and adjutants. Mentions insurrection in Northampton county.
October 2, 1795 Transportation of Supplies John Park Samuel Hodgdon Upon examining original invoice delivered by M. Slough, discrepancy in number of blankets and cavalry stockings was made when numbers were copied from original invoice. Clothing forwarded to Fort Washington and should reach destination in time due to good water conditions.
December 19, 1800 Arrival of General Wilkinson Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig annouces the arrival of General Wilkinson to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig mentions that Wilkinson's arrival has resulted in additional business for the Quartermasters Department.
November 6, 1788 Forwarding Receipt for Uniforms William Price Henry Knox Agreeable to Knox's request, Price forwards receipts for 134 suits of uniforms. Sends returns for ordnance and quartermasters stores for July through October. Reports damage due to structures on Constitution Island due to strong winds.
December 31, 1796 I Need Additional Pay to Support Myself, Etc. Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of a number of supply matters, Houdin entreats Hodgdon to make his case before Congress for additional pay without which he will find it difficult to support himself. He also wants Hodgdon to forward his salary for the previoius three monthd of the current year.
August 16, 1794 Requests Information and Supply Lists for 1795 for Western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Northwest Territory Tench Coxe John Stagg Requests information about garrisons, detachments, and army in western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Northwest Territory, specifically about rations, supplies, and quartermasters for 1795.
February 2, 1796 Referring to Statement of the Military Force Employed Against Insurgents Timothy Pickering John Adams Settlement of pay due militia still in the process of being closed due to the departure of the men before receiving money due them for their service.