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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 24, 1791 Knox copies minutes from Washington's speech Henry Knox [not available] Document, minutes for the President's speech; discusses impartial justice for Indians; mentions system for national militia.
November 3, 1792 Defensive Protection of Virginia Henry Knox Henry Lee Letter, discusses temporary defensive protection of Virginia. Measures taken must only be defensive in nature.
December 2, 1791 Calling up the militia Henry Knox Henry Lee Knox informs Governor Henry Lee of Virginia that the President feels confident that the measures that he has taken to protect the southwestern part of Virginia are sufficient for that purpose. The President feels that federal law fully authorizes him to call up militia if he deems it necessary for the protection of US territory.
July 7, 1792 Army Detachments to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Anthony Wayne It is good news that the frontier is quiet. Troops are in motion from Virginia and Maryland and several detachments under Campbell and Asheton should arrive in Pittsburgh soon. Recruiting continues to languish.
August 24, 1795 Account of William Powers William Powers William Simmons Powers explains that he is due $269 which is the balance of his account so, if is proper, that amount should be directed to his account current.
[not available] [Address of the General Assembly of Virginia] General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia John Adams Address to the President concerning Virginian support of war against Indians who had attacked the western frontiers.
June 12, 1793 Ship Capture Henry Knox George Clinton Action relative to ship taken by French Frigate [burned fragment, in large part illegible].
December 5, 1792 Savage Principle of Retaliation Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair discusses the measures taken to prevent further violence between whites and Indians on the western frontier of Georgia.
November 10, 1793 Notes from Knox for Presidential speech Henry Knox [not available] Document, draft suggestions for President's speech on National Defense; discusses hostile Indians on frontier; establishment of energetic militia; and fortification of seaports.
June 25, 1792 Recent Ferment Has Subsided Henry Knox Henry Lee Although there have been some disturbances in the southwest , Knox is optimistic that the exertions of Governor Blount and the Cherokees and the proposed conference at Nasvhille will result in renewed tranquility on the frontiers.
November 12, 1793 Maritime Boundaries of the United States Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Letter, discusses policy toward prizes taken by belligerent nations; discusses foreign affairs; discusses maritime boundaries.
July 2, 1788 [Additional Instructions to the Governor of the Territory North West of the River Ohio relative to the Treaty to be Held with the Western Indians in Pursuance of the Resolutions passed by Congress of October Last] Charles Thomson Arthur St. Clair Additional directions to Governor directing him to secure an advantageous boundary for the United States using additional money provided.
December 26, 1791 Defensive protection of Western part of Pennsylvania Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Knox explains to Governor Thomas Mifflin the military steps he is taking to protect the Pennsylvania frontier.
November 12, 1793 Letter from the Secretary at War to the Governor of Rhode Island Henry Knox Arthur Fenner Letter, discusses boundaries in which naval interdictions are to made and the U.S. policy toward by belligerent nations; discusses foreign affairs; discusses maritime boundaries.
November 12, 1793 Limits of U.S. Maritime Boundary Henry Knox Henry Lee Letter, discusses policy toward prizes taken by belligerent nations; discusses foreign affairs; discusses maritime boundaries.
November 12, 1793 Prizes Henry Knox George Clinton Policy toward prizes taken by belligerent nations; discusses foreign affairs; discusses maritime boundaries.
April 9, 1793 Secretary of War request for return of military stores wanted on Western Frontiers John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests return of military stores wanted on Western Frontiers for year 1793. Asks for articles on hand, those to be purchased, and costs.
March 6, 1793 Settling Powers' Account William Powers Joseph Howell In response to Howell's letter requesting a settlement of his account, Powers notes that he was in Philadelphia in December for that purpose and was unable to provide the necessary vouchers. Since that time he has been trying to gather as much evidence as he can to arrive at the settlement.
September 24, 1797 Forwarding of Correspondence Dealing with Frontier Troops; Sickness of Secretary of War James McHenry John Adams Acknowledges receipt of Adams' last letter -- apologizes for slowness or response, as he has been down with fever and had little assistance in transcribing letters. Discusses the disposition of troops on the western frontier, and some offense presumed by the Spanish commandant at New Madrid. An appended page lists enclosures of letters which will explain these issues.
October 17, 1791 Every Pacific Measure Was Tried Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton instructs Knox regarding the points the President wants to make in a document describing the events leading up to St. Clair's campaign against the western Indians. The emphasis is on the attempts of the United States to promote tranquility.
November 25, 1798 Notes of Presidential Speech about Providing Adequate Supplies James McHenry John Adams Promise of adequate supplies. Anxious to utilize the proper departments. Expresses trust in his careful deliberation. Believes Pickering will have more notes of the speech.
February 26, 1791 Information on Frontiers Addressed by Congress Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Papers presented to Congress. Congress to decide on action to protect frontier.
November 12, 1793 Distance Provisionally Fixed as the Limit of the Protection of the United States Henry Knox Joshua Clayton Knox establishes the distance of one league from the coast as the limit of the protection of the United States from foreign belligerents interfering with neutral vessels.
October 5, 1789 Call for Militia to Defend the Western Territory Henry Knox [not available] The Secretary of War requests that the Governor of Virginia, [Beverley Randolph], and the President of Pennsylvania [Thomas Mifflin] provide 1000 and 500 militia, respectively, for the defense of the Western Territory against hostile Indian incursions.
May 23, 1799 Arrangement of the Affairs of the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton urges Wilkinson to travel to Philadelphia as quickly as possible so he can participate in planning for the arrangement of the affairs of the Western Army. He might consider traveling by way of New Orleans as an alternate route,.