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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 14, 1794 Regarding purchase of final settlements Elbridge Gerry Samuel Hodgdon Discusses various financial matters and the purchase of final settlements.
May 18, 1791 Land Purchase Henry Knox John Wendell 2500 acre land sale discussed.
May 24, 1800 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs purchase of wafers.
November 20, 1800 Purchase of Coat Buttons for Artillery Uniforms Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, directs purchase of coat buttons for Artillery uniforms.
June 9, 1800 Enclosed Bill Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Informs that a order of purchase has been complied with, the bills will appear in "due time".
January 20, 1797 Purchase of Land Isaac Craig James McHenry Purchase of lots at Le Boeuf underway, notification that Hodgdon received request to facilitate payment since transaction will take place in Philadelphia.
August 3, 1798 Authorization to Purchase Cannon James McHenry James Wood Advised maintaining artillery, authorized purchase of cannon upon regular inspection. Requested details.
June 24, 1800 Purchase of imported gun locks for muskets Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, discusses the purchase of imported gun locks for muskets. The locks are stamped with US and therefore unsaleable to other parties.
August 20, 1800 Purchase of Sundries for the Factory at Tellico Purveyor's Office Samuel Dexter According to instruction, requests $3500 to purchase sundries for the Factory at Tellico.
June 16, 1800 Purchase of Hessian Wrapper Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Discusses need to purchase Hessian wrapper for storekeeper.
May 17, 1794 Requests Money for Purchase of Cavalary Horses James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Encloses letter addressed to the Secretary of War requesting attention to money sent for purchase of cavalry horses.
January 5, 1801 Request for Purchase of Liver Oil & Drum Heads Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Directs purchase of liver oil for preserving shoes, and drum heads for the Army.
December 4, 1798 Delivery of Tools James McHenry John Harris Orders to purchase of shovels, spades, carpenter tools, etc
January 4, 1792 Request for escort to accompany survey of Miami Purchase Israel Ludlow Samuel Hodgdon Ludlow informed Hodgdon that he made application to the Commandant of troops at Fort Washington, conformable to instructions from Secretary of Treasury, for an escort to accompany him while on survey of lands from Miami Purchase, also known as Symmes Purchase, located in what is now Southwestern Ohio, along the Ohio River. The survey would be conducted with the aid of woodsmen who would act as...
May 29, 1792 Desire to Relinquish Participation in Last Purchase Henry Knox [not available] Knox expresses desire to relinquish participation in last purchase. As for other purchases, has made arrangements for his proportion of the advances. He will endeavor to go to New York on Saturday; President Washington has returned. He hope that his wife has complied with his instructions about his son Henry going to school
December 29, 1800 Requests Payment for Purchase of Swords, Sabres, Pistols Samuel Dexter Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests payment for the purchase of swords, sabres, pistols, etc.
March 10, 1800 Request for Purchase of a Steel Spring Truss Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Directs purchase of a steel spring truss for use by a private of the Fort Mifflin garrison.
March 14, 1800 Regulations Governing Purchase of Supplies James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Enclosed regulations regarding supplies and objects that are of "extra expense". McHenry ordered Hamilton to take the regulations under advisement and to execute the purchase of supplies per regulations.
August 7, 1795 Purchase of Thirty Pack Horses Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon The clerk has received a letter from Major Craig in which he expresses the need to purchase thirty additional pack horses for the journey from Pittsburgh to Presq'Isle. Since no money has been received from Hodgdon, the clerk has borrowed money for that purpose with the promise of immediate re-payment. All of this has lead to the delay of the purchase.
November 10, 1797 Land Purchase Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Letters to Quartermaster General and Dr. Brown received and will be forwarded. Col. Forrest to attend to land purchase for Craig, Craig specified how Forrest should attend to the legal contracts and money for land purchase. Requests clarification type of cannon carriage wanted.
October 5, 1798 Purchase of Land Northwest of the Ohio Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the transacting of funds relative to the purchase of land northwest of the Ohio with Samuel Hodgdon.
May 20, 1796 My Land Purchase Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a letter from Captain Turner regarding Sargent's land purchase.
July 7, 1797 Regarding Purchase of Musical Instruments John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Letter, directs purchase of musical instruments for an army band.
January 8, 1800 Payment to Benjamin Smith for purchase of his lots in Smithville Griffith James McRee James McHenry McRea request for payment of $200 to Benjamin Smith for purchase of his lots in Smithville falling within the plan of Fort Johnston.
August 16, 1792 Purchases for Hospital Department Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Supply Order, directs supply purchase for hospital department.