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May 12, 1796 Report of a commitee upon the plan of an improvement for a windless, presented by Americanus. Joshua Humphreys [not available] Document, report describes plan of a pull lever or windless.
December 31, 1791 Account of Caleb Swan from Ensign Pull, Marietta [not available] Caleb Swan From Ensign Pull of the Levies, for the sum of $15.34 paid him at Marietta on account of Caleb Swan's letter to Howell dated Marietta 31 December 1791.
November 1794 A Broken Down Carriage & Other Miseries James Jones Samuel Hodgdon Jones bemoans the need to leave the hired horses in Lancaster because of their unsuitablity for the journey which he must undertake. The horses detained him for six hours on the road from Philadelphia when they refused to pull the broken down carriage.Mr. Slough is providing a new apparatus for the journey but the Secretary of State should be notified of his new arrangements and the necessary...
October 13, 1791 Ownership of Property Henry Knox Isaac Craig Referred to previous order to turn over stores and magazine to Turnbull and Marnie. Authorized building or demolition if there were no additional claims to property.
October 6, 1791 Movement of Troops, Possession of Stores Isaac Craig Henry Knox Updates and request for information in troops movement. Messrs. Turnbull and Marmie selling off stores, very ill natured about property rights.
June 6, 1799 Asks to Remain at Important Work Lewis Tousard James McHenry Appeals to the Secretary at War to prohibit General Hamilton from ordering the Major's removal from the duties of Inspector of Artillery. Fears being included in a general march to the Potomac. Cites disadvantages of having someone else take over his work building fortifications; to follow Hamilton's orders contradicts McHenry's orders. Cites experience at Baltimore, where he drew up the plans...
January 3, 1789 John Read discusses the cultivation of hemp John Read Henry Knox Letter, describes growing hemp and cultivating seed.
February 20, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove to the White Lieutenant, of the Oakfuskies James Seagrove Chief White Lieutenant Letter from Creek Indian Agent James Seagrove to Chief White Lieutenant of the Oakfuskies. Received a talk from White Lieutenant through medicine of Mr Townsend and Mr Timothy Barnard (interpreter). Seagrove notes that White Lieutenant had not received his letter or present of silverware. Seagrove speaks highly of the Chief. Reports that the great and good father General Washington has high...
April 17, 1800 Return of Officers James McHenry Unknown Recipient Return of the officers who have been appointed under the act entitled "An Act to augment the Army of the United States," aka the Provisional Army. Document written up by Secretary James McHenry.