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March 1, 1786 Settlement for a Continental Regiment John Pierce Edward Chinn Discusses regimental pay that Capt. Chinn is responsible for in the settlement of the account of his regiment.
October 10, 1800 Injury to the Public of Arms Dispersal, Etc. Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Dexter is concerned about the injury to which the public interest is exposed by arms being dispersed to places where no one is responsible for their safekeeping.
May 5, 1800 Establishing a National Foundry for Casting Cannon, Shot, and Shells John Adams James McHenry Grants McHenry and Stoddert permission to establish a National Foundry for casting cannon, shot, and shells.
October 8, 1799 Public Opinion on Selection of Officers Philip Schuyler James McHenry Promotion of Solomon Van Renssalear, and general opinion of public that officers should be selected from class of citizens that have vested interest in the welfare of the land.
March 29, 1785 Concerning counterfeit certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce laments to Joseph Howell the impact of counterfeit certificates on the public interest and his own character.
April 8, 1794 Annely's Questionable Conduct John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon [Joseph] Cranch, the armorer at West Point, has complained to the Secretary of War about the conduct of Mr. [Thomas] Annely, the gunsmith, who has tried to entice away from Cranch several people employed by him. Hodgdon is to investigate this business and communicate the result.
August 17, 1799 On the subject of Indian trade Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott writes on the subject of Indian trade, insisting that public establishments are nuisances and that abuses occur under this system. Wolcott argues that the interest and policy of government requires that Indian trade should rest principally in the hands of a few men of capital, because the public cannot safely advance certain articles of trade on credit.
November 24, 1800 Mr. Cranch's mill and tools Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon This letter discusses the purchase of Mr. Cranch's mill and tools for public use. Also, mention is made of Jonathan Williams' efforts to educate Indians.
May 5, 1800 Authorization for Preparations to be Made for National Cannon Foundry John Adams James McHenry Authorization for purchase of land and other operations to be undertaken for the purpose of building a national cannon foundry.
February 27, 1798 Condition & Worth of Two Horses Samuel Hodgdon Peter Shoemaker Letter, asks for information re condition of horses.
April 17, 1790 Bourne seeks appointment from Knox Sylvanus Bourne Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment as public agent abroad.
March 10, 1796 Diplomacy with Algiers and the construction of frigates James McHenry George Washington McHenry informs Washington that under the peace between the United States and Algiers, he must suspend all orders respecting the building of frigates; however, McHenry urges Washington to consider the public impact and to consult Congress first.
August 3, 1789 Bruce solicits a federal appointment from Knox Stephen Bruce Henry Knox Letter, Bruce advises Knox of public service so as to seek appointment.
September 18, 1793 Malignant & Contagious Disease Which Is Said to Rage Therein, Etc. Benjamin Lincoln Timothy Pickering Lincoln has pressing business in Philadelphia but is concerned about the fever that has been raging in the city.
September 29, 1790 Payment of interest to foreign officers Alexander Hamilton Pierre Charles L' Enfant Hamilton examined into the state of the provision for payment of interest to foreign officers and reports that he cannot comply with L'Enfant's wish. Funds have been appropriated for payment of that interest at Paris-end of 1788.
August 12, 1787 Regarding Examination of Military Stores in Rhode Island Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses examination of military stores.
January 21, 1792 Employing Armorers Henry Knox General Edward Hand Knox appreciated Hand's employment of armorers instead of "any intermediate person". Requested standard rifles and also how many will be sent from Lancaster.
January 13, 1788 Payment with Interest Henry Knox Mary McNeill Certificate taken out in husbands name gained interest over 10 years, the sum of which is being transmitted to McNeill in the care of General Henry Jackson.
July 8, 1792 Request for Removal of Remainder of Public Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Asks for Knox to remove remainder of stores. Olney finds that a considerable inconvenience arises in superintending the deposits of public stores yet remaining in Rhode Island, which are principally in the state house cellar and powder magazine in Providence. Is desirous of being relieved from this service and the trust of the public stores.
March 22, 1786 Return of Military Stores Henry Knox John Campbell Knox requests a return of the military stores at "the Falls of the Ohio"
August 15, 1791 Purchasing the Lake Erie Tract John Nicholson Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Nicholson discusses the terms and implications of the transaction involving the purchase of the Lake Erie Tract the Indian titles of which were extinquished at great expense by the State of Pennsylvania.
June 25, 1798 Discusses Proper Order of Procedures in Superintending the Accounting Process John Steele William Simmons Letter, reply to Accountant's letter of June 23, 1798, directs Accountant to receive and adjust accounts of officers of the Navy
July 30, 1799 Ownership of Provisions at New York David Rann William Simmons Based on an investigation of the contractor's accounts for 1798, it is obvious that the provisions that remained on hand at the beginning of the present year must be public property. If the contractors had not been paid, his own interest would have induced him to regain possession of this property
December 22, 1800 Regarding contract dispute Samuel Dexter David Ames Dexter discusses a contract dispute pertaining to coal provided for use at Springfield Armory.
February 20, 1801 Account of John Green with Thomas Ewing [not available] [not available] Statement of the account between John Green and Thoma Ewing, currently at a balance of $1,940.83 to be paid in Philadelphia.