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July 23, 1798 Disposing of the Public Horse in Your Possession Samuel Hodgdon Peter Shoemaker In order to avoid the expense of keeping the public horse in Lt. Shoemaker's possession, it should be sold if fair value can be obtained.
July 20, 1798 Bill of Sale for the Public Horse Samuel Hodgdon Francis Preston Enclosed is the bill of sale for the public horse in the keeping of Preston's brother.
September 23, 1791 Accounting for horses Samuel Hodgdon Robert Benham The Quartermaster General requests that the Superintendent of the Horse Department take a very accurate account of all the horses - both public and private - now employed in the department. Asks that he account for the color, age, height, and marks of the horses.
February 6, 1800 Letter on accounts and request for use of a public horse John Hooker David Henley Enclosed bill from McGhee for the Secretary of War. Requested a public horse for his use as Hooker's horse "kicked the bucket". Mentioned health of Henley's mare and bull.
January 7, 1793 Requests Use of Horse from Public Store for Dr. Strang John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War requests delivery of horse from public store with saddle and bridle to Dr. Strang, who will be in town on public business.
May 11, 1795 George Allan's Horse John Davis Samuel Hodgdon Davis writes Hodgdon to inform him that George Allan refuses to part with the horse that belongs to Hodgdon's department. Davis' attempts to retrieve the horse were thwarted, and Allan is ignoring any orders which direct him to relinquish the horse.
July 29, 1797 Request for Delivery of a Horse James McHenry John Harris Directs that a horse be issued to Mr. Nasworthy Hunter.
July 25, 1792 Request for Assistance to Bearer of Public Letters Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig The bearer has public letters to Pittsburg and Fort Washington. Hodgdon directs him to return a public horse. Asks Craig to provide assistance in providing assistance to enable him to proceed expeditiously to Fort Washington. Respects to Mrs. Craig.
July 14, 1794 Feeding Lieut. Leitheiser's Public Horse Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is to verify the claim of Lieut. Hartman Leitheiser, a recruiting officer at the post of Reading, for charges for hay purchased for one horse which he says belongs to the public.
March 9, 2000 Horse, Saddle, & Bridle for Mr. Crosby John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Request to provide Mc. Crosby with a horse, saddle, and bridle so he can travel on public business.
May 25, 1795 Replacing Mr. Herbert's Ailing Horse John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Herbert is the express who has brought dispatches from Governor Blount and Colonel [David] Henley to the War Office. His horse is sick with distemper and should be put out to pasture so a replacement saddle horse should be provided to Mr. Herbert for his return to Knoxville.
January 7, 1793 Public Horse injured or lame Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Proctor expresses dissatisfaction with a horse. Mentions limp and that horse had been foundered or otherwise injured. Mentions Governor Mifflin and the Falls of Schuylkill.
May 24, 1800 Disposal of a Horse Unfit for Service Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams asks if he should procure powder to replace the damaged casks in the magazine. The Superintendent has reported that one of the public horses is no longer fit for service at the works. He asks whether the horse should be sold at public auction or at a private sale and recommends that another one be purchased.
January 27, 1801 Certification of payment; Alexander Gibson for Hire of a Horse William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $62.50 Alexander Gibson for hire of a horse, while on way from Staunton, Virginia, to Tennessee by order of the committee appointed by congress examining the affair of William Blount, and for keeping a public horse left by Captain Thomas Lewis in the care of Captain Gibson for 50 days.
August 12, 1796 Horse, bridle, and saddle James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions horse, bridle and saddle for Stephen Hillis
April 3, 1799 Return of an Unserviceable Horse John Mackey Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Dunwoody has agreed to take back the horse that Mackey bought from him. The horse suffers from habitual lameness which Mackey discovered after travelling only one mile from Philadelphia. The horse will be returned with James Nicholson who will receive ninety dollars to be placed to Mackey' credit and who will retrieve the saddle and bridle.
September 12, 1795 Response to Request for Horse Timothy Pickering Solomon Van Rensselaer Pickering tells Van Renselaer that he may keep his public horse until the spring at his own expense or he can purchase him at his current value which seems the best solution.
October 29, 1796 Lovell's account and expenses for horse hire William Simmons John Lovell Discusses Adjutant Lovell's account as regards bounty due to Kirby. Explains that as Lovell's position of Adjutant pays him forage for maintaining a horse he cannot be paid the expenses of horse hire that he has claimed
March 13, 1798 Receipt for a Public Horse Robert Parkison Peter Shoemaker Receipt of Lt. Robert Parkison for a public horse, saddle, and bridle given to Lt. Peter Shoemaker.
[not available] Charges for Hay Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Lt. Hartman Leitheiser, recruiting officer at Reading, has charged for the hay purchased for a horse which he claims belongs to the public. Hodgdon is asked to inquire into the propriety of his having said horse and to take order for its delivery to the Quartermaster General.
February 11, 1794 No Stone Unturned in the Public Service Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Lyman asserts that he has made few charges against the public relative to his recruiting. He was on horseback most of the time and even went into Vermont. Even though he was responsible for the most of the recruits that were enlisted and was using his own horse in, he has left no stone unturned in the public service. The charges he has made have not only been just but made with the strictest...
April 28, 1798 Receipt of Dispatches Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig acknowledges the receipt of dispatches to Samuel Hodgdon.
March 20, 1797 Improper charges for horse team William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Discusses the information needed on a certificate for work completed by artificers. Notifies Rochefontaine that he has detected and reported to the Secretary of War improper charges by Rochefontaine in the West Point accounts for the hire of horse team.
June 21, 1794 Shipment of Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Ammunition shipped via J. Henderson's wagon. Authorization to retain horse as public property.
January 9, 1800 Request for Translation & Printing of French Military Text on Horse Artillery John Adams James McHenry Directs McHenry to have translated and printed portions of a French military engineering text which concern horse artillery. Adams requests that copies be distributed both to public militia companies and to the executive office.