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April 18, 1794 Kentucky Boats Purchased for Public Use. Henry Knox Isaac Craig Boats from Kentucky are being purchased for public use.
May 31, 1791 Information on Kentucky Boats Isaac Craig [not available] A list of 64 Kentucky boats including the suppliers, dimensions, and purpose of the boats.
August 25, 1791 Troops Detained on the Upper Parts of the Ohio Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Knox complains that if the troops are unable to descend the Ohio because of a want of boats and provisions, the reposibility for the delay is Hodgdon's.
May 27, 1791 Request for Boats Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reiterates request for boats to transport men and supplies down Ohio River.
March 2, 1792 Boat Construction Isaac Craig Henry Knox Boats previously purchased did not suit need to transport horses so Craig has contracted the construction of wider boats. Provisions and ammunition sent to Fort Franklin.
July 13, 1791 List of Articles to be Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Itemized list of articles to be forwarded to the boats under Major Gaither's command. Special attention is to be paid to the horse boats.
June 17, 1791 Safe Transport of Materials Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Speedy transport of building materials, workmen, horses, and men across river now safe for campaign on frontier.
September 9, 1796 Military Stores and Shipment Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the following items with Samuel Hodgdon: makes request to be sent block and tackle; informs that he provided boats for Mr. Ellicott; and advanced payment is made to the waggoner;
March 7, 1796 Letter from the War Office requesting to the dimensions of boats for the frigates [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Request for the dimensions and number of the boats for the frigates; and a request for opinion of what number of boats is necessary for the frigates; their length, depth, and breadth.
May 11, 1796 Boats Built in Schenectady for Transporting Goods to the Northward Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to provide him with information regarding three boats built in Schenectady and used in the service of the US Army.
March 11, 1792 Notification of Building Boats Isaac Craig Henry Knox Notification that Craig has contracted the building of additional boats as the boats purchased last year were not the appropriate size.
November 14, 1792 Kentucky boats purchased for public use Isaac Craig [not available] No image
January 26, 1793 Discusses Drafts, Returns, Construction of Boats, Forts, and Garrisons James O'Hara Major John Belli Discusses drafts and returns. Discusses loading of boats. References forts and garrisons and plans for boat building.
April 17, 1792 Delivery of Thirty Kentucky Boats James Marshall [not available] This is a memorandum of agreement to deliver, at Pittsburgh, thirty Kentucky boats.
November 3, 1795 Arrival at Fort, Further Travel Unsafe Jonathan Haskell William Simmons Haskell has arrived at Pittsburgh. He expects to be detained as not only is the water too low for most boats but there are not sufficient men to form an escort for him.
May 23, 1794 [No.13] Transport Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to transport Colonel Greenup on any public vessels and protect him during his travels.
February 9, 1795 Punctuality of Boats Rufus Putnam Timothy Pickering Congratulations on appointment to Sec. of War. Putnam will investigate causes that contributed to prevention of regular delivery, will adopt changes that make delivery/arrival of boats more punctual.
October 28, 1796 Transportation Isaac Craig James McHenry Money to be applied to pay for troops on upper posts of the Ohio river. McClary's detachment furnished with one year's worth of clothing and traveled with Ellicott down the Ohio river. Due to insufficient nature of transportation previously offered to Ellicott he received additional boats from public stores. Mentioned that charges should go on Spanish treaty account. Noted that horses are...
May 27, 1792 Payment for Boats Isaac Craig Henry Knox As the Quartermaster General does not have the money to discharge Craig's accounts, he requests to draw on Knox for money owed to boat wright for the construction and delivery of boats to Pittsburgh.
May 31, 1791 Kentucky Boats Isaac Craig Unknown Recipient Letter from Major Isaac Craig regarding Kentucky boats. Image not available.
May 10, 1793 Outfitting of Boats; the Work of Pilot Denis Ferris Isaac Craig James O'Hara Reports on fitting of boats at Legion Ville. Mentions Major McCully and taking charge of the boats at Wheeling. Directed Major Finley to give Denis Ferris charge of the boats and send them forward. Praises the work of the diminutive Ferris as a boatman and pilot.
May 28, 1798 Instructions Inclosed, Pilot Boats Dispatched James McHenry Captain Richard Dale McHenry has sent two pilot boats, one south and one east, carrying instructions for Dale in case he has left the Bay. McHenry is relying on Dale's zeal and courage to ensure execution of the instruction, and he sends Dale and his crew his best wishes.
May 19, 1796 Deliver Three Three-Handed Boats from Schenectady to Jacob S. Glen James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon McHenry orders Hodgdon to deliver three three-handed boats to Jacob S. Glen.
March 2, 1799 Pay roll of eight employed in the Quarter Masters Department to decend the river from Cincinnati to the Natchez with publick boats and dischanged at Natchez the 2 March 1799. Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Pay roll of eight employed in the Quarter Masters Department to descend the river from Cincinnati to the Natchez with public boats and discharged at Natchez 2 March 1799.
December 2, 1794 Boats for Transport Henry Knox Isaac Craig Directs readiness of boats for detachment going down Ohio. Mentioned Commissary's post.