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August 19, 1798 Descrepancy in Billing Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Discusses differences and deficiencies in his account. Houdin apologies for the problems.
August 9, 1794 Account of the Public Stores Levi McClean Samuel Hodgdon McLean neglected to send an account of the public stores that he delivered to the Quartermaster and Contractor at Lancaster. A copy of the invoice is enclosed.
January 20, 1792 Account of Dr. Corkey [?] R.J. Vandenbrock Joseph Howell Enclosed is the account of Dr. Corkey [?] certified by the public storekeeper of Carlisle. Howell is asked to examine the account because the Secretary has ordered that no payment can be made on any account without a report from Howell.
July 12, 1798 Supplies to be Forwarded to Baltimore Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Stoddert Hodgdon pledges to forward supplies to Baltimore for the two ships being equipped there on the public account. Articles not available in the public store will be requisitioned.
March 30, 1793 Officers Unable to Account for Public Money Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell is frustrated that many officers appear to be unable to account for public money or are not doing so in a timely manner. Howell asks Swan to call upon all officers for whom this is an issue as well as to hold their pay until they are exonerated of any charges against them.
May 17, 1786 Settlement of a Paymaster's Account John Pierce Edward Roche Pierce explains the documentation he needs to settle Roche's account as paymaster to a regiment during the Revolutionary War
September 23, 1791 Accounting for horses Samuel Hodgdon Robert Benham The Quartermaster General requests that the Superintendent of the Horse Department take a very accurate account of all the horses - both public and private - now employed in the department. Asks that he account for the color, age, height, and marks of the horses.
May 24, 1784 True copy of an account Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Samuel Hodgdon sends to the Superintendant of Finance a letter inclosed with a true copy of an account which had been addressed to Congress.
April 10, 1800 Request to pay bill out of public monies Alexander Hamilton Ebenezer Stevens Requests that Stevens pay out of public monies the amount of enclosed bull for $150 related to service mentioned in account annexed. Bill may be sent to Assistant Quarter Master General in Philadelphia.
October 9, 1790 Regarding loss sustained by robbery from public officers during late war Richard Harison Alexander Hamilton Regarding loss sustained by robbery from public officers during late war, Harison is of opinion that officers are not chargeable on that account unless negligence can be imputed to them.
January 14, 1789 Regarding Lack of Funds With Which to Pay a Public Account; Comments on CT & NY Politics Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Admits he has no funds with which to pay a public account; asks whether any money from Connecticut may be used to satisfy the same. Expresses satisfaction regarding elections in Connecticut; notes that New York continues to refuse holding a congress. [January 17 letter from Peter Colt to Wadsworth is also included -- which addresses Knox's lack of funds].
May 25, 1799 Public Stores Passed to John Mackey John Morrow Samuel Hodgdon The public stores at Shepherds Town have been passed to John Mackey in compliance with Hodgdon's order. Major Langham is expected shortly. In his absence, Morrow has advanced some money on the public account as is evident from the enclosed receipts. He has altered the account and given George Freeman an order for the same.
November 1, 1800 Account of Lieutenant Mosely Jonathan Newman William Simmons Respecting the account of Lt. Mosely, the Secretary of War has communicated his opinion that a deranged officer employed in the public service is entitled to reasonable compensation.
August 14, 1799 Request for accounting of monies William Simmons Tench Francis Simmons directs Francis to submit a current accounting of all monies in his hands.
March 7, 1796 Requests Payment to Close Account with the Comptroller at the Treasury Department John Davis Samuel Hodgdon As past Quartermaster General, Hodgdon was responsible for a balance due from the late comptroller of the Treasury. Requests payment to the Secretary of the Treasury in order to close account in public books.
July 8, 1792 Request for Removal of Remainder of Public Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Asks for Knox to remove remainder of stores. Olney finds that a considerable inconvenience arises in superintending the deposits of public stores yet remaining in Rhode Island, which are principally in the state house cellar and powder magazine in Providence. Is desirous of being relieved from this service and the trust of the public stores.
August 9, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Wilkins, Jr. Simmons requests an account current from Wilkins. Simmons also indicates that the account needs to reflect the recent sale of public property.
August 14, 1799 Account from Public Books for June 1799 David Henley William Simmons Encloses entry in public books for the month of June with army payments. Notes that he has not received Lieutenant Wright's records of Captain Sparks's company. Reports payment to Lieutenant Chandler and Captain Taylor's recruits. Promises to send an abstract to the Treasurer.
July 26, 1786 Account Settlement Thomas Armor Joseph Howell Requests that Howell act in his behalf to settle his account.
October 29, 1794 Horses Purchased for Public Business Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon Slough proclaims that he had purchased two horses for the purpose of carrying out the business mentioned in a previous letter from Hodgdon. The horses have been taken on the public account since they have been used for public business.
August 2, 1798 Estimate of expenditures on account of the armorers employed at Springfield Armory in making public arms David Ames James McHenry Estimate of expenditures on account of the armorers employed at Springfield Armory in Massachusetts in making public arms. One estimate [illegible] for $788. For digging and stoning a well is $200, and $90 for contingent expenses.
March 22, 1798 James Carey's Account Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, discusses money advanced James Carey.
March 1, 1786 Settlement for a Continental Regiment John Pierce Edward Chinn Discusses regimental pay that Capt. Chinn is responsible for in the settlement of the account of his regiment.
May 16, 1796 Account of Colonel James Ross William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $276.67 is due Colonel James Ross, being the balance of his account for repairing and cleaning muskets and his compensation for superintending and collecting public stores from Nov. 24, 1794 to May 12, 1796.
October 1, 1800 Writing off Postage as an Expense William Simmons Michael G. Houdin Houdin's account for the quarter ending on the 30th of September has been processed. $7.50 was deducted for postage. Simmons asks Houdin to forward the receipt of the Postmaster with his account to confirm that the letters received by Houdin were related to public service.