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October 6, 1789 Calling forth militia of nearest counties for protection of frontier Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Mifflin reports that he has been directed by President Washington to transmit an extract of law enacted by congress on 29 September, and is further directed to inform Knox that it is necessary to call forth militia for protection of frontier inhabitants.
October 6, 1789 Protection of the Frontier Inhabitants Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Knox discusses the measures be taken to protect the inhabitants of the western territory from the depredations of Indians.
April 1793 New & Improved Fortfications are Absolutely Necessary Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam discusses the improvement of current fortifications and the erection of new ones for the protection of frontier inhabitants and accomodation of the troops of the garrison at Gallipolis.
February 25, 1792 Protection of the Frontier Henry Knox Colonel David Shepherd Advice on preparing settlers for attack by Indians. Congress to approve offensive action by military for protection of settlers and frontier territory.
March 13, 1795 [COPY] Protection of Frontier Arnoldus Vanderhorst Timothy Pickering Proposal of military guard for the protection of the frontier from Indian attacks at the expense of the Federal government. Requested reimbursement for money advanced to commissioners for Indian treaty.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress to Secretary at War Charles Thomson Henry Knox Resolution to protect inhabitants north of the Ohio river. Orders Commanding Officer to detach two companies of troops to the rapids of Ohio River to protect against and prevent Indian attacks.
April 13, 1790 Concern about Indian Activities on the Ohio; Requests Authority to Act Henry Knox Harry Innes Concern about activities of Indians in Ohio. Requests need for conditional authority for local leaders to protect inhabitants of the frontier counties.
January 16, 1792 Employment of Scouts Absalom Baird Henry Knox Two scouts employed for the protection of frontiers of Washington County, more to be engaged. Scouts will have to be deployed in parties of three or more.
August 13, 1796 Peace on Frontier James McHenry John Sever Views of Sevier in line with those proposed by Congress and the President for seeking peace among the frontier inhabitants. Mentions militia.
November 22, 1791 Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs measures for protection of the frontier.
November 3, 1792 Temporary Nature of Frontier Defense Henry Knox Henry Lee Noted use of state militia for protection of frontier should be temporary and any permanent measure must be enacted by Congress.
July 16, 1796 Discusses troops for frontier protection James McHenry Timothy Pickering Discusses troops for frontier protection and the potential withdraw of Ellicot from duties.
January 1, 1792 Compensation of Militias Called to Protect Frontier Counties Henry Knox [not available] Report of the Secretary of War concerning the memorial of the inhabitants of the frontier counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Knox argues that, if militias are called upon to protect frontier counties, they ought to be paid by the general government and should not be called for a period less than six months.
July 7, 1799 Steps Needed to Protect the Frontier, Etc. James Jackson James McHenry Amidst other concerns, Governor Jackson contends that the forces of the United States are not sufficient to protect the inhabitants of the frontier of Georgia from Indian depredations so he should have the authority to call up the Georgia Militia at Union expense.
May 28, 1790 Certificate of Robert Lemen, Jacob Seulan, & William Price William Price [not available] Certification of Indian attacks on frontier settlements listed by date, with details. Given under supervision of magistrate.
October 2, 1792 Address of Governor Blount to the frontier inhabitants of the State of North Carolina. William Blount [not available] Relayed results of council meeting with Cherokee and Creek chiefs. Both Nations declared intention of peace. Advised friendly relations with peaceful towns. Also informed frontier inhabitants of 500 Creeks that just passed Tennessee river, joined by 100-200 warriors en route to Cumberland.
April 15, 1790 Copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania regarding protection of frontier from Indians Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Transmits a copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania. Discusses plans for protection of frontier, but the means has not been decided upon by congress.
October 14, 1792 Militia to Protect Frontier Henry Knox Henry Lee No requirements from Virginia's military for protection of frontier during the ensuing year. All protection to come from federal government.
July 26, 1789 Protection of Frontier Unknown Author [not available] Kentucky militia capable of offering assistance to frontier settlements from Indian attacks, federal troops not sufficient to offer help.
January 17, 1797 Protection of the Frontier John Sevier Blount, Cooke, & Jackson Sevier proposes that the protection of the frontier can be accomplished by the militia, including three companies of infantry and a troop of horse.
November 16, 1791 Protection of Frontiers Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Federal government to pay for militia to protect frontier counties.
March 10, 1791 Certification of a True Copy Thomas Jefferson [not available] Document certified the enclosed document was a true copy of Act to raising additional troops for the protection of frontier.
March 14, 1791 Enclosed Letter from President Regarding Protection of Frontier Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Letter addresses County Lieutenants ability to maintain authority over rangers called into service for the protection of the frontier. Details on locations and names.
December 27, 1789 Indian Attacks George Clendinen George Washington Clendinen begged leave to innumerate the Indian attacks that occurred in his county. He believed if protection was not given, majority of settlers would leave frontier.
March 3, 1790 Copy of Instructions to the Governor of the Western Territory, or in his absence the Brigadier Gen. Harmar Copied 15th April (dated 3 March 3) 1790 Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Instructions detail protection of frontiers using the militia of Virginia and Pennsylvania. Protection by militia was applied for after the use of scouts and rangers was discontinued.