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April 9, 1793 Satisfaction at the Prospect of Aid Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair expresses his satisfaction at the prospect of Georgia receiving aid in establishing a magazine of arms and benefitting from the assistance of the militias of neighboring States in defending against marauding Creeks.
June 29, 1798 The Prospect of War, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Among sundry supply matters, Hodgdon discusses the prospect of war [with France} and hopes that Americans will conduct themselves like men determined to be free.
February 21, 1804 The Prospect of Selling Some Land Benjamin Stoddert Jean Baptiste Duquesne Stoddert is anxious to sell some of his lots in the city but is concerned about the prospect of selling at a price that reflects what he considers the appropriate value of the property.
March 24, 1798 No Prospect of That Load of Goods Daniel Fisher Samuel Hodgdon Fisher has condcuted a thorough search for the load of goods at Witmers and can find no prospect of them.
September 5, 1794 Forwarded Letters Isaac Craig Henry Knox Letter from Major Stagg received along with packet of letters to various troops which will be forwarded. Prospect of peace fading.
June 20, 1796 Desire to Remain in Military Service Solomon Van Rensselaer James McHenry Letter, discusses his desire to remain in army.
August 9, 1793 Rifles from Lancaster Henry Knox General Edward Hand Knox discusses the prospect of obtaining at least one thousand rifles from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
August 21, 1798 Recommends Captain Robert Hamilton as Naval Lieutenant Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton seeks a response to a letter he wrote two weeks previously about the appointment of his cousin, Robert Hamilton, to full lieutenancy. He desires to know the prospect of such appointment as soon as possible. Hamilton suggests his cousin as superior to Capt. Talbert, assigned to a frigate in port at the time.
July 14, 1794 Regarding purchase of final settlements Elbridge Gerry Samuel Hodgdon Discusses various financial matters and the purchase of final settlements.
January 5, 1789 Capricious Conduct of Indians, Etc . Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Notes that capricious conduct of Indians must give great anxiety. Is persuaded that St. Clair will do everything on his part to avoid a war. There is a greater prospect that Congress of seven states assembling. Improbable that congress of nine states will be convened under present confederation. [n/a]
August 1, 1798 George Washington to Command Once More the Armies of the United States Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler rejoices at the prospect that George Washington will once more assume command of the Army of the United States.
April 3, 1799 Recruiting and Suppression of Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Washington Informs Washington that he has ordered the Paymaster General to the "Seat of Government" (Philadelphia). Discusses the state of army recruiting efforts in several states and the efforts to suppress Fries's Rebellion ("the Insurrection")
January 26, 1786 Demand for a Voucher George Morgan Martin Roberts Demands that Roberts produce a voucher required for the settlement of Morgan's account
August 10, 1789 We Have the Worst to Apprehend, Etc. Henry Knox Clement Biddle Knox has found Biddle's certificate respecting his account while in the Army and has consulted Mr. Burrall who will be honorable regarding Biddle's pursuits. Knox is in despair regarding the prospect of his son's recovery from the fever.
September 29, 1797 Obtaining Guns for the Algerian Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The guns on board the revenue cutter will be returned unless they are taken for the Algerian frigate. Worries it is possible that in all the public magazines no six pounders can be found in Philadelphia. There appears to be an improved possibility of obtaining guns from Mr. Hughes so that prospect should be investigated.
April 8, 1793 Prospects of aid, magazine of arms, calling up militia of neighboring states Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Georgia Governor Telfair expresses peculiar satisfaction in contemplating prospect of aid and arrangement of calling militia from neighboring states in case of general hostility. Refers to the depredations of Creeks as serious.
September 22, 1797 Obtaining Cannon for the Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wolcott considers the prospect of obtaining the six pounders from Mr. Hughes to be remote so the question arises as to whether the short six pounders on hand can be mounted with the long nine pounders that Hughes has cast. If this is the case, then it must be determined if a suitable and uniform assortment of nine pounders can be obtained. Mr. Francis has made arrangements for the colors to be...
June 27, 1798 Freight of the Guns Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon has met with Captain Le Homedieu about abatement of the freight for the guns. Le Homedieu complained about this prospect so Hodgdon orders Smith to settle with the owner in New York.
January 14, 1789 Major Sargent discusses territorial judges Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Letter, discusses appointees for Judge of Territory.
February 22, 1787 Receipts for money owed Alexander Parker Joseph Howell Parker assures Howell that he has the receipts for the money that he is supposed to owe the United States and will send them to Howell with the expectation that he will then be given the certificate to which he is entitled.
February 13, 1793 Letter from the Governor of Virginia; request for information on the Indian Wars Henry Lee Henry Knox Refers to letter from Lieutenant Governor of Virginia; asks for execution of payment of specified demands. Lee then asks for information on Indian Wars in order to make preparations, to include the prospect of calling up men into service;
July 11, 1784 Settlement of German soldiers' accounts John Pierce John White Discusses the settlement of the German soldiers' accounts. Discusses the prospect of obtaining money or Robert Morris's notes for the War Office
September 11, 1797 Recommending a Replacement for Lewis, the Messenger Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Since McHenry's messenger Lewis has been killed by the yellow fever (or ague), Wolcott recommends, as a replacement for Lewis, William Markwert who has been highly recommended by Mr. Borrows [?].
January 10, 1794 Letters for Major General Wayne; Ohio River passable; whiskey for Fort Washington Isaac Craig Henry Knox Received letter and packet addressed to Major General Wayne and officers. All was forwarded in charge of Major Cass' detachment. River is clear of ice and there is prospect of safe passage to Fort Washington. Sending forward some whiskey in charge of Major Cass, addressed to the Quarter Master at Fort Washington.
February 25, 1799 A Gloomy Prospect for Those Who Perform the Principal Parts in the Drama George Washington Alexander Hamilton Washington worries that the time for attracting the most promising recruits may have passed and that only the riff-raff are left to man the twelve regiments that need to be formed to face the threat from France.