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April 26, 1799 Reflects on Proper Promotions Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Reflects upon the proper role of promotions in the provisional army.
June 25, 1793 Letters Appear Proper Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson "The letters to Mr. Hammond & Mr. Pinckney appear to me proper according to the facts stated in them. The object of that to Mr. Genet also appears to me desirable but I am not wholly without scruple as to the proposition going from the United States."
January 28, 1797 Proper vouchers for settlement William Simmons Joseph Brock Requests that Brock submit a statement of account with "proper vouchers" for the expenditure of money received by him in 1792.
April 21, 1800 Men of Colour, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton explains that he does not think it is proper that men of color [colour] should be enlisted but it is proper that persons who can be useful in instructing others should be retained for that purpose.
September 12, 1793 Proper Handling of Correspondence to General Wayne Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig seek clarification from Secretary Knox regarding the proper handling of correspondance intended for General Wayne.
April 22, 1800 Advice on Proper Record Keeping William Simmons Joseph Williams Simmons noted that Williams did not record credits from Warrants issued by Samuel Hodgdon appropriately and referred Williams to a previous letter that outlined proper record keeping.
July 1, 1799 Discussion of Claims of Elisah Hall with Commission to the Cherokees James McHenry William Simmons Reports on Elisha Hall's report on expenses during his service with the Cherokees, and requests proper documentation from Hall. Seeks to distinguish between Hall's private business and public service, and questions proper charges according to the treaty. Suggests claiming other expenses.
August 30, 1784 Proper liquidation of stores Samuel Hodgdon John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon send to John Bryant a letter that discusses the proper liquidation of stores.
May 27, 1800 Proper Length & Speed of the Step Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamilton asserts that it is very important in tactics to ascertain the proper length and speed of the step so he is causing experiments to be made in various quarters with this in mind.
June 1, 1797 Discussion of Foreign Affairs & Frigates James P. Catheart Josiah Fox Letter, mentions foreign affairs; discusses frigates.
December 10, 1800 Requests Proper Transfer Records for Invalid Casar Barnes Samuel Dexter John Pierce Acknowledges receipt of list of invalids. Requests proper transfer records for Casar Barnes.
January 2, 1787 [Circular] Benjamin Walker Thomas Collins Walker transmits an enclosed letter for the perusal of the Governor of Delaware and requests that the return be sent to the appropriate officer.
March 28, 1800 The Case of Capt. Tillinghast Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice As with the case of Capt. George Tillinghast, officers should apply to Hamilton through their commandant whose comments will then help him to ascertain the proper response to each case. Noted it was desirable for officers to be with regiments in May which was a proper time of year for the improvement in exercise.
December 18, 1797 Request for Directions on Proper Method of Signing Muster Rolls Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman is having difficulty getting the muster rolls signed. He will send his accounts in a few days.
January 29, 1799 Supervising the Garrisons at New York & West Point James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Until Hamilton has defined the extent of his command, he will be required to submit the proper reports given him by the garrisons at New York and West Point and provide appropriate supervision to same.
March 18, 1795 Model of an Auger Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering asks Hodgdon to direct Mr. Dransy to locate a proper workshop to make the model of an auger with cutters for boring cannon.
May 14, 1800 Forms for Guiding Proper Statement of Accounts William Simmons Samuel Annin Simmons enclosed forms to guide Annin in the proper method for stating account information for the armoury at Harper's Ferry, VA. List of forms enclosed.
June 29, 1795 Instructions for Pay Roll and Recruiting William Simmons Stephen Trigg William Simmons discusses the proper procedure for mustering and paying troops with Lt. Trigg.
April 26, 1799 Proper Rule for Promotions in the Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton affirms that there can only be one rule for promotions in the Army and notes that distributing the older Captains among the four regiments of the old establishment may ameliorate possible anquish on their part.
February 27, 1796 Questions Training of Men without Proper Equipment; Refers to Federal and State Jurisdiction of Stores Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon News from Governor Vanderhost: he does not feel that he has authority to disarm the militia at the present crisis. Vanderhost is concerned with Hodgdon's order. Claims he cannot tell what brass field pieces remains in the public arsenal, nor can he distinguish what belongs to the state and what belongs to the U.S. as they have been blended together for many years. Kalteisen wonders whether it is...
August 10, 1796 Direction on the proper use and sizes of bolts for frigate construction [not available] George Claghorn Appears to be guidance on the appropriate sizes of bolts for frigate building. If no copper bolts of the proper size can be found, they may be made from the cuttings of the large bolts.
August 6, 1798 Proper Characters for Officers, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Jonathan Dayton Though he is not yet exercising the functions of his military office, Hamilton comments on the instructions for the Recruiting Service and the appointment of Colonel Ogden to command a Regiment.
March 29, 1791 Extradition of the Accused by the State of Virginia Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Regarding the murder of the Indians at Beaver Creek, Knox recommends that an inquiry by the proper magistrates should begin immediately and the appropriate legal steps taken to demand that the accused be extradited to Pennsylvania by the State of Virginia.
May 10, 1794 [Copy No. 8] Providing Hands Henry Knox Officer Commanding at Wheeling Orders to provide hands (assistance) to Officer of Revenue.
May 29, 1794 Van Gaasbeck [Van Gansbeck] recommends Yates to Knox Peter Van Gaasbeck Henry Knox Letter, recommends Joseph R. Yates as a proper character to fill a captaincy.