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November 2, 1792 Logistical Needs of Wayne's Army Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses his many logistical needs, especially the need for pack horses. The need for grain is acute, complicated by the fact that the river is too low to be used for the transport of supplies.
July 8, 1792 Request for Removal of Remainder of Public Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Asks for Knox to remove remainder of stores. Olney finds that a considerable inconvenience arises in superintending the deposits of public stores yet remaining in Rhode Island, which are principally in the state house cellar and powder magazine in Providence. Is desirous of being relieved from this service and the trust of the public stores.
March 17, 1800 Report of the Committee appointed on the 5th instant to enquire into the expediency of authorizing the President of the United States to appoint an agent to purchase of the Indians, Atract Ofland on the South-side of Lake Superior which shall include the Great Copper Bed. Congress of the United States [not available] Authorization for president to appoint a representative to purchase land on Lake Superior from Indians due to its rich copper deposits.
July 28, 1787 Estimated cost of rent for buildings used as military stores deposits Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book.Estimates of monies wanting to pay the rents of buildings listed used as deposits for military stores
December 5, 1792 Savage Principle of Retaliation Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair discusses the measures taken to prevent further violence between whites and Indians on the western frontier of Georgia.
April 1797 [Memo discussing negotiation and war with France.] James McHenry [not available] Document, memorandum advises care in negotiating with France.
July 29, 1799 The principle you suggest cannot be put into practice. Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert "The principle you suggest for my consideration, though if it could be introduced it would work well, cannot in my opinion be put into practice. It would contravene too much pretension rooted as well in the human heart as in unconquerable prejudices of the military state by which expression I include the naval department. Carrying in the very fact an avowed preference humiliating to the pride of...
November 16, 1792 Reason Given for Ordering Inordinate Amounts of Supplies Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne explains in detail his reasons for ordering large quantities of supplies well in advance of his needs. Despite misgivings, he will countermand his orders in deference to the wishes of the Secretaries of War and Treasury.
May 31, 1800 Conversation Preceding McHenry's Resignation James McHenry John Adams Relates the minutes of a conversation between James McHenry and John Adams on the evening of May 5, 1800, which immediately preceded McHenry's tendering his resignation from the War Department. Adams believes Hamilton to be "a man devoid of every moral principle, a bastard."
January 15, 1799 Men Who Are Totally Unfit for Service as Soldiers George Ingersoll James McHenry Capt. Ingersoll seeks McHenry's approval of a General Court Martial in which Ingersoll seeks to discharge from the Army men who he believes are totally unfit for service as soldiers.
November 15, 1793 Evidence of Sedition Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter from General Anthony Wayne to Secretary Knox describing evidence of sedition.
August 17, 1795 Vouchers, Update on Deposits George Fleming William Simmons General business of accounting, Dr. Lauton's extortion discussed.
July 5, 1796 Ministers Setting Out for Mount Vernon, Etc. James McHenry George Washington Several ministers of France are setting out for Mount Vernon. It might be proper to be more particular with Mr. Adet especially respecting Mr. Pickering's questions. Major Kersey will be deranged on the principle of seniority. The army would benefit if he and Major Peters could be retained and Major Cushing deranged in their stead.
May 24, 1791 Discussion of Expenses Surrounding Transport and Storage of Military Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses sum charged for removal of stores; discusses monthly allowance to keep public stores.
August 25, 1794 Virginia Will Do Her Duty Edward Carrington Alexander Hamilton Carrington assures Hamilton that Virginians will do their part in supporting the government's stand against the Pennsylvania insurgents. [Whiskey Rebellion]
May 26, 1800 Regarding Saltpeter for Gunpowder Manufacture William Govett Israel Whelen Informs Whelen that the 100 bags of saltpeter sent for refining into gunpowder were received, and that tests have been undertaken to see how much pure saltpeter may be gotten out of the unrefined substance.
September 28, 1784 Estimate of pay for the repair and cleaning of arms Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of the sum necessary for paying for the repair of arms.
June 20, 1798 Equipage for a Much Greater Number of Men Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the additonal amount of equipage that will be needed as a result of Acts and regulations made by Congress.
August 6, 1798 Proper Deductions Samuel Dyson William Simmons If two month's pay is twelve dollars than the pay for twenty days must be $2.66. The deductions seem to have used the same principle in all cases so Dyson may have made an error in his payroll.
July 22, 1799 Supplementing the Abstract of Returns Alexander Hamilton James McHenry The enclosed abstract shows that the returns are not complete due to imperfections in the forms (which will soon be remedied). The additional sources of pertinent information available in the War Department should therefore be forwarded to the Superintendant of Military Stores so that he can transmit the required amounts of clothing and other supplies.
April 8, 1795 Articles of Treaty Negotiations Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering - interim Secretary of War - provides General Wayne with instructions relative to the approaching treaty with the Indians.
May 21, 1798 I Have Indeed Been Suffering, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Ignoring, as usual, the principle that the purpose of handwriting is to communicate, Sargent mentions accepting an appointment, and that he has indeed been sufffering. He refers to the Secretary's office and offers his respects to Mrs. Hodgdon.
December 19, 1798 Rectifying Mr. Marts' Account Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the steps that need to be taken before rectifying the account of Mr. Marts for the storage of military goods deposited by Captains Carberry and Price.
May 31, 1785 Resolution of Congress Charles Thomson Patrick Henry Charles Thomson transmits to the Governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry, two acts of Congress pertaining to establishment of agents responsible for the disbursal of arrears due to veterans and the requirement for state oversight of said agents.
April 1797 Draft Letter, James McHenry to Unknown Recipient James McHenry Unknown Recipient Draft letter regarding political situation with France.