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November 22, 1799 School of Artillerists and Engineers Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Major Lewis Toussard expounds on the educational needs of the School of Artillerists and Engineers, specifically including instruction on the designing of structures and landscapes. Suggests the same idea for the school of the Navy.
March 1800 An Act for estblishing an Academy for Instruction relative to the Military and Naval Service of the United States. Alexander Hamilton [not available] Established four schools for military education. Details of how the schools will be administered, what they will teach, and how they will be provided with pay and other compensations.
1799 Act for establishing a Military and Naval Academy Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient An Act for establishing an Academy for Instruction relative to the Military and Naval Service of the United States. The Academy will consist of four schools: "The Fundamental School," "The School of Artillerists and Engineers," "The School of Cavalry and Infantry," and "The School of the Navy."
July 25, 1800 Approval of Cadet Instruction Plan, With Expanded Discussion of Naval Midshipmen John Adams Samuel Dexter Approves whole-heartedly with Dexter's previously submitted plan for the instruction of artillery and engineer cadets, adding only that he feels multiple naval midshipmen should be allowed at the cadet school, and that a naval school should also be conducted aboard each frigate. Discusses several individuals recommended to serve as teachers or engineers in the school. Adams objects to appointing...
August 10, 1799 Recommendation of Mathematics Instructor for Artillerists & Engineers School Jonathan Trumbull James McHenry Recommends Mr. Consider Sterry as a mathematics instructor for the Military School of Artillerists & Engineers, based on the recommendations of others.
March 9, 1800 School of the Navy, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton regrets the dismemberment of the School of the Navy from the rest because he feels that all schools should be united under the Director General. Discussed general ideas of what should be taught at the School, and the differences b/w McHenry and Hamilton's ideas on the purpose of the institution. Enclosed, "An Act for establishing an Academy for Instruction relative to the Military and...
March 7, 1799 Alarm at Rumored Accident Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton thanks PInckney for his remarks on the planned military school and expresses alarm at the rumors regarding Pinckney's being shot at Charleston.
August 13, 1800 Appointment of Instructors for the Cadet School & Appointment of an Indian Commissioner John Adams Samuel Dexter Discusses the appointment of Mr. Foncin as one of the instructors at the artillery & engineer cadet school, but prefers to wait in case an American can be found to fill the highest post. Asks that Dexter ask the Secretary of the Treasury about the matter of appointing instructors as well, since it involves paying a salary. Believes that one Indian commissioner should suffice, and appoints...
December 6, 1791 A Plan to Civilize the Indians Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Kirkland described the plan to civilize the Indians. Details of the duties of the Indian Superintendent and school masters, and discussed the means to support the school house. He also mentioned the education of Indian boys and recommended a school for Indian girls. Specifically noted the success of the villages will depend upon the exclusion of liquor from the trading posts.
July 18, 1800 Current Politics Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Discussed Adams losing votes in CT, but retaining the rest of New England. Secretaries are running the country, mentioned disagreement on establishing a military school. University of Mars discussed briefly.
May 13, 1793 Regarding the Brotherton settlers David Fowler Henry Knox Letter, describes Brotherton settlers; alludes to Revolutionary War; discusses frontiers and pioneer life; asks for help establishing school; discusses remnants of Indian tribes; mentions White encroachment.
March 15, 1793 Knox discusses school for education of Indian children Henry Knox General Israel Chapin Letter, directs support establishing school.
May 31, 1796 Appointment as Principal Clerk William Simmons Peter Hagner Notification to Hagner of his appointment as principal clerk in the War Department Accountant's office.
August 4, 1800 Regarding Staff for Cadet School & Indian Commissioners for North Carolina Land Dispute Samuel Dexter John Adams Discusses the appointment of teachers and engineering instructors for the planned artillery & engineer cadet school; observes that no native Americans have adequate engineering training, but that Mr. Foncin, currently overseeing the construction of Fort McHenry at Baltimore, might do well in the position. Also recommends that a mathematician be appointed as superintendent. Notes that...
May 1, 1788 Regarding Maryland's Ratification of the Constitution Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox again mentions the cost of Hempstead, the school his son is attending. Tells of upcoming trip to Philadelphia. Believes that Maryland has adopted the Constitution; opines on the ratio of Maryland delegates for and against that measure.
April 11, 1796 Seeking an Office as Surveyor General Hugh Williamson James McHenry Williamson writes of his son's fever, and says that he would like to put the boys in school, somewhere near him, which he cannot do in the city due to finances. He has heard that there is to be a position as surveyor general in North Carolina, and he is hopeful that McHenry could mention to the President his interest in this position, as well as his knowledge of geometry. The surveyor is to run...
October 31, 1798 Request for signature Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Request for signature from the principal clerk in the War Department.
March 1, 1800 Needed Legislative Provisions James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Discusses the need for bills for modifying two regiments, for establishing a school for artillerists and engineers, and a clause defining the officers entitled to double rations.
January 27, 1790 John Mason discusses militia training with Knox John Mason Henry Knox No man shall be permitted to keep school in any of the United States who among other qualifications is not prepared for instructing his male pupils with great exactness in the rudiments of Military Art; every such school master shall be bound under severe penalties to devote every day for that purpose one half hour of the time allowed his boys for play; parents or master shall be compelled to...
April 27, 1788 Regarding Federalist Popularity in Each State Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox notes receiving the receipt he last requested from Wadsworth. Regrets possible unreliability of Board of Treasury's warrants for the pay of Connecticut troops. Refers to new information from Bermud[a?]. Notes or supposes on the voting of counties in Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, for or against either Constitutional...
December 3, 1794 Extract of a letter from Isaac Craig to Henry Knox dated 3rd December 1794 Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig tells Knox that he is grateful for the offer of the position of Principal Commissary but declines and recommends Major Abraham Kirkpatrick for the position.
September 20, 1789 Regarding planned visit from Principal Chiefs and request for private meeting Alexander McGillivray Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department McGillivray informs of a visit from Principal Chiefs, accompanied by interpreter Derezeau. He asks for a private meeting with one or two of the commissioners.
July 16, 1800 Proposal for Plan of Instruction for Artillery & Engineer Cadets Samuel Dexter John Adams Submits a plan for the instruction of artillerists and engineers under the current laws. The law dictates 2 cadets per artillery company, or 64 in all, and 4 teachers & 2 engineers for instruction, with the War Department providing the instruments for teaching. Recommends that the teachers and an engineer be hired and that cadets be recruited and concentrated at a school. Sees it fit to mention...
December 29, 1785 Request for appointment and certificate from principal in office regarding sums paid Joseph Howell James Bray Requests that Bray produce his appointment and a certificate from the principal in office regarding what sums were paid.
February 13, 1795 Establishment of a Principal Clerk in the Accountant's Office Joseph Howell Timothy Pickering With regard to the question of employment and compensation of Clerks in the Public Offices now pending before Congress, Howell makes his claim for a Principal Clerk to be established for his office with a salary proportionate to the responsibilities undertaken by those in a similar position in other offices. He asks Pickering to support him in achieving this goal.