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May 26, 1790 Settlements of sundry foreign officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War that he has examined settlements of sundry foreign officers made by the previous Commissioner of Army Accounts; states that it appears that no settlements have been made with any foreign officers who left the service prior to 1780.
April 12, 1785 Regarding certificates of final settlements Joseph Howell Mr. Ellery Certificates of final settlements were issued by John Pierce, commissioner for settling accounts of late army of United States.
April 7, 1791 Danger to the Settlements Near Marietta Henry Knox Rufus Putnam The levies and regular troops being raised will not be available for a month so the protection of the settlements near Marietta must be effected by the militia.
March 22, 1790 Concerning pensions and settlements Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton concerning pensions and settlements, offering information from the books of the office.
July 14, 1794 Regarding purchase of final settlements Elbridge Gerry Samuel Hodgdon Discusses various financial matters and the purchase of final settlements.
January 23, 1788 Concerning state settlements with the Army Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Wolcott writes on Connecticut settlements with the officers of certain regiments, mentioning Colonel Sheldon and Colonel Lamb.
November 6, 1797 Request for Information on Indian Settlements James Wilkinson Col. Edgar Letter, asks for information re indian settlements; asks for information re river navigation.
July 19, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Mr. Reid John Pierce asks Joseph Reid to continue settlements past 1 August.
October 24, 1785 Pierce notifies Congress of the impending completion of his work John Pierce John Hancock John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, notifies John Hancock, President of Congress, that within 30 days the settlements of his department will be closed. Pierce recommends that a deadline be established by Congress for the admission of claims for services.
July 7, 1800 Returned Account William Simmons David Ames Settlements not considered conclusive.
May 31, 1796 Appointment as Principal Clerk William Simmons Peter Hagner Notification to Hagner of his appointment as principal clerk in the War Department Accountant's office.
December 6, 1786 Reports Congressional Act in Favor of Moravians; Promises Assistance Josiah Harmar Moravian Indians Reports the passing of a congressional act in their favor. Promises to deliver requested articles. Congress has granted permission for them to return to their former settlements on the Muskingum with promises of friendship and protection. Seeks to know the name of their leader.
December 20, 1787 Enclosed Returns Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Records of returns from settlements made by the State.
June 29, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce request from Andrew Dunscomb an account of his settlements with veterans of the Southern Line.
May 8, 1786 Business of the Pay Office John Pierce Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Cover letter for copies of account settlements that Wolcott had requested.
December 16, 1786 Pay Due Virginia Officers John Pierce Treasury Department Pierce submitted an estimate of pay due Virginia officers before he he had all of the settlement documents. Some of the payments and settlements from previous years do not conform to protocol. Pierce encloses a return of names of officers who have drawn pay without accounting for monies or stores received.
January 6, 1785 Pay Settlements for Continental Regiments Joseph Howell William Livingston Settlement of several regiment's accounts.
July 6, 1784 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Pierce discusses recent legislation, certificates for commutation, musters, and other business. Pierce also encloses a return of prisoners of the Southern Army.
January 22, 1787 Error in settlements John Pierce Peter Manifold Since both Virginia and Pennsylvania have adopted Colonel Moyland's regiment, Pierce warns Captain Manifold that there has been a considerable error in the settlements that must be corrected.
June 28, 1786 Counterfeit certificates Joseph Howell Joseph Ward Mr. Hodgden brought in several Certificates which appeared to be counterfeit. The author at first believed that the bad Certificates should be held until the return of the Commissioner of Army Accounts who was touring the South. Hodgden assured him that the counterfeit certificates were obtained from a person known to him so they could be returned with no harm to the US.
July 11, 1787 Compensation for seizure of cattle Joseph Howell Jesse Greenfield Encloses papers of Mr. Bradfield's with report of one of the clerk's settlements rejecting his claim. Rejection based on lack of certificate from commissary who received cattle. Suggests that cattle owners may already have been paid. No payment unless Mr. Bradfield can produce proof required by clerks. Howell says he cannot help as the Resolution of Congress dictates the mode of settlements.
April 8, 1799 Numerous Military Functions of Great Importance Alexander Hamilton Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Hamilton's recommendations on the organization of certain portions of the army and his views on the proper role of the Army's Quartermaster General. Asks Wolcott to talk to the Secretary of War about these matters
July 6, 1786 Report by the Commissioner for Account Settlements John Pierce Charles Thomson Informs the Secretary of Congress of a report by the Commissioner for Settling the Accounts of the Army regarding Lt. Col. Pannell and Col. Elbert of the Georgia Line. The commissioner makes a judgment on the resignation of the former.
October 31, 1798 Request for signature Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Request for signature from the principal clerk in the War Department.
August 7, 1786 Final settlements certificate paper taken John Pierce Thomas Chittenden Writes Governor Thomas Chittenden of Vermont that Capt. John Phelon, employed as confidential clerk in the Office of Army Accounts, has taken a quantity of the final settlements certificate paper, on which the debt of the United States is certified. Pierce writes that this will do a great disservice to the United States and Pierce's own reputation.