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March 14, 1797 Indian Gifts Arrived David Henley William Simmons Letter containing enclosures to Lieut. Wright received. Indian gifts arrived, Henley seeks to immediately send the presents on so as to prevent damage by the "ungovernable people of this county."
April 6, 1797 Request for Delivery of Indian Presents for Cherokees James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of annual gifts for Cherokee nation.
March 10, 1794 Expenses on Indian treaties and presents Henry Knox Unknown Recipient A statement of the gross sum of money which was expended by the United States in making the Creek treaty of New York, in August 1790. Includes presents which have been made to the Creek and Cherokee Indians since the said treaty, along with annual allowances. Expenses of the Creek treaty add up to $20,583. The presents made since the treaty add up to $22,279 for the Creeks and $18,217 to the...
October 16, 1797 Instructions for Interpost Communication, Indian Gifts, and Pay Draws James McHenry Isaac Guion Discusses distribution of U.S. forces in territory east of the Mississippi. Requests that information be forwarded to post commanders wherever Guion is not, be they Walnut Hills, Chickasaw Bluffs, or Natchez. Directs Guion to carefully husband Indian gifts, and ascertain the character of the Indian in question before giving anything away, lest the gifts be wasted on an Indian who might lose them....
February 27, 1794 Report on the Petition of John Edgar Alexander Hamilton Frederick A Muhlenberg The Secretary of Treasury reports on the petition of John Edgar of Kaskaskias to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Edgar claims to have given gifts to various Indian tribes in Illinois Country, in order to pacify their hostility to white settlers moving west. Edgar claims that he should be compensated for the gift-giving, since it was essential to preserving the lives and property of...
January 2, 1797 Concerning the Creek delegation James McHenry Benjamin Hawkins Discusses Creek delegation to the federal government and discloses five hundred dollars to be delivered to disperse to any chiefs who did not attend and may feel jealous that those who attended received gifts or special treatment.
January 20, 1796 Indian Travel Timothy Pickering William Blount Notification that Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians travel to Philadelphia, Pickering assumed it was to receive gifts from U.S. Government. Warned against unauthorized Indian travel.
February 2, 1798 Goods & Presents to Certain Indian Tribes Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, advises re shipment of Indian presents; advises re money for commanding officers.
December 24, 1793 Good Warm Clothing for the Six Nations Henry Knox Sachems, Chiefs, & Warriors of the Six Nations To demonstrate his gratitude and sincere friendship for the Six Nations, the President has ordered a supply of warm clothing to be sent to them.
October 10, 1796 Medals for Deserving Indians James McHenry Rufus King Medals to be presented to Indians as gifts to be struck in England due to cost and workmanship. McHenry requested Mr. Trumbull design the engraving for the medals.
December 19, 1791 Invitation to Five Nations to Visit Philadelphia Timothy Pickering [not available] Suggests visit to Philadelphia to discuss the introduction of various skills related to goods production, all promises of gifts to be fulfilled at Great Council fire in Philadelphia.
May 20, 1799 Expenses Related to the Indians James McHenry Winthrop Sargent McHenry instructs Governor Sargent on how to account for expenses related to gifts and supplies to the neighboring Indians. Accordingly, all bills, receipts, and vouchers should be submitted to the Accountant of the War Department.
May 20, 1800 Request for Purchase of Articles for Presents to Choctaw Indians James McHenry Israel Whelen Directs that Whelen purchase $1000 worth of items for use as presents to the Choctaw Indians. Whelen is to ask John Harris for advice on the items, and to deliver them to Harris once purchased.
March 10, 1794 Expenses on Indian treaties and presents Henry Knox Frederick A Muhlenberg The Secretary at War reports to the Speaker of the House of Representatives a statement of the gross sum of money which was expended in the year 1790, in making the Creek treaty of New York. Includes the amount of presents made to the Creek and Cherokee nations since the said treaty. All in all the sum adds up to just over $60,000.
May 3, 1799 Certification of payment; Francis Mentges for clothing, boarding, and presents Peter Hagner [not available] Certification of payment; $120.91 to Francis Mentges for clothing, boarding, and presents to the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Chippewa Indians, and Whitmore Knaggs Interpreter, to the Chickasaw and Cherokee Indians, and interpreters Malcolm McGhee, Samuel Riley.
June 23, 1797 James McHenry Comments on the Florida Boundary Mission of Isaac Guion James McHenry James Wilkinson McHenry comments on the mission of Capt. Isaac Guion to the U.S.-Spanish Florida border region, specifically to the Walnut Hills and Natchez. Commends Guion as a fine officer and expresses hope that he will not be hindered in his mission, as "the Spanish have no reason to fear."
September 13, 1798 Fiscal Projections of the War Department for January to June 1799 War Department [not available] Includes various departmental budgets, allotments for Indian gifts, bounties, subsistence for officers, forage, troops' pay, maintenance of defenses, the building of a grist and sawmill, troops' equipment and other military stores. Most or all of these are for the forces of "the old establishment," not the 12 new regiments raised by Congress for the conflict with France [the Quasi-War];...
July 5, 1792 Devastating Effects of the Drought, Etc. James Seagrove Henry Knox Seagrove discusses a possible conference with the Creek Chiefs at St. Marys, the activities of the British and Spanish governments in the southeast, and the devastating effect of the drought on the Creek people.
September 18, 1796 Delivering Annual Presents to the Six Nations of Indians, Etc. Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Among sundry other matters, Houdin describes the journey he undertook to deliver two hogsheads and nine bales of annual presents to the Six Nations of Indians.
October 15, 1792 Problems with Cussetahs John Galphin James Seagrove Intelligence that some "busy person" is trying to stop the Cussetah Indians from visiting Seagrove. Galphin exerting every effort to stop such proceedings. Indians sent to Providence displeased with Lord Dunmore's treatment of them; they did not receive any presents. Galphin to return as soon as possible.
January 4, 1790 General Statement of Indian Policy Henry Knox George Washington In a comprensive statement of Indian policies, Knox discusses the cost of war and peace with the Indian Nations along the Southwestern frontier. He speculates on the size of an army necessary to engage hostile Indians along this vast expanse of territory. He concludes that peace and diplomacy are more cost effective than war. He references the practice of providing gifts to subjugated people...
July 24, 1797 Presents for the Chickasaws, Etc. Unknown Author James McHenry Among a number of matters, the author discusses the distribution of presents to the Chickasaws at Chickasaw Bluffs. He apologizes for his late communication which is due to a violent intermittent which has attacked him and affected to such an extent that he is barely able to hold his pen.
May 28, 1800 Instructions for Indian Presents James McHenry John Harris Indian nations mentioned to receive annuities from the United States include Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Miamis, Patawatomies, Shawanees, Creeks, Chickasaws, Cherokees, Eel River, Weeas, Piankishaws, and Kickapoos, with amounts (in value of goods) listed. Also lists any specific goods meant for the Indians -- if the value of the mentioned goods does not reach the total amount to be...
December 23, 1799 Certification of payment; Francis Mentges, for clothing, boarding and for presents for Chickasaw, Cherokee and Catawba Indians William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $189.66 to Francis Mentges, for clothing, boarding, attending and for presents for Chickasaw, Cherokee and Catawba Indians.
May 3, 1792 Presents for the Northern Tribes Henry Knox Timothy Pickering Knox tells Colonel Timothy Pickering that presents intended for several northern tribes will be provided. Compensation for their journey should be provided for Captain Hendricks and his brother and money and clothes should be provided to Colonel Louis for his immediate return.