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March 18, 1788 Forwarding of money intended as present Eleanor Healley Joseph Howell From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Discusses the forwarding of money intended as a present.
July 25, 1799 Procuring Contracts in the Future James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Hamilton suggests the methods by which contracts for the present and ensuing years might be procured.
April 30, 1800 Request to send accounts up to the present day Joseph Miller William Simmons Asks if proper to send account up to present day. Refers to Colonel Stevens' accounts.
August 22, 1797 Unable at Present to Make a Full Settlement James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges is unable at the present time to make a full settlement but should be able to do so soon. In the meantime, he makes a partial payment of fifty dollars for which a receipt should be given to the bearer.
October 12, 1792 Regarding Balances Due and Present Quarter Master General's Account Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Acknowledges receipt of letter enclosing money, which will release Craig from embarrassment. Discusses money being carried into the present Quarter Master General (O'Hara) account. Mentions Mr. Read's pay and St. Clair's stores.
October 24, 1799 At present a relaxation is indispensable. Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan Hamilton emphasizes the necessity of not requiring regular rolls before sending forward the money for arrears. In the future a strict adherence to instructions may be necessary but it is not appropriate at the present time.
February 9, 1798 Enclosed Account is of No Use in Its Present Form, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, discusses account statement; mentions misplaced letter.
April 20, 1793 My Estimate for the Present Year's Supply James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon O'Hara expresses his pleasure that his estimate for the present year's supply is so promptly attended and repeats his request that every article be of the highest quality.
July 12, 1794 Hold Hostilities in Abeyance Pending Negotiations John Jay Alexander Hamilton Jay tells Hamilton that all hostilities between the U.S. and Britain should be held in abeyance until the present negotiations between the two countries are concluded. Current positions on the frontier should be held, prisoners should be released, and captured property restored.
January 29, 1798 The Bill Cannot be Taken Up at Present Samuel Hodgdon Baker & Commegys Letter, informs re status of bill; discusses Major Langham's accounts.
June 27, 1792 Assessing the Claim of the Secretary at War Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Attorney General must make the determination as to whether the current claim of the Secretary of War is to be considered under the Act making alterations in the Treasury and War Department. Should the determination be made on the old or the new application?
March 2, 1798 Altering the Present Indian Boundary James McHenry Thomas Bulter McHenry asks Butler to lend his presence to the impending treaty negotiations with the Cherokees which may require the alteration of the present Indian boundary. He warns that Zachariah Coxe is to be prevented from making any attempt to settle and defend Indian land.
July 7, 1791 A Real Loss to the Public Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Knox assures General Harmar that the Court of Inquiry will be assembled as he requested and hopes that Harmar will reconsider his intention to resign from public service, at least for the present campaign.
August 13, 1785 Regarding Pennsylvania's desire to retain the service of their present officers President John Dickinson Henry Knox John Dickinson sends to Henry Knox notification of Pennsylvania's desire to retain the service of their present officers.
January 19, 1796 Report of the House Committee on Fortifications Timothy Pickering Mr. Dayton Letter, discusses House fortifications committee; mentions House of Representatives; mentions Congress.
August 7, 1795 A Return of the Different Nations of Indians Present at, and Parties to, the Treaty of Greenville, Taken on the 7th August, 1795. Henry De Butts [not available] Lists nations present at the Treaty of Greenville.
July 6, 1797 Money Paid for Negros Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Exchange authorized by McHenry for the purchase of Negros by the Chickasaw nation. Money deducted from the annual present given to the Indian nation.
April 1798 A Present of $500 if the Business Is Settled Favorably A. Powers Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the vouchers respecting Powers' claims. He knows that Hodgdon is best acquainted with his business and for his attention and introduction to friends and members of Congress at New York, Powers promises to give Hodgdon a present of five hundred dollars specie if his business is resolved favorably.
July 12, 1791 Avoid an Open Rupture with the Crown Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox warns against incidents that may incite the British since the present situation of the United States inhibits actions against them unless the honor of the country is at stake.
September 19, 1789 Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year Alexander Hamilton [not available] Report on the Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List and the War Department to the End of the Present Year includes Department of Treasury, War Department, Department of State, Accounts between United States and individual states, Government of Western Territory, Pensions on Civil List, present government, Judicial Department, pay of the troops, hospitals at West Point and Springfield,...
May 20, 1800 Resignation James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry agrees with Hamilton's assertion that public affairs are dangerous to one's reputation at present. On the whole, McHenry is happy to have resigned. He encloses a copy of a letter to his nephew which explains his reasons for resigning. McHenry plans to spend the summer at Lebanon.
[not available] Waters' account John White John Betts Remarks that he is sensible that Betts has left nothing untried respecting Waters' account.
October 2, 1800 Completion of List of Proposed Officer Appointments Samuel Dexter John Adams Apologizes for delay in sending the completed list of proposed officer appointments, due to illness; plans to present it to Adams when he arrives.
August 8, 1794 Frigate construction at Norfolk Henry Knox John Morgan Secretary Knox appoints Captain John Morgan of the U.S. Navy constructor of the 44-gun frigate at Norfolk, on the condition that he can be spared from his present business of preparing ship timber. Instructions are enclosed, but he is not to leave his present station until he receives orders from Secretary Hamilton or Tench Coxe, Commissioner of the Revenue. The frigate would ultimately be the...
December 8, 1790 Belknap writes to Knox regarding a widow's continental securities Jeremy Belknap Henry Knox Letter, asks for favor to forward letter; asks for advice re creditor application to Congress.