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January 3, 1800 Preference for Post Notes Instead of Checks Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Since he has had no difficulty in obtaining cash for post notes, Williams expresses his preference for receiving post notes for his department rather than checks on the Bank of New York. He asks that the notes not exceed five hundred dollars because of the difficulty in getting large bills changed.
May 9, 1799 A Preference for Natives in the Military Service James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry makes the case for recruiting only those foreigners of the highest moral character. The preference is for native Americans who have an innate attachment to the United States.
April 2, 1794 Preference for Older Officers Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Noted preference given to older officers for certain tasks before mentioning Captain Snicker, of Baltimore. Advised the appointment of a French officer to survey cannons at Whetstone Point. New cannon carriage invented.
April 29, 1791 Letter from the Secretary at War Henry Knox [not available] Henry Knox informs an unidentified recipient that veteran officers have preference in selections for military appointment.
January 6, 1784 Military Stores in the Peace Establishment Samuel Hodgdon Worsley Emes Discusses the peace establishment as regards places of deposit for United States military stores and the possibilities for Captain Emes's continuation in the service. He will receive preference from Hodgdon in peace establishment appointments.
July 3, 1799 Request for Clothing Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Clothing requested not yet arrived, dissatisfaction prevails.
October 24, 1796 Pay and other matters at Fort Niagara James Bruff William Simmons Sends muster and pay rolls. Mentions that he has received no pay for the garrison since May. Discusses preference for bank notes over bills. Mentions a detachment suffering from want of clothing. Discusses reports from Canada regarding the arrival of a French fleet at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. Cited in Simmons to Bruff 11/30/1796
April 19, 1799 Salary of $2000 Per Annum Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens states his preference for a salary of $2000 per year as agent to the War Department, dating from the date of his appointment.
March 5, 1785 Renting the Public Buildings at Carlisle General William Irvine Samuel Hodgdon General Irvine agrees to rent public buildings according to the conditions proposed by the Commissioner of Military Stores with the understanding that he can purchase them at a later date if the public should not want them.
December 16, 1794 References Publication of Jay's Notes and Impending Congressional Elections William Vans Murray James McHenry Refers to publication of John Jay's notes and the preference to remain silent for the Secretary of State. Refers to Congressional elections and the need for a majority in the Senate.
February 14, 1788 Joshua Dawson discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Joshua Dawson Joseph Howell Joseph Howell acknowledges Joshua Dawson's preference for conveyance of certificates.
July 29, 1799 The principle you suggest cannot be put into practice. Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert "The principle you suggest for my consideration, though if it could be introduced it would work well, cannot in my opinion be put into practice. It would contravene too much pretension rooted as well in the human heart as in unconquerable prejudices of the military state by which expression I include the naval department. Carrying in the very fact an avowed preference humiliating to the pride of...
October 31, 1799 Arrangement of Rank of Colonels and Majors Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice "No particular rules were laid down for the government of the colonels and majors in the arrangement of rank as it was supposed that they would naturally take into consideration all circumstances which, in a military point of view, give one man the preference to another. Former service is certainly to have weight and, where there is no material difference of character, is to govern the decision....
January 26, 1800 National Foundry for Brass Cannon James Byers Samuel Hodgdon Byers makes the case for Springfield as the site of the proposed National Foundry for Brass Cannon. He owns a mill located on ten acres that joins the new waterworks for manufacturing small arms that would be a convenient place for the foundry. He maintains that he should receive some preference for the position of superintendent.
March 16, 1792 Temporary Taxes and Duties to Raise Revenue Alexander Hamilton Speaker of the House of Representatives Alexander Hamilton describes for the Speaker of the House of Representatives the various temporary taxes and duties he proposes to raise the revenue to pay for the war against the northern Indians.
November 20, 1795 Personal Opinion on Suggested Appointees Alexander Hamilton Timothy Pickering Personal preference for someone from a state south of Pennsylvania to assume Pickering post of Secretary of War (Pickering recently appointed to Secretary of State). Hamilton believes a man from the north would "do the Lord knows what mischief." Objects to proposal of Henry Lee, prefers J. Howard.
May 20, 1790 Joy makes recommendation to Knox George Joy Henry Knox Letter, recommends applicant for command of a Cutter.
November 30, 1795 Explanation for Delay in Forwarded Packet of Vouchers George Fleming William Simmons Fleming informs Simmons that he was ordered by Major Hodgdon to inspect the ordnance and military stores which takes priority over other duties.
October 29, 1792 [PRIVATE] Indian Treaties Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Capt. Mayette to deliver letter of introduction, has been commissioned based on recommendations from the Governor. Mentioned taking sides, Mayette's influence with the Indians, possible payoff from British and Spanish. Discussed purchasing additional people for increasing American influence over hostile Indian tribes. Imparts personal preference for Indian treaties.
August 18, 1790 Bourne seeks recommendation from Knox Sylvanus Bourne Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation to Marshall.
August 13, 1799 Establishment of the Additional Regiments in Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton James McHenry After affirming his preference for huts as winter quarters for the troops, Hamilton suggests the best means for establishing the regiments in winter quarters.
December 8, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Andrew Dunscomb Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell informs Andrew Dunscomb that the clothing received by Lieutenant John Scott has not been accounted for in his subsistence records.
October 15, 1797 Replying to Leith, Shepherd and Duff's petition James Wilkinson Multiple Recipients Wilkinson responds to Leith, Shepherd and Duff’s petition to be able to continue trade in the Ottawa towns. Wilkinson notes that recent military regulations were designed to bring the misdeeds of James McDonald to light. Wilkinson feels he is authorized to regulate within the military reservations, however he is not empowered to authorize Leith, Shepherd and Duff to trade. However, the agent...
January 29, 1795 Religion Edmund Burke Wyandot Chief Speech to Wyandots regarding visit by Burke to discuss religion in village. Recommends moving village closer to Detroit and cabin to be occupied by Burke. Persuasive argument against joining "strangers".
September 13, 1789 Jackson writes to Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses family, employment, and French fleet in harbour.