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May 23, 1797 Examination of Casper Iserloan Casper Iserloan [not available] Addendum to deposition given by Iserloan to the Commonwealth on the false powers of attorney documents. Iserloan declares that two annexed papers are the forged powers of attorney he refers to in his testimony.
[not available] Powers of Attorney John Schaffer William Simmons John Kline called on Shaffer before he was apprehended and told him that he had Powers of Attorney, 20 in number, ready for filling up from the States of Vermont and Connecticut and five counties in the State of New of New York and Albany.
August 17, 1792 Letters and Powers of Attorney Unknown Author [not available] Letters and powers of attorney. Those granting power include Joseph McGibbin, Samuel Skinner.
November 4, 1796 Examination of Casper Iserloan Casper Iserloan [not available] Iserloan attests that the two annexe powers of attorney are those described by him in his deposition. He states that the big man he mentioned in his deposition may be Thomas Aikens.
June 16, 1796 Forged Powers of Attorney Clement Biddle William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Biddle 06/17/1796. [Discusses forged powers of attorney presented at the War Department from soldiers John Young and William Smallwood claiming land as soldiers of the Maryland line. Mentions a man arrested for receiving false land warrants.]
June 10, 1793 Power of Attorney for James Powers James Powers [not available] Power of attorney given by James Powers to Samuel Shannon. Document signed by David James, James Powers, and Samuel Laventy, and John Baker.
August 22, 1796 Powers of attorney for officers' land warrants William Simmons Samuel Cabell Cover letter for copies of powers of attorney upon which the land warrants due to William and Robert Quarles were issued for their services as officers in the Virginia Line regiments
June 17, 1796 Forged powers of attorney for soldiers' land grants William Simmons Clement Biddle Discusses forged powers of attorney presented at the War Department from soldiers John Young and William Smallwood claiming land as soldiers of the Maryland line. Mentions a man arrested for receiving false land warrants
May 12, 1797 Forged land warrants William Simmons Alexander James Dallas Notifies Dallas that "a considerable number" of powers of attorney for land warrants due from the U. S. to the officers and soldiers belonging to Pennsylvania regiments in the Revolutionary War have been forged and that he can alert Dallas to the method of the frauds so as to prevent false claims
May 4, 1798 Assignment and Power of Attorney Denis McCarty William Leary Document certifying the service of Denis McCarty, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War.
November 22, 1793 Request for delivery of pay and certificates Gideon Merkle Joseph Howell Requests the delivery of all pay and certificates on three powers of attorney filed in the War Office.
August 3, 1797 Deposition of James Humphreys James Humphreys [not available] Discussed employment of Humphreys by John Connor in "speculating in soldiers rights." Forgery of powers of attorney discussed.
July 8, 1797 Pay of Sgt. Riblet Peter Shoemaker William Simmons Enclosed is the Power of Attorney of Sgt. Abraham Riblet of Capt. Powers' Company. Sgt. Riblet enlisted with Lt. Shoemaker at Fort St. Clair and, since Capt. Powers has left the service, Sgt. Riblet has asked Shoemaker to call on Simmons to obtain the pay that is due him.
November 9, 1796 Certificate of William Bleecker William Bleecker [not available] Bleecker attests to the authenticity of three powers of attorney. Verified his signature and seal are genuine, but the bodies of the documents contain information unfamiliar to Bleecker.
September 10, 1796 Captain Powers' debt William Simmons John Field Informs Field that unless the balance due by Captain William Powers to the United States is paid, he will initiate a law suit against Powers for the recovery of the money. Powers indicated to Simmons that Field would pay the balance.
February 24, 1797 Concerning dragoons and presidential powers James McHenry Charles Lee Requests the opinion of the Attorney General on executive powers to prevent the arrangement of dragoons into infantry, according to a bill passed in May 1796 in Congress. McHenry concludes by stating that dragoons should not be disbanded due to the state of things on the Indian frontier.
October 25, 1796 Certificate of John Lea John Lea [not available] Two powers of attorney with Lea's signature contain names he does not recollect. Unknown Captain sought money owed him by the State of Virginia. Possible forgery.
July 7, 1791 Power of Substitution John Young James Humphreys John Young appoints James Humphries his lawful substitute for the powers of attorney for soldiers who served in the Pennsylvania line.
December 1, 1796 Seize Him & Put Him in Jail Thomas Aikens William Simmons Relates a conversation between Casper Iserloan and Mr. Powers in which Powers allegedly tried to convince Iserloan to give false testimony. There is another man at large who is still being pursued.
November 9, 1796 Certificate of Thomas Smith Thomas Smith [not available] Smith verified his signature and seal, but stated he did not write the body of power of attorney document, nor is the information familiar to him.
March 6, 1793 Settling Powers' Account William Powers Joseph Howell In response to Howell's letter requesting a settlement of his account, Powers notes that he was in Philadelphia in December for that purpose and was unable to provide the necessary vouchers. Since that time he has been trying to gather as much evidence as he can to arrive at the settlement.
November 11, 1796 Certificate of Nicholas Bayard Nicholas Bayard [not available] Describes the authenticity of a series of powers of attorney and certificates for compensation of Revolutionary War soldiers, which appear to be frauds.
December 1797 Questionable Power of Attorney Casper Iserloan William Simmons Debtor Casper Iserloan questions the authenticity of the Power of Attorney that Alexander Power presented to Simmons as representing him.
July 30, 1794 Power of Attorney John Sinclair Robert Ross Reminded Ross he has power of attorney over Sinclair's accounts. Sinclair looked for updates as to the proceedings his attorney engaged in on his behalf.
September 23, 1798 Power of Attorney Joseph Whitton Unknown Recipient Power of attorney